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Hype And Chaos: COVID-19 Crisis Continues


Hype And Chaos: COVID-19 Crisis Continues

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On April 8th, the number of global COVID-19 infections, as a total surpassed 1.5 million.

The active cases sit at 1.1 million, out of which 397,000 are inside the United States, which is a little over a quarter of the global cases.

The infections in the US keep climbing with a rapid pace, while in Spain, Italy, France and Germany, the rate appears to be slowing down.

Russia is also gaining cases rapidly, as just several days ago it was at less than 2,000 and now sits at above 10,000.

This shows that the strict measures may have been timely.

Hype And Chaos: COVID-19 Crisis Continues

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In the US, a rumor surfaced claiming that a sailor on the USS Nimitz has tested positive for COVID-19, making it the 4th US aircraft carrier with infected personnel.

However, that claim was denied by Cdr. John Fage, spokesman for the U.S. 3rd Fleet.

“There are no confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 on board USS Nimitz at this time,” Fage said. “Sailors that had been in close contact with the individual were also removed from the ship as a precaution and placed into quarantine. That sailor remains off the ship.”

He added, “Regarding the second Nimitz sailor that has been reported as positive for COVID-19, they tested positive while out of the state on leave in early March. That sailor remains in that location and has not been to or aboard Nimitz since departing the area on leave.”

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, which reported its first COVID cases on March 24th and now has more than 200 among its crew, had to be sidelined in Guam to offload thousands of sailors in an effort to manage the outbreak.

Capt. Brett Crozier, who commanded the Roosevelt, was removed from his job after a letter he wrote about the situation on his ship was sent to people outside his chain of command last week.

Then-acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly fired Crozier, calling the leak of the letter — not the letter itself — an “uncharacteristic lack of judgment.”

Modly resigned on April 7th following a visit to the Roosevelt to deliver a speech in which he suggested the Crozier was “too naïve or too stupid to be a commanding officer of a ship like this.” The remarks became public and sparked major backlash, with former officials and lawmakers calling for Modly to step down.

The USS Ronald Reagan, forward deployed in Japan, said two sailors on board had tested positive for COVID-19 on March 27th, according to a report from Fox News.

A member of the USS Carl Vinson’s crew was also diagnosed with COVID-19, according to a report from the Kitsap Sun.

The US Marine Corps attempted to solve all of its personnel’s needs for protection, as it explained how to make a protective mask by using the Marine green skivvy shirt.

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools headquartered out of Camp Johnson, North Carolina, posted a short image tutorial showing Marines stationed aboard Camp Johnson how they can make a skivvy shirt face mask.

“For military members aboard Camp Johnson, a no sew mask design is provided. Utilize an olive green T-shirt for the mask,” MCCSSS posted to Facebook.

The DoD directed service members and military personnel to wear some type of face covering when they’re not able to maintain proper six feet of social distancing.

“Effective immediately, to the extent practical, all individuals on DoD property, installations, and facilities will wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet of social distance in public areas or work centers (this does not include in a Service member’s or Service family member’s personal residence on a military installation),” the memo reads.

In Russia, with all the measures, there’s a general chaos of implementing them, which is also applicable for many other places around the globe (Europe and the US specifically).

In Russia’s Krymsk, a man was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital, to get a scheduled IV, as she was instructed to do so by her doctor on April 3rd.

She was stopped by police officers, who told her that she shouldn’t visit the hospital, unless it’s planned to do so. She showed the doctor’s note, and they still said that since March 31st there’s a quarantine. The reason was that driving around the city needed a “special permit” and a doctor’s appointment note for a pregnant woman wasn’t such.

She was issued a decision that she and her husband had carried out an administrative offensive, and they need to attend in court to see if they’ll be fined between 15,000 and 40,000 rubles ($200 to $550 approx.).

Separately, Prof. Dr. Lothar H. Wieler, the President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed on March 20, 2020 that test-positive deceased are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider a corona death to be someone who has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection was detected, regardless of how the person died.”

His statement can be heard (and seen) in a video interview, below, at 16 minutes and 25 seconds.

A look at the statistics of the German test-positive deaths shows that the median age of the deceased, similar to Italy, is over 80 years and that there were usually one or more serious previous illnesses.

The so-called over-mortality caused by Covid-19 is therefore likely to be close to zero in Germany, similar to other European countries.

The German virologist Hendrik Streeck gave the example of a 78-year-old, previously ill man who died of heart failure without lung involvement, but was subsequently tested positive for Covid19 and included in the statistics of Covid19 deaths.

Streeck suspects that Covid19 will not lead to over-mortality in Germany by the end of the year.

In addition, in Bulgaria, a 65-year-old man was admitted to hospital and gave a positive COVID-19 test result, he was admitted on March 26th with pneumonia.

After imaging tests, it was discovered that he also had a carcinoma in his lung.

Prior to his death on April 8th, he was tested twice for COVID-19 and both tests came back negative, prior to him passing away.

Despite being cured of COVID-19, the man died, because his condition of lung cancer deteriorated. He was registered as the country’s 24th death by COVID-19. So far, out of all 24 there’s not a single person without comorbidities, even the only “healthy” individual that died – a 40-year-old man, died of a pulmonary embolism and it was determined that he, also, had comorbidities.

This is similarly the case in most of the fatalities around the globe, which isn’t to say that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t serious, it’s simply being presented in a much more severe manner.




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