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Hungary sees no EU admission for Balkan countries without Serbia’s accession first

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Hungary sees no EU admission for Balkan countries without Serbia’s accession first

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Brussels is frustrated with Hungary’s unilateral actions against Western European interests.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Belgrade on Thursday, told Brussels that it must be aware that there will be no European Union accession for Western Balkan countries without the central state of the region – Serbia. Such a message from Orban must be taken seriously considering Hungary has veto rights in the EU and will certainly take advantage of it, especially as the prime minister attempts to position his country as a key player in the region.

Hungary’s position within the EU is strengthening because of its independent policy, thus causing immense frustration in Western Europe. Budapest’s position is partly based on cooperation with Visegrad Group members (V4), consisting of four Central European countries – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Through V4, these countries are furthering Central European integration, including in the economic and energy spheres. Hungary is also becoming a more active regional player in the Balkans, especially through their cooperation with Serbia.

The relations between Serbia and Hungary are at the highest possible level today, whether it be economic, political or cultural. The two countries have a number of regional projects that connect them, perhaps the most important being the Turk Stream gas pipeline, which was only recently realized. With Serbia becoming an energy hub for the Balkans and Central Europe, Hungary has become Serbia’s most reliable partner in the region.

For his part, Vučić said to Orban: “Many say that they support Serbia’s path to the EU, but few act bravely and openly, ready to suffer criticism because of Serbia, as you do.”

He also pointed out that Hungary was once Serbia’s 13th largest trading partner but today is fifth. This is only going to increase, especially when the construction of the Belgrade to Budapest high-speed railway line is complete. The highspeed railway line between Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia’s second city located between Belgrade and Hungary, will be completed by the end of the year. Construction for the section between Novi Sad and Subotica, Serbia’s border city with Hungary, will begin in September.

Both Novi Sad and Subotica are in Serbia’s northern Vojvodina autonomous region, which has a significant Hungarian minority of about 250,000 people, or 13% of the population in the region. The cooperation that Belgrade has with the Hungarian minority in Vojvodina contributes to the trust between Serbia and Hungary as minorities live without persecution or harassment from the state, something that Orban identifies.

The biggest impact of Orban’s visit was his statement: “I understand Serbia and I think that it should be admitted to the EU because it is the central country of the Western Balkans, without whose accession to the EU there will be no admission for others. Serbia is a key country.”

The EU is attempting to fast-track Albania’s and North Macedonia’s accension into the bloc without any consideration for Serbia despite being the economic powerhouse of the Western Balkans. Greece long objected North Macedonia’s accession because of the name dispute, but with that issue mostly resolved following the 2018 Prespa Agreement, it appeared the path was clear. However, in November 2020, Bulgaria effectively blocked the official start of North Macedonia’s EU Accession Negotiations because of Skopje’s violations of the 2017 Friendship Treaty between the two countries, with Sofia claiming its western neighbour is engaging in state-supported hate speech and minority claims against Bulgaria. Bulgaria even escalated the breakdown in relations by claiming that there is no Macedonian language, but rather the language of North Macedonia is a Bulgarian dialect, a sentiment seemingly shared last week by the Portuguese Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Paula Zacarias, Secretary of State for European Affairs.

The Portuguese official, whose country holds the presidency of the EU, commented that: “Negotiations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria are difficult… obviously related to the language of North Macedonia, which previously was Bulgarian.”

For the North Macedonians and Albanians, Orban’s statement that EU expansion into the Western Balkans is impossible without Serbia will be another blow to their aspirations. With Albania facing resistance from Greece due to persecutions against the Greek National Minority in southern Albania, and North Macedonia facing opposition from Bulgaria, Hungary has added another dimension to the EU’s hopes of expansion into the Western Balkans.

In this way, not only does Orban help strengthen Serbia’s position in Europe, particularly in its relations with Brussels, but he also positions Hungary as the leading state of Central Europe that wields significant influence in not only V4, but also the Balkans. It is likely that this will cause further tensions between Budapest and Brussels as Western Europe becomes increasingly frustrated that they are restricted from expanding their own influence because of a relatively small Central European country.


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Someone please tell me why the hell Serbia would want to join the Evil Union, which took the lead in recognising and admitting the narcomafia organ smuggling “state” of Kosovo.


We still need to recover from 90ties. And I don’t think it will be done w/o referendum, majority of ppl don’t support EU. At least thats what i think, living in Serbia for the last 29 years. Also majority of ppl here in Serbia think that EU will colapse long before we join them.

Chess Master

If Serbia jois, that could hurry EU’s collapse, so why not revenge while taking some Euros?


It may not collapse entirely but it is definitely a perverted and degenerate union. Orban understands that well, as does Vucic.

Just look at the zionist filth spread throughout gayropa. From hollywood garbage, internet filth, homo and nude islands for pervert vacationers, the list is endless.


Yes I’m not ashamed if my nation and it’s long history. Your history and wealth was built on slaves, and thats why you are ashemed of your nation, and want to project that to everyone else.


Orban is not liked in EU because he is not following the leftliberal mainstearm bullshit. Started when sent the IMF (rep office of deep state) home couple year after take the rule in 2010, simply make the budget balanced and requested the big multinational organisations to pay more taxes. (Libtards are always taxing the middle class). Then in 2015, when Operation Timber Sycamore pushed 3 million migrants to Europe and puppets of CIA called EU leaders told, that refugee flow is unstoppable. Then Orban built a 250 km fence/wall within 2 months and stopped it. Later Soros Gang accused Hungary of closing CEU, a Soros university which is technically a “fifth column” operation. CEU is still in its place in Budapest and it’s operating. Freedom of press: Today the market share of pro and anti government sites, TV-s, radia stations, newspapers are cca 50-50%. Befor Orban era it was 90-10% to leftist lügenpresse. Rule of law circus: accusations without any evidence. 2020 Covid: everywhere the rights was restricted, but only was in the headlines about. Then Hungary bought 7 million Chinese and Russian vaccines, saved thousands of lives and Hungary can open the economy cca 2 months ahead of EU. It generated huge anger amongst the EU leaders, who was corrupted by big pharma to keep the competition away. Now Hungary protects its children against hetero and homosexual predators, and it’s a sin in the eye of pedofile deep state.. So I have to agree in one thing, Sane countries should leave EU asap, create an alliance of independent countries and the ties to EU should be economical only. Most of West EU is already done, muslims will take them over within some decades. Isabelle of Castilia and Ferdinand of Aragon can be happy that not have to see this nightmare.


Serbians should also remember that some of the EU members are the same diabolical, murderous bastards who, along with their whore masters in Washington, DC, bombed and partitioned Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Serbs should never, ever trust the EU rat politicians.


We havent forgoten, and things that are now happening on the ground, puts us in more favorable positon day by day. Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BvPO8A0GoM was not possible 3-4 yrs ago. Even our patriarch was there, me as well. And more and more ppl are reapiting our new saying: Догодине у Призрену! (Next year in Prizren).

P.S. That monument was place where historical battle of Kosovo (28th of June 1389 ad) happend. Where we fought Otoman Turks.


Thats not biased nationalisam, thats something called tradition. Something few of u westerners could ever understand. But I understand, your tradition is enslaving other ppl.

Icarus Tanović

This time you’re talking sense.


Good point. The operation to create “kosovo” displaced and murdered many hundreds of thousands of people.

It also led to the creation of the largest american military facility in the region.


Good work from Orban & Vucic. Tell the brussels pedoswine to fck off back to britain where perverted crap is accepted.

Raptar Driver

Serbian does not need, nor should it want the decrepit E.U. They remember who bombed the crap out of them for no reason.

L du Plessis

The Cia will get rid of Orban through a color revolution.


Everyone knows the colour revolution model now, which is sky there hasn’t been a successful one in years; even in Ukraine they had to attack and try to kill Yanukovych to seize power. It’s back to coups and assassination.


Hungary needs to leave the EU and take the other V4 nations with them. Maybe they could form a new alliance with Serbia and any other non-globalist nations.


Poland and the Czechs?!?


“Come. Join the Jews’ EU. What could go wrong?!” Serbia may want to look around at what is happening within countries of Europe now in the Jews’ clutches. Just one viewing of the Jew, Barbara Spectre, spilling the beans on the Jews’ plans for Europe should be enough.

Oncle Ozz

Go back to your desert, Jew Holm!

Icarus Tanović

You’re right, they made carnages after carnages in Bosnia over centuries, even before Otomans.

Icarus Tanović

Oh,really? Hungary wants just what UK/France, etc. 1918 took away from them, and that is, f course Voivodina. Nothing more.


I think you should check demographics of Vojvodina…

Icarus Tanović

Yes, because serbs pushed out of there both Germans and Hungarians, and populated it with walachs from montenegro, who declared them selves as “serbs”. So you better check it out.


Over 80% of ppl living in Vojvodina are Serbs. That’s a fuct, i know i live there.

Srboljub Ubimađarević

“That’s a fuct” maybe in your history, written by serbian nationalists. If you didn’t understand, read what Icarus just said in his previous comment again.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I recommended and said. Makedonia and Serbia’s violations of Friendship Treaty, and their hate speech against two innocent EU countries who have done nothing wrong but only wanted a little freedom, is enough to block Makedonia and Serbia from seeking EU usury loans………………………………………LOL.

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