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Hundreds Of Militants Defect From Influential Turkish Proxy Group In Syria

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Hundreds Of Militants Defect From Influential Turkish Proxy Group In Syria

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Around 700 militants have defected from the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division as result of disagreements related to the group’s involvement in the Libyan war, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on April 6.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the defectors left the group in protest to the deployment of Syrians in Libya.

“The defection of the commanders and fighters from the faction came in protest against the faction’s policy of sending fighters to Libya to fight alongside the al-Sarraj government [the Government of National Accord (GNA)] … In addition to disputes as a result of the faction’s leadership policy on Syria,” the SOHR’s report reads.

After defecting, the militants abandoned several positions on the frontlines with Kurdish forces and the Syrian military around the town of Ras al-Ain in northern al-Hasakah.

Activists revealed that the defectors included six military commanders of the Murad Division. The commanders were identified as Abu Walid Al-Ezzi, Araba Idris, Abu Bilal Hanish, Abu Muhannad al-Hur and Fadi al-Diri.

Turkey began deploying Syrian militants in Libya to support GNA forces, last year. The step provoked many hardliners, who argued that their battle is only against the regime in Syria.

Last month, Turkey cut support for Faylaq al-Rahman, one of its proxy groups, for refusing to send any militants to fight in Libya.

In spite of these setbacks, more Syrian militants are preparing to depart to Libya. A recent report by the SOHR revealed that more than 7,000 Syrian militants are currently fighting for the GNA.


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Jens Holm

Yes, its a bit of strange localSyrians should not support the taken territory there.

It make more sense Turish troops should be the ones fighting in Libya to defend Turkush constrction and citicens.

But as the right wings in Europe says: As long as You kill each other, You will not vome here. Very good but a little slow contraseption.

Some unimplyment problems seemes improved as well. There seemes to be an expansion for undertakers and flower sales.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)


str0nk t0rk TSK

Turkish backed terrorist options: Stay in Syria and get annihilated or Get shipped to Libya and get destroyed there.


Turkey is playing a very cynical and inhuman fantasy in Libya and Syria and preying on human misery. Erdogan is no different than African war lords who recruit child soldiers. He and the Turkish military should face the International Criminal Court for war crimes and human trafficking.


The fools finally realized they’re just expendable puppets for the Erdogan regime. They don’t want to become meat for the Libyan grinder.

It’s ridiculous that Erdogan thinks this is appropriate for his forces when a war could reignite in Idlib at any time.

Zionism = EVIL

Libyan TV has shown that many of these cunts have joined the government side. BTW, the Turkeys are stuck in a Yemen style quagmire and it looks Egypt, UAE and Jordan are now sending special forces to aid Haftar. Libya as I had stated earlier has no good guys, it war between two most inept armies and their puppets while the NATO puppets and Turkeys rip off oil.

Rhodium 10

The purpose of the Sultan is to create terrorist nest in Syrian and Libya…later he will targeted Egipt, Algeria, Armenia and North Macedonia…Egipt should not allow that Turkish terrorist advance one inch in Libya!..

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabi cowards realize that War isn’t game.


They defected to where? To the SDF or the SAA?

Pave Way IV

‘Defected’ usually implies they defected ‘to some other force’. I don’t think they did in this case. Either ‘abandoned’ or ‘quit’ would probably have been better words to describe the situation, but they are probably still opposed to Syrian rule and exist as rebel units. I don’t know this for sure – I’m just guessing based on the SOHR report.

It may have been better to say that they ‘split away from’ the Sultan Murad Division, which implies that they are still an organized militia, but no longer acknowledge the Sultan Murad Division’s commanders as their own. No way to know for sure – everyone is just using the strange wording of the SOHR report for now.


Obviously they defected to NUSRA aka HTS or possible Israhelli gay IDF

Hadi Heidary

its not gonna make much difference for syrian gov but at least they won’t be fighting for turkish interests in libya. erdogan is using syrian terr0rist/rebels dependence to turkey support to send them to die for turkish interests in other countries instead of turkish forces.

Tom Tom

“The step provoked many hardliners, who argued that their battle is only against the regime in Syria.” No, you are there to serve your Mossad/CIA masters. Oh dang, cat’s outta the bag.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Now the group will either ally with Al Nusra or HTS, or possibly even split up and join both groups, no matter which it’s still good news. Erdogan’s losing support from his Turkmen brothers, lol, that must really hurt, Erdogan’s done more for them than he has for any of the other groups he supports, and now they’re biting the hand that feeds them, LOL LOL. If this is how Erdogan’s most fervent and loyal supporters are now reacting to Erdogan’s requests/demands, just imaging how all the others that don’t have the same loyalty to Erdogan/Turkey are feeling about Erdogan’s request/demands, LOL LOL LOL, the castle walls are already crumbling, Erdogan used sand instead of stone.

MH370 Atok The Deceiver

In spite of these setbacks, more Syrian militants are preparing to depart to Libya

well still a good news to me… send em all to Haftar the meatgrinder

Zionism = EVIL

Libya is a total shitshow and there are no good guys, let all these morons kill each other. This conflict will last a very long time.


Personally I prefer middle Eastern psycho terrorists to stay in the middle East, spreading a virus has never been a good idea.


Turkey is the biggest creator of the Wahhabi terror virus.

cechas vodobenikov

turkey cannot sustain its imperialism in syria and Libya without amerikan created and funded al Qaeda tribes….as they retreat to their 70 virgins or immigrate to France or Sweden, so will the turks retreat… faced with a more organized PKK they will try a genocide on the Kurds

Peter Jennings

Can we really trust anything which comes from the SOHR? They are a propaganda channel for British spooks.

The SOHR profess to be reporters yet can’t even get the basics correct. The scum being sent to their deaths in Libya are not Syrian militants but terrorists from Syria, who have infected Idlib using western taxpayer money. Most of the scum aren’t even Syrian.


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In Washington 20,000 people have died this year from normal causes. 800 of them purportedly from the virus, 50 from the virus in Oregon.



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