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JULY 2020

‘I Support HK Police, You Can Proceed To Beat Me!’: Captured Journalist Challenge Hong Kong Rioters


'I Support HK Police, You Can Proceed To Beat Me!': Captured Journalist Challenge Hong Kong Rioters

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On August 13th, “pro-democracy” protesters in Hong Kong detained and beat a Chinese journalist and a one more individual.

The journalist is Fu Guohao of Chinese state-owned Global News.

After 30 minutes of being beaten on, while tied up, he was finally rescued.

Fu was seen rolling on the ground with bruises on his body and his head bleeding. First aid personnel arrived to give medical attention to Fu, who had almost passed out while surrounded by the protesters for about 20 minutes. Protesters also tried to obstruct first-aid personnel from helping Fu at the airport.

What surprised people was that there was no police officers around to administer the beating, it was all coming from the “peaceful protesters.”

The other person’s name was undisclosed, but he was accused by protesters of being a Chinese police officer, after protesters searched for his ID and “Googled” his name.

Even MSM outlets such as Reuters reported that web users condemned protesters’ actions and that the clashes with authorities showed “sprouts of terrorism.”

Finally, Hong Kong Police stormed the airport to disperse the protest, and of course MSM reported that police were assaulting protesters and even press.

As of August 14th, normal operation at the airport seemed to be established. Meanwhile, MSM are reporting that China is amassing troops at Hong Kong’s “border,” in Shenzhen.

According to the Global Times the People’s Armed Police have been assembling in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong, in advance of apparent large-scale exercises.

Regarding the same video, MSM is claiming that these are Chinese troops, preparing for an intervention in Hong Kong, since Beijing’s patience appears to be running out. All of that is speculation, there is no evidence of any such actions, and Chinese state media say that it shows a large-scale exercise.

Of course, the location is no accident, but a large-scale exercise as it has been proven time and again is a very useful show of strength.

Cmdr. Nate Christensen, deputy spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Fleet on August 13th, said that China refused two upcoming visits by US Navy warships.

The amphibious transport dock ship Green Bay had been scheduled to visit Hong Kong on August 17th and the guided-missile cruiser Lake Erie was scheduled to visit in September. Both their visits were called off.

According to Christensen, China had to say “why” it denied the port visits. Despite it being quite obvious.

Some of the “pro-democracy” protesters appear to be waving US flags and singing the US national anthem. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has, more than once, now said that the US is attempting to orchestrate the situation, there are photographs of US diplomats speaking to protest leaders.

Thus, not allowing US warships to port at the current hot point is not exactly surprising.




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  • Rob

    These protesters are from US and UK to destablize HK.

    • Saso Mange

      I am afraid that people of Hong Kong are highly under influence of side effects of colonialism. They like to believe how ”their freedom and liberty is better than in China” and accordingly, they believe that they have to fight for it. Foreign agents find it as fertile zone for planting of social unrest.

      It’s tough case for China but have no doubts, China will win it’s battles.

      • Rob

        Why these protesters hide their faces because they have multiple nationalities. They work in US and in UK. They wanna see China blockade by US and UK. Either these protests will end soon or will destroy the HK economy and the HK will become a dry leave attached with China. This will not effect China.

        • NWOD

          Nah, they are not foreigners – traitors, most likely, paid by CIA/NED, probably. Though some do actually wave US/UK flags.

          Most importantly, these are not protesters, they are rioters and thugs. None of their actions would be permitted in any European country or in the US. They would be dispersed and arrested en masse.

          • Rob

            Some HK people have been brainwashed in CIA America and have sent to HK for riots. Their adviser was caught red handed which was from US councilate.

          • Brave New World

            People in mainland China aren’t brainwashed either? They believe that Mao and Stalin were great and are forbidden to criticize certain things, nor are they allowed to talk about Tibet or Xinjiang. They have cameras everywhere with “predictive crime” in mind and adopted an Orwellian “social credit” system that penalizes people if they don’t want to be obedient sheeple, leading to them being barred from air travel, being unable to pay for things or rent a bike, and all sorts of other things that violate your privacy and seek to pervasively influence the behaviour of their populace. Their xenophobia and racism are pretty bad and you have a higher chance of being scammed by ordinary people in China than you do in most places throughout America or Europe.

          • Rob

            China is the most advance country in the whole world because there is humanity and love. I am not talking about dirty love. The Chinese government take care of lower impoverish people while in America and UK they have no humanity that is why most people are homeless here. Good luck with your disinformation.

          • Brave New World

            If China were the most advanced country in the whole wide world they wouldn’t be second world status and their total number of unemployed citizens (516,230,000 people or 3.61% of the total population) wouldn’t exceed the entire population of the United States (329,093,110), their achievements in recent times are largely the result of importing western technologies and skilled labor. To be fair being the most populated country in the world has its drawbacks, there probably aren’t enough resources in the world for every country to be a first world country.

            Property investment in China isn’t good either, except in select locations and if you’re rich. Naturally being a member of the Communist party over there will usually grant you a better opportunity than anyone else living there and only ethnic groups native to China are allowed to participate in their politics or obtain Chinese citizenship. I would recommend living there for a while to get a better picture of what it’s really like, as what Winston and C-Milk have done.

          • Rob

            Sorry you are Zionist moron. You all the time come with a new user ID. I will block you now.

          • Brave New World

            I’m better informed than you are, I never spoke to you either and you apparently like to make enormous exaggerations.

          • Brave New World

            Rob: “I’m too narrow-minded to consider ideas different from my own.”

          • Brave New World

            Most people aren’t homeless in the US and UK, the average citizen in both countries have a higher per capita income than the average citizen living in mainland China, not to mention the USD and Pound Stirling are each worth more than Chinese RMB. There’s a reason why western countries have the highest immigration rate in history; on one hand crooked governments allow tens of millions into our countries each year in their effort to overwhelm us with 3rd world immigrants and if allowed to happen would eventually lead to our demise, while on the other hand people are looking for a higher standard of living which they are sure to receive upon immigrating, whether legally or illegally no matter their occupation or level of education.

            ourworldindata . org/grapher/average-real-gdp-per-capita-across-countries-and-regions

            Misleading title:


          • Rob

            Sorry I am not agree with you. The US and UK are the most corrupt governments in the entire world. They steal lands and precious metals and oils etc from third world countries where they have brought into power corrupt leaderships. They destroy world economy by economic and state terrorism. Wish you good luck with your delusion.

          • Brave New World

            We were talking about living conditions within mainland China, not who funds terrorism. Yes they do steal, but then again you should keep in mind that for the average person in first world countries, their living conditions are better compared to people in second and third world countries. As for who benefits most, it is obviously the capitalist by far.

            Yes the government in China certainly cares more about keeping China ethnically homogeneous for the most part (unlike Jewish controlled globalist “democracies” in the west), however the level of corruption in the US and UK is a different kind of corruption than the sort you would find in most second and third world countries which have more nepotism in their own country than in the vast majority of first world countries.

            The corruption in western countries is the sort that does sponsor terrorism, however the average material life for the individual is better which is one of the main reasons for why there are too many people moving to developed (first world) countries. I can also guarantee that these countries would most definitely be better off in virtually every way if there weren’t Jewish supremacist crooks running the show, and if they were not to steal from other countries.

          • Brave New World

            You should reconsider your own “delusion”.

        • Brave New World

          Your proof is your assumption.

        • Saso Mange

          Imagine if protesters take over American airport in USA cities? I mean when Wall Street protests erupted US police beat up pregnant woman and she lost a baby for God’s sake. What kind of freedom is that? West loves to attack others but they turn blind eye to their violence.

      • Brave New World

        Compare the living conditions and political freedoms of the average individual in Singapore and every other 1st world country in Asia, then compare them to what people have in mainland China. Do you see my point?

        This is a pretty balanced channel on mainland China, despite the Cultural Marxist overtones of the two hosts (then again they grow up with that didn’t they?):

        youtube . com/user/churchillcustoms/videos


    • BMWA1


    • Brave New World

      Rob, they are protesting the Communist party clamping down on their political freedoms as the government has continually violated its promise to not interfere with peoples way of life in HK. It isn’t uncommon for peaceful protests to spiral into violence, after all the police announced they are prepared to arrest protesters and imprison them inland.

      • Rob

        That I mean that the protests in HK are politically motivated protests by which US and UK want to destabilise HK to grab the land as they do in other countries.

  • AM Hants

    Look how similar the tactics are to The Maidan and who organised that?

    Why can’t you tell the difference between ISIS, Anti-Fa, Hong Kong Protesters and the Ukraine Nazis?

    How did Crimea deal with preventing similar happening to them? 23 minutes into the video, ‘Crimea, Putin’ Documentary it is explained. Lasts for around 20 minutes, including how Kiev sent in the Nazi Forces, to cause unrest with the Tatars, at the Crimean Parliament. Using same old, regime change,tactics.

    EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mw4Y9jRwCQ

    Sergei Aksyonov, the man who saved Crimea, with taking charge of the ‘Crimean Spring’, can be seen around 23 minutes into this video.

    ‘Yuri Abisov (Commander of the Berkut Crimea Battalion) Commander of the Rapid Response Unit of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimea, since August 2014: This is what he has to say, in the video, with regards the tactics, those behind The Ukrainian Maidan would use:

    ‘We knew what they were capable of. They used ice picks, to break arms. Someone would say, ‘break his right arm, he used itto throw grenades. Sew up a bloodied eye, he don’t need it anymore. So they would sew it up, without anaesthetics. That was there way of torturing people…’

    After Maidan, the Crimean Berkut introduced new elements to their training regiment. The special protection officers began practicing their own tequniques, but, the counter effective methods, used at in The Maidan, against them…

    …The Americans invited over Ukrainian Security Forces to share experience and upgrade their skills. They would give them a sheet of paper and tell them to write down how they would handle such a crowd. What the information would be. So the Ukrainian Commanders wrote, yes, they wrote down their tactics, how they would handle a of hoodlums, or ultras or rioters. That was back in 2006. Then they issued manuals, how to handle Berkut, which included how to pull off an officer’s helmet. Were they already writing instruction for the ‘right sector’ back then?

    The video then goes on to explain what and who support The Maidan, including President Putin’s views, before going back to the Commander of the Berkut Battalion.

    Relating to The Maidan ‘…It was planned and rehearsed method, that had been used in so many countries to overthrow the legitimate Government, period.’…
    ‘We wanted to prevent tragedies that occurred, later in Odessa, where dosens of people were burned alive,,, We needed to prevent bloodshed, no matter what’ – President Putin

    • AM Hants
    • FlorianGeyer

      The US and vassals are so unimaginative that they continue to use the old Political Terror Playbook that is becoming ineffective, especially in nations that actually have greatly improved the lives of citizens in a generation.

      The MSM focus on US and Soros etc paid for riots is all theatre.

      In reality all the Hong Kong rioters could be accommodated easily in re-education facilities and few China would care.

      • AM Hants

        What sickens me, is the tax payers, without their approval or knowledge are funding it all, with the profits going back to the likes who run the NGO tax funded organisations.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I spoke with a retired couple in the audience last weekend and they said that they had taken their granddaughter to Paris for a birthday treat and were shocked at the damage and chaos there. They were well educated but totally unaware of the scale of unrest within France. Thay were actually quite angry that the UK media has largely ignored the protests.

          How bad do things have to be before the majority realise what is going on in a country within visual sight of the UK?

          • AM Hants

            That is actually a good point. With the media ignoring what is happening in France and how the tourists have no idea of what they are stepping into.

            A good friend of mine, has a home out in France and her partner regularly pops over, to work on it, and keep it in check. It is quite interesting what he has to say, when he returns, although the ‘yellow vests’ have been quite accomodating, when he hits the protests, courtesy of the road blocks.

          • zman

            This is the reality now. Total disconnect between the MSM reported issues and what is actually happening. This is a world-wide strategy for control of public perception and opinion. It’s the only reason TPTB are still in control. The internet not withstanding, most continue to bombard themselves unknowingly with unreal descriptions of events and status quo…because the majority still cling to the TV as all knowing and all informative. Which is a very effective psyop. Only when the majority start to openly deny the propaganda we are faced with and declare them to be the actual enemy will things change. Many of us on the web are mistakenly of the opinion that everyone is as informed, when the opposite is true. When faced with the reality of a situation, face to face and in person, comes the realization that what we are told is nothing short of the Big Lie tactic. This occurs at every level of society, from small town square to big city bureaucracy, people are inundated with ‘the story line’ scenario. They don’t even really have to lie in most cases…all they have to do is ignore an event into oblivion. Already, in the US the Epstein mess is fading. How long before that is driven into the background and forgotten? Big time paedo dead, story over, lets move on. Will the Mossad/CIA political blackmail angle ever even be broached in the MSM? Will all the names in Epsteins little book be outed? Am I delusional or what?

          • FlorianGeyer

            You are correct in what you say, Zman.

            A twist on the Epstein saga would be a Wikileaks exposure of all those named in the tapes and CD’s etc with a drip, drip publication of the video evidence starting from the most famous and influential paedophiles. :)

            If that were to happen, the governments and media involved would attempt to prosecute those who looked at the filth I suppose.

  • Peter Jennings

    I hope these ‘protestors’ enjoy their $500 a day. They are destroying their future for a quick payday.

    The colour revolution lackies caused the airport to close. That’s probably a good thing as it will limit the number of nato agent provocateurs from joining those already there.
    Violence and intimidation seem to be the underlying themes with the whole ‘regime’ change lie. That didn’t work out too well for the Ukraine junta as Ukraine is now a failed state with lost territory.

    The indigenous residents of HK cannot wait for order to be restored. These out-of-towners are trying to ruin their economy.

  • Michael

    He supports Hong Kong Police and America supports the Protesters Beijing stops the Protesters and by that stops America

  • AM Hants

    Another article, to supplement the above:

    Hong Kong Protests Stealthily Engineered by CIA Into Fake Rebellion Against China
    CIA COLOR REVOLUTION: Hong Kong Protests Coordinated by Anglo-American Intelligence Agencies

    “Don’t the people of Hong Kong know they’re being used by CIA/MI6 to carry out a color revolution that does not serve their interest?”… http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/08/cia-color-revolution-hong-kong-protests-coordinated-by-anglo-american-intel-agencies/

  • Ivanus59

    China was passive defensive towards US/British terrorism, and now they face terrorism at their doorstep. It’s time for China to actively hunt down these thugs and attack and destroy USA’s imperialist interest!