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Hundreds Of Turkish-Backed Syrian Fighters Arrived In Libya (Video)

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A new batch of Turkish-backed Syrian fighters arrived in Libya to fight for the Government of National Accord (GNA), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed in a report on January 17.

In the report, the London-based monitoring group said that the new batch consisted of around 260 “mercenaries.” The vast majority of these fighters are likely personnel of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

“The number of Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkey to Libya has risen to 2,000,” the SOHR’s report reads.

Meanwhile, Syrian activists shared a video on social media showing dozens of Syrian militants aboard a civilian plane, allegedly en route to the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

A recent report by the Guardian revealed that each Syrian militant deployed in Libya is receiving a monthly salary of $2,000 from the GNA. Ankara had also promised the militants a Turkish citizenship for their services.

According to the SOHR, more Syrian militants will be deployed in Libya very soon. Hundreds of militants are currently receiving military training in secret camps in Turkey.

Despite the deployment of Syrian militants, GNA forces are still struggling to hold onto their positions around Tripoli, which is facing a large-scale attack by the Libyan National Army (LNA).

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Zionism = EVIL

Turkey should be ashamed of exploiting desperate illiterate Sunni refugees and turning them into terrorists to kill other Arabs in lands far away just for OIL. Libya was an ally of Syria against Zionist evil and now the arsehole coward Erdogan is stoking Arab fratricide for his Americunt and Zionist masters. The blowback for the Turkey cowards will come in spades.


Erdogan,’s call, for the revival of “Otoman Empire” …
No non-Turke sacrifice is too big for that!


So many terrorist pigs to kill in one place.

Peter Jennings

Not content attacking Syrian’s, the sham has moved on to attack Libyan’s. If the Turkish admin continue to use the same nato proxy tactics to attack another country, their local popularity will plummet and make them indistinguishable from nato itself.

Will Erdogan in future announce to his parliament, fuck the Libyan people, we have their oil?

Zionism = EVIL

These dumb Turkeys are dying daily from Somalia to Syria and the body bags are having an impact on the poor illiterate Anatolian peasant villages that supply the cannon fodder for the arsehole Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman delusions.


2000 dollars “jihad” is on the move…
Who knows if IsraHell would offer them 6000 dollars maybe they would even start Israeli sponsored -“jihad ” by attacking Iran?
What kind of Muslims are these people?
They had excuse that Assad was not Sunni and not Muslim…but what kind of excuse do they have now?!


They are blessed by Mamon and ‘God’ gave them Libyan plunder a few thousand years ago.

Peter Jennings

These dummies are only Turkish if they come back alive. They will die as terrorists in Libya.


I wonder if Egypt and Greece new the flight path those mercenary carrying planes took and if they did why didn’t they shoot them down.

Zionism = EVIL

Egypt is run by the Jew Sisi and will do squat. Egyptian military is even more pathetic than the Turkeys. Only Greece with a small population if supported by others can make life miserable for the overextended Turkeys. But I don’t see that happening as Greece is broke and Jew banks have total control over it.

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