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Hypocrisy And Propaganda During UN Security Council Meeting On Syria

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John Mason

To gain any respect Russia should learn the word ‘NO”, a very powerful and meaningful word. All of this ‘diplomacy’ is just a load of crap and makes Russia look weak. Warn those that appose Russia, Syria that they are on the wrong side of the fence in regards to International Law and are they willing to accept responsibility if this escalates and involves their citizens in a war.


the was a beautifully crafted lie you have there


I would love to have heard Russia and China responsed to the shit flowing from her mouth. UN members should not be able to “protest” by walking out of the room. They should be forced to hear their lies destroyed by common sense and truth.


it is almost unbelievable that a member of the United Nations would have the audacity to spew such lies and mis-information .The lives of Innocent people are not at stake ,don’t they realize this ?.They want to control the narrative and it is clearly lost on them that they are being left behind.There is a God after all.Today ,the liberation of Eastern Aleppo is at hand , in spite of he lies .The world will see who the guilty are.It the president elect Donald Trump wants to rebuild America ,he has much work ahead of him as they have lost credibility.


They are not even good speech writers anymore, really their rhetorical game is very low. They used to be very good at this, now they either are incopetent or do not care.

Ann Diener

It really seems like they are in a bubble of some kind. They have not watched the people fleeing Eastern Aleppo or heard their stories. Why are we Americans not seeing the terrorists who try to kill the fleeing civilians using sniper fire? Why would anyone allow them the terrorists the opportunity to regroup? The terrorists do not share the aid with the civilians. There was a very long pause before and few were able to leave because they were threatened. In the Eastern Aleppo videos provided to and later by the West, curiously the majority insisting on staying were all young men. Why is the West not wondering where are the families and women as well as the older people in these videos. I suspect they were hiding from the terrorists. It seems so strange, and it is almost like everyone is programed to believe a certain way so they do no see other information counter to their preconceived ideas. They do not see for themselves as they are so convinced the Syrian government and Russia are the bad guys while claiming they are against the common enemy, the terrorists. It is too strange and some kind of mental setup of the West to fuel war.


Hello Ann. In my experience and from what I observe, the highest form of crime, is not going with the program. That is why what goes on with the US position in the U.N.S.C. looks so distorted from reality.


What happened to Sam Powers, did she finally have a mental collapse and have to be committed?

I am so ashamed of my country, which is the world’s #1 terrorist state, right behind Israel. Both nations need to be defanged.


Hopefully to first line Second paragraph, I feel the same as you, ashamed of my Government (coming from the UK).

Ole Johansen

Ashamed to and from Norway, the Puppet State of both the above :-)


Isn’t it brilliant, that so many of us and check out alternative media, from our own, special and different nation.. With different cultures and traditions, yet finding ourselves disgusted with our leaders. We want our voices to be heard. Supporting nations that are trying there best, helping the underdog or there own nation, from yet another Shadow Government revolution? In order to find some support of world peace I might have said that wrongly, but it was meant with respect and no offence.

I seriously love these sites and the people, of all nations, that post heart felt support and show us a way forward.


Is Sam Power job hunting or going on a Sam Power Job Fair tour? Nice to see she is not in the meeting.


It is shameful what the US has to lie in the UNSC. Powers now sent a deputy after she gave an absurdly flippant and arrogant and completely untrue description and speech in the UNSC. The deputy won’t last long if she goes on with such absurd lies.

What is to be concerned about is the renewed attacks on the Syrian army north and east of Palmyra and the loss of some quarters of Arak. It confirms that the US is chasing ISIS in Mosul back into Syria to reinforce the fighters in Raqqa and surroundings against the Syrian army. Which may be why the fighters in Aleppo want a 5 day cease fire: to get those fighters to reach Aleppo to reinforce them. Al the rest the US deputy said is shamefully untrue. The overview clip of the UN meeting says it in all clarity and yes, it rings true while the US description rings false.

The US is clearly trying to repeat the fall of the USSR after the invasion of Afghanistan. In Ukraine, the Ukraine army meanwhile started to hit the reels again and heavy fighting is ongoing. Meaning, the Obama admin wants to start a proxy war on Russia on multiple fronts. That is not only as destructive as it gets, but of real concern.

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