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JUNE 2021

Hundreds Of Refuges Will Return From Lebanon To Their Homes In Syria – Report

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Hundreds Of Refuges Will Return From Lebanon To Their Homes In Syria – Report

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More than 600 Syrian refugees are set to return from the Lebanese Chebaa region to their homes in the Syrian town of Beit Jinn in the Western Ghouta region, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) reported on March 30.

The news agency said that the date of the refugees’ return will be determined by the Syrian and Lebanese authorities withing the upcoming 48 hours. Once the date is set, the two countries’ security forces will manage the return process, according to NNA.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) cleared the Western Ghouta region, including Beit Jinn, on January 2 after a successful military operation against militants in the area. Back then, Syrian pro-government sources said that the SAA will allow the refugees to return to their towns in the region and will offer a reconciliation deal to any wanted persons among them.

Thousands of displaced Syrians from the governorates of Homs, Damascus and Quneitra have been settled in the Lebanese Chebaa region since 2011. Over the last two years, these refugees have started returning to Syria as the security improved in their governorates.

Syrian pro-government activists argue that most of the Syrian refugees in eastern Lebanon are willing to return to their country. However, the lack of cooperation from the Lebanese government is hindering their return according to the activists.

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Michał Hunicz

If most of refugees (I don’t call them immigrants, because they stopped in first stable state) are in Eastern Lebanon, why not ask Hezbollah for negotiations with Lebanese government?


Lebanese PM despises Hezbollah

You can call me Al

I hope not as Hezbollah are in the cabinet – don’t believe everything you read.



I know hezbollah is in the cabinet. But that changes nothing on the fact that the Lebanese PM, Saad Hariri, hates Hezbollah. He believes Hezbollah assassinated his father, has publicly denounced Hezbollah on numerous occassions, and even fled to Saudi Arabia last year, saying he will give up his office due to being afraid Hezbollah is out to kill him (before reconsidering, going back to Lebanon, and continuing being a prime minister)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Qatari’s said it was Saudi Arabia and Israel carried it out as the Saudis tried to blame the Qatari for it when it came out in 2014 that agents from Qatar working with the Saudis and Israel cooked up the scheme to originally blame Assad. The spat in 2016 brought out Qatar blaming it on the Saudis working for Israel.

They can always work with the President in Lebanon then as he is more about returning to calm down tensions in the region, but the PM is waiting on the US to provide the support which won’t happen.

You can call me Al

Two sides of every coin Yui, look at the other side.

Rakean Jaya

Good news, seems everything back to normal again, after the dust of war settled, i will go to Syria and congrats them especially SAA for standing high against criminals coalition and winning it.

You can call me Al

I’ll carry your bags, I know the best hotel….night club downstairs and a fantastic restaurant.

Rakean Jaya

Thank you Al, i wish we could meet then :-)


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– Palestinians slam US for obstructing UN resolution on Israeli atrocities in Gaza Strip –



Judaism should be outlawed and Israel delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine to create a Jew free planet that will be better for humanity.

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