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Hundreds Of Syrian Mercenaries Have Returned From Karabakh: Monitoring Group

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Hundreds Of Syrian Mercenaries Have Returned From Karabakh: Monitoring Group

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Hundreds of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries have returned from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh where they fought for Azerbaijan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on December 2.

According to the London-based monitoring group, Turkish efforts to settle the mercenaries in the region failed. Baku refused to allow Syrians to stay.

Last month, several sources revealed a Turkish plan to settle Syrian mercenaries along with their families in Nagorno-Karabakh. Ankara reportedly set up offices in the occupied Syrian region of Afrin to facilitate the plan

“over 900 fighters of Turkish-backed Syrian factions have returned to Syria in batches, with latest batch arriving in Syria last Thursday,” the SOHR said in its report. “More batches are expected to return in the next hours or days.”

The mercenaries who returned to Syria have reportedly received a part of their payment only, with the rest set to be paid within a few days.

Around 2,580 Syrian mercenaries, all recruited by Turkey, supported Azerbaijan’s offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh. At least 293 were killed by Armenian forces.

Azerbaijan, which used Syrian mercenaries as cannon fodder on Nagorno-Karabakh’s frontlines, is not apparently interested in their services anymore. Many of these mercenaries are known to be radicals, which explains Baku’s rejection of Ankara’s settlement plan.


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ABC of self deception. Create a fake news on mercenary settlement in NK, get debunked by reports on their return, stubbornly contunue narrative looking for reasons why it didn’t happen.


Well SOHR should know living in his Mums house in Coventry.comment image


it seems the Azerbaijani Turks are reasonable and one might reach with them for a peaceful settlement


Frankly, these Sunni Salafist terrorists are just expendable slave cannon fodder for a cynical Turkey that is just used them for its imperialist designs in the Caucasus. These Salafists simply are incompatible in Shia Azerbaijan and pose a clear and present danger to Russia, which has a growing and large Sunni Muslim population and has enough historical problems in Chechnya, Dagistan and even Tartaristan, thanks to NATO presence in Ukraine.


Pure Russian propaganda. Azerbaijan never needs any mercenary service. It is hard to contain those HTS rats who do not even speak the same language.

Glad that they have “returned”. Russia and Putin do not need any excuse of “Islam radicals” to get involved. They already have the boots on NK soil.

Black Waters

Shut the fuck up CIA bot.


Turkey outsourced its very effective propaganda and psy-ops to Pakistan and hasbara. The Zionists toned it down after their Harop loitering ammo and drones bought a lot of angst to Europe. So to please EU, particularly France,they ordered hasbara to stand down and not create more enemies but the Pakistanis went on full volume.


now all the headchopping will be on azerbaijan itself


How is life at the Pakistani troll farm? you are back again so soon. Bring out the other BOT accounts too.

Free man

But we were told that the Azeris want to settle in NK Sunni jihadists, in order to attack Iran and Russia.
Wow, could it be that the whole story about the Sunni jihadists was a lie?
So why did the Iranians poured so many forces to the border ?

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