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Hypocrisy: UN Passed Saudi Arabia’s Resolution On Human Right Violations In Syria, Iran, North Korea


Hypocrisy: UN Passed Saudi Arabia's Resolution On Human Right Violations In Syria, Iran, North Korea

The third committee of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on November 14 regarding the human rights violation in Iran, North Korea and Syria. The resolution was originally brought up by Saudi Arabia.

The UN called Bashar al-Assad’s regime responsible for the deaths of 400 thousand Syrians. The UN deemed the authorities responsible for using hunger as means of war, chemical weapons and escalating ethnic and religious enmity in the country.

The resolution was voted in favor by 108 countries, with 17 countries voting against (with Russia among them) and 58 representatives abstained from voting. Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari said that the resolution was a part of Riyadh’s campaign against Syria. According to data provided by Jaafari, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have spent $137 billion to support terrorism in Syria in order to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

According to Jaafari, the “dictatorial regime” of Saudi Arabia “has no right to speak of human rights violations, until it properly addresses accusations of its own human rights violations.”

Despite declaring itself a champion for human rights, Saudi Arabia is a serious offender in this regard, particularly when women rights are concerned. For example, women were not allowed to drive until recently, and they still may be legally stoned to death in case of adultery. Saudi Arabia also applies capital punishment for homosexuality, apostasy, atheism and blasphemy. Human Rights Watch has also repeatedly slammed the country for its human rights record, stating that out of more than nine million migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, which constitutes half of the workforce, many suffer abuse and exploitation “amounting to conditions of forced labor.”



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  • chris chuba

    Well Lincoln did kill 700,000 Americans during the U.S. Civil War since it is normal to blame the President of the country for every single death in that type of conflict. That type of accusation is seriously demented, as if Assad is at fault for the 100,000 Syrian soldiers and allies, including those executed by ISIS after they were captured. How do people even say such nonsense with a straight face, other than Nikki Haley of course.

    • Sadde

      yeah, besides inventing a lot of deadly chemical weapons in his own laboratory at home, load it in his aircraft and drop it on every hospital and kindergarten all by himself, Assad seems to operate everything else in Syria from postman to president.

    • John Panelli

      In the case of Lincoln, he was responsible for initiating war against the South, which claimed the lives of so many. Under the false flag of freeing the slaves, he allowed the lives of so many to be destroyed. He could have just let the South secede, instead of trying to grab their agriculture for his Northern industry, then at a later date enticed them to join the economic union peacefully and voluntarily . .

      • dutchnational

        Two questions : Why was the liberation of slaves a false flag? and why do you think the South would have rejoined on a later date? Reunification of split states rarely happens and when it does, it often fails (Egypt/Syria, Yemen, Kameroun)

        • John Panelli

          The policy of liberating the slaves was a secondary agenda for Lincoln (He had his own slaves, don’t forget). He needed a public excuse to continue the war, especially as the South was winning almost all the initial battles. The war to free the slaves was similar to George W. Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ and disingenuous accusations of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Dictators and state leaders have to get the mass of brainless sheeple behind the war. As to reunification later on, it’s always possible. The South had agriculture, but practically no industry. Their economic frustrations would lead to some form of reunification or federated entity, in much the same way as East Germany rejoined West Germany after the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Why didn’t Belarus, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan leave Russia after the Soviet collapse? They need Russia primarily economically . .

        • John Panelli

          In Charleston, Illinois, on September 18, 1858, Lincoln made his position clear. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,” he began, going on to say that he opposed blacks having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office and to intermarry with whites. . .

    • Jasmine16

      The casualties among Syrian government soldiers & civilians are bigger than the casualties among the opposition combattants & civilians. Furthermore, the government forces generally try to separate civilians from combat areas, in order to minimize casualties. By contrast, the opposition often deliberately use civilians as human shields.
      Yet, the Syrian government is squarely blamed while the oppostion seems to be given a free pass.

  • cucamonga41

    It’s just like a rapist demanding that his rape victim be charged with public indecency.

    • Alpha&Omega

      That’s exactly what happens in Saudi Arabia, so for them it’s just business as usual. Women have been executed after being raped. We live in vile times.

    • Don Machiavelli

      Western world doesn’t see any problem with this, given by votes from their officials. Well, majority of the world. Such lunacy.

      • Jens Holm

        I am not all western world.You are 100% wrong . We see all that a lot and comment it very much.

        You dont see the western world very well. Saudis are just one of many.

        • HardHawk

          i don’t think he speaks of the populations of western world but their corresponding governments. On the other hand if the people who vote for such an abominations for leaders, vote for them must be also approve of their policies as well laws they implement on them so…………. where is the people with out responsibility in this case?

    • Rob


    • John Panelli

      Now the two regional rapists, Saudi Arabia and Israel are looking at a joint rape of Lebanon, under the guise of stopping aggressive rape victims from ‘terrorizing’ the region . .

    • HardHawk

      well there are several cases of rape victims that have exactly that treatment in USA so why not also in SA? Same shit different name.

  • Rodger

    Guess those 108 countries didn’t get the mail of SA being broke these days.

    • Turbofan

      They got it alright. They are either beggar nations or Western warmongering countries.

    • dutchnational

      KSA is not broke, they still had some $ 500 billion of reserves left mid 2017 and by cutting back a little here and there, coupled with a rise in oil prices, there cash outflow has largely stopped or at least been largely reduced.

      • Rodger

        They spend $10 billion of that every month just to keep things going, they have no other source of income than oil, oil is becoming less important every day and their pampered lazy and spoiled population keeps growing exponentially. They are broke.

        • dutchnational

          The 10 billion was during 2016. For fiscal 2017 the amount is more than halved.

          Their population is indeed growing much too fast and their people have a rentner economy. All true. They will adapt or persish.

          There is ample room for their young to start working as they have some 11 million immigrant workers and they are expelling them by the hundreds of thousands. They just thought up a tax on immigrants to have their families with them, which will bring in either billions or chase away millions or, as expected, a combination of both.

          By integrating females into the workforce and getting their young to work they will survive. If not, then we will have the next Syria acoming.

          • Rodger

            Fine but they’ve also signed a $350 billion 10 year contract for more arms with the US that goes from the $500 billion in savings. And that’s just 1 contract.
            20% of their graduates have studied ‘Islamic studies’ and another 20% have done humanities. That’s already 40% of your graduates that will never be productive. They have zero human capital to build up any industry.

  • JPH

    So any body will agree after decapitation….

  • Garga

    Women still don’t have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. They said they “will” be given this right in 2018.

    Anybody didn’t say anything about using hunger as a weapon in Yemen? Now Syrian government is responsible for a war imposed in the country by foreigners?
    These leaders are sick to the core.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      Women will get the right to drive…. that is if their male guardians allow them; a hollow right even if MBS follows through.

      • Jens Holm

        Its not about driving at all but pages of making big difference depended on gender.

    • Jens Holm

      We have told a lot about on TV as well as in radio, so its both Saudsm, Syrians and others.

      Arabs hardly recognize human rights are existing, and if so vomen and men and are seperatetd and more different the camels and dromedars.

      You just use thos to make Your own part cleaner.

      • Garga

        Would you please translate what you just wrote for me?

        • Jens Holm

          Most muslim countries dont recognize equal human rights for all, so womans rights or the lack of it is not about some cars in Saudia Arabia.

          Its a long line fx 1) being not raised for sale or best buy 2) Vomen do not lie more in courts then men 3) Vomen dont ask for sex but are being raped and should loose no honor by that 4) Too many men dont learn to control their carrot below and their mouth and hands as ours 5) Girls and voman has the same rights for education and are just as bright as men and should be able to anywhere all over among men anytime. Even if You say vomen are 10% lower in brightness, the 90% are semilar to the 100% men. 6) When the parents die, alll children get the same. If one son get lets say a farm the rest get their parts in equal %. If women has an income, they have their own account in the bank or a maneybox at home 7) Vomen advance after education, skills and hard work. The men too and not after gender and family relations. I dont see Hillary and Merkel as more or less scumbags then men in same possetions. 8) Children are an equal responsability and therefore not just given to the man or the famility to the man. 9) Vomen have thier own ID and can get on incl.passport even not asking, they are not an extra page by the mans family. 10) Faith fx in Islam is a private matter to Allah and other Gods and not a family thing as such. You go to heaven one by one and not in groups and by that pay – or get – by themselves. 10) When muslim men can be at the beaches svimming and playing football in almost nothing, why do vomen have to wear clothe all over and even being checked by a doctor to be virgins. 11) We do we here see so many Young boys and men on the streets in the middle of the night, when its well known many more boys dont do well in the schools and therefore also not are able to have jobs, they might be needed for. Even so many females are controlled and kept home, its mainly the vomens, which are able to learn, work hard and if no niqab almost easy get high qualified and well paid jobs. Those vomen do not want to have unimployed life men ignoring to learn in school. Half of all women in our safehouses are muslim vomen, even they are less then 3% of the population. 12) Why are so many muslims from a very few countries so hard criminals here and the 90% very fine people even when they are unimployed.

          We do critisieze for lacking human right. We as danes has had many disputes with turks about it and in many different matters and for the whole country.
          And we agree about saudis, but most things are exact the same all over. It is not about women driving cars. Its about what I have written above as examples.

          You use Saudi Arabia as an excuse for not doing all the things which are the same at You made by the bad parts of the Sharia.

          When You in Turkey as well as Lebanon can bring, that a girl having too much fun with a man also says, he just go free, its a matter of she then can not be solded to a high price.

          Where is the girl in that. Here that man would go to jail right way and also had to pay HER money. He is as grown up the 100% responsible to back off and protect her from men like himself.

          Syria – a new one: If a Syrian man marry a foeigners wifes outside Syria and they get children, then she and their children get Syrian passport and rights, when they come home.

          If a Syrian women marrige as foreign man and they get children, the man and the children´can not get passports of Syria and are not welcome at all.

          • Garga

            Thank you.
            It was one of very few of your comments which actually make sense.
            The matters which you wrote can be seen in many Muslim countries in different levels. They are based on both the religion and culture.

            The issue here under this particular article is not these alone, it’s the fact that Saudis don’t have any kind of moral ground to make such claims against 3 countries when Saudis themselves have a much much worse record in compare. For example, in regard to what you wrote, in Iran women have to have a basic covering of their body and hair and anything more than that is their own decision (visible in the pictures from Iranian women) and they inherit less, IF their kin doesn’t have a will who specifies each one’s share. The rest doesn’t apply to Iran. In Syria there’s no minimum coverage and I don’t know their law about inheritance, so both countries are not comparable with KSA.

            And the bigger question is, how on earth a country like Saudi Arabia with such bloody record in human rights (their disregard for human rights is NOT limited to the ladies, it’s a whole package of anybody who doesn’t fit in the strict Wahhabi-Saudi narration) can be elected as the head of human right commission?

          • dutchnational

            The answer to your last paragraph is short : oil/money.

  • Orcbuu

    Just Sick!

  • TiredOfBsToo

    So 108 countries are controlled by the Empire and it’s terrorist friends. Says a lot about the usefulness of the UN to moderate, in a fair way, disputes between countries.

    Saudi Arabia making accusations is truly the pot calling the kettle black. One only needs look at the number of terrorists the Saudis have funded throughout the Middle East and the world and setting up shop in other countries to propagate their particular form of hatred. The Saudi people should be so lucky as to have the rights that Iranians and Syrians possess. Case in point, the Syrian people, after removal of Saudi based terrorists, are flocking back to their homes safely under the government’s control. I don’t recall seeing Syrian refugees flocking to Saudi Arabia for protection, nor could I blame them.

    • Jens Holm

      Good joke to write like this about mens superiosity in Iraq and Syria.

      Why cant You clean Your own houses.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        It’s not about men’s superiority. It’s about terrorism and the main sponsor of it, albeit with the ‘West’s’ blessing. That does make them as guilty for supporting the desires of both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

        • Jens Holm

          Yes, its very much about mens superiority and the hard competision among them in hieracy in stead of real qualifications.

          I see so so much total horrible things in Your use os honor and respect starting from little boys incl. learning to be commanders of old sisters as well.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Terrorism combined with your view of men’s superiority perhaps. Maybe they are linked together as being ‘exceptional’ .

  • FlorianGeyer

    The general Brownnosing of the UN disgusts me.

  • Kira Binkley

    There were definitely human rights violations, not because of President Assad, but in spite of him.
    The UN, when it becomes clear of the “vile entanglement” needs to pass resolutions referring to the U.S. violations of Syria’s sovereignty.
    Looks like the sectarian violence in the region has escalated to a level not seen before. Level 7, perhaps. You know, the post-apocalyptic novel by the Ukrainian born Mordechai Roshwald.

    • Jens Holm

      You might remember to add the many violations even before any intervened. We in west has seen nothing around human rights has been vitally changed in any matters since 1970.

      So dont come with USA as the big sinner, but clean Your own Muhammed came here, and what happend next. Next could be all in Syria suddenly were arabs or should be.

      • Kira Binkley

        You have been brainwashed, Jen, by the American and European MSM. Are you a woman? Some times women have problems thinking rationally. They prefer using emotions as proof and evidence. Myself the sole exception. Well, maybe not the sole exception…

  • Rob

    U.S. Senator John McCain and Hillary Clinton: we have been funding and arming ISIS, FSA, Al-Qaeda and Taliban all the time.

    Zionist America is the mother of all terrorists. Kurdistan is a bigger project of America than Israel.

    Zionist America funding and arming all terrorists to kill millions in every single country in the world.

    • Jens Holm

      That again.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Criminals request are supported by bias USA agent UN instead of throughout the rubbish demand.

    • Jens Holm

      Very strange this is a one way as You describe it. Assad gas has just been VETOed away.

  • Rüdiger Preiss

    That’s about as ridiculous as Tony Blair being appointed as the Middle East Peace Envoy … thankfully he has resigned (after 8 long years) .

    • Barba_Papa

      In which he did fuck all for Middle East peace, except keep on denying he and his best buddy Bush did anything wrong to invade Iraq.

      • Jens Holm

        Kind of funny. Why are You not taking any responsability Yourself and clean the area for Your own parts.

        • Barba_Papa

          You honor me thinking I have that much influence. But I am not from the UK, so I have no influence over a UK politician.

          • Jens Holm

            It doesnt matter. You can take responsability like here but also where You are even we are only dots comming from something smaller.

            I have been writing in our own newssites during many years for moderation both ways. I think i do the same here.

            Blair or not the problems are no local changes for better realtionships in several countries internel as well as external.

            You can find many people which are controversial in possition. Even Maliki in Bagdad is not jailed in a deep dungeon long time ago. Mubarrak alive ???

            Mugabe in Zimbabve replaced by and old harder one. Harder one. Im sure many there would prefare those white apartheid people from the past, if they knew better.

    • Jens Holm

      So which one do You prefare.

  • Lupus

    Great cartoon

  • Moussa Saab

    The main goal of Syria was to feed its population throughout the war, and he did it successfully for the most part.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes, by stealing food and other stuff from 62 organisations incl. UN and starve enemies and the civilians there to death.

      • Jc Plancarte

        wTF are you talking about?? You must be a goddamned Zionist, or Wahhabi, agent!! get lost, you p.o.s.!!!

        • Jens Holm

          90% or more are given by UNITED NATIONS.

          How can 8-10 mio.refugees, 450.000 dead and several 100.000 men in war grow foot for themselves.

          You should name Yourself as “d`arte” mystique cafe noir chemin de ferre rapide.

          • Garga

            Was there any UN relief convoy to the areas liberated by SAA?

            I’d appreciate if you post their links, the convoys, dates, places.

            There was numerous confiscation of aid by terror groups, recorded both by the organizations and local witnesses. If Syrian government does this too, surely there must be reports, footage, evidence and testimonies.

          • dutchnational

            Jens was at least partly correct.

            A very large percentage of Syrian wheat came from the North East, for 5 years cut off from the rest of Syria. The food that came from that region had to be replaced by increased import (and by decreased population). The same for the Azaz colony.

            It is to be expected that after the at least partially reintegrating of North Eastern food production, imports can be reduced.

          • Jens Holm

            Yes, Assads are the blockers and Turks too for Afrin as much as possible.

          • Jens Holm

            Its very simple. Assads took all instead of share. It has been written all over the whole world press exept where You are.

            Therefore UN as well as 62 NGO`s boycuttet any help to the refugees at the SAA possesions.

            Stupid remark from You that aid can come into besieged areas.

          • Garga

            hmmm… You can’t be reasoned with. then either send the links or shut up.

  • You can call me Al

    I cannot take this hypocrisy, lunacy, madness, anymore – I am lost for words.

    • goingbrokes


  • gustavo

    Well, this is the world were living and need to change.

  • DidierF

    Everybody forget the KSA’s war on Yemen.

  • dutchnational

    The UN resulition passed is in itself a step forward. They just should have amended it to include the KSA and more countries.

    It is the one major flaw in the UN structure that hypocrisy is rampant, the same goes for many resulutions condemming Israel and others not to the liking of the majority vote of combined African, Arab and Islamic votes.

    I was ever against the veto structure in the security council, but I had to to partially change my mind on this.