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Hundreds Of Civilians Evacuated From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf – Photos

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Hundreds of civilians have managed to leave the al-Rukban refugee camp and arrived at a humanitarian crossing, which was established by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the region of Julighm, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on April 7.

Hundreds Of Civilians Evacuated From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf – Photos

Click to see full-size image

Hundreds Of Civilians Evacuated From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf – Photos

Click to see full-size image

Hundreds Of Civilians Evacuated From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf – Photos

Click to see full-size image

The al-Rukban camp is located within the US-occupied 55km zone around the town of al-Tanaf in southeastern Syria. More than 40,000 civilians are reportedly trapped there with no access to much needed humanitarian aid.

Earlier this year, the SAA and Russian forces established several humanitarian crossings around the 55km zone to evacuate the civilians from the al-Rukban camp. The US-led coalition prevented any evacuation process until the last week, when the first group of civilians managed to leave the camp.

According to a new report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Damascus government has evacuated more than 1,700 civilians from the camp so far. The monitoring group revealed that local leaders in the camps are facilitating the evacuation process.

“The factions controlling the camp are not preventing, nor harassing anyone who wants to leave the camp,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The situation in the al-Rukban camp was discussed at a meeting between Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, who arrived in Amman a day earlier.

Despite being an ally of the U.S, Jordan is supportive of the ongoing Syria and Russian efforts to evacuate the camp in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe near own border.

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SS never had any futur. Yankee punics and all other parasites, go home, or the undertaker will take care of you.

Jim Prendergast

It was good of Mr Lavrov to open the door.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s about time, hopefully the innocent refugees are well looked after now, but as for the refugees that aren’t so innocent, hopefully Assad has something else in mind for them.
Most of the refugees at this camp are the wives, children and family members of ex FSA and Isis fighters, not genuine refugees at all, they should be thoroughly vetted and processed before being accepted as genuine displaced persons, and quite a few of them should probably end up in prisons too before it’s all finished.
In Baghuz the SDF treat these people just like any other refugees, and instead of being grateful, the Isis wives just throw their bottled water they’ve just been given by the SDF straight back at them, and also spit at them, and curse them, that gives us a good hint at just how well they’re going to reintegrate back into society. Hopefully when they try to do that to their SAA liberators, they get a swift rifle butt in the face for their trouble, and then get sent to a retraining facility, and there’s a lot more guilty people at this camp than there are innocent, so they’ll need a lot of retraining facilities.

Concrete Mike

Act not for the guilty, but save the innocents first.

Thats should be first priority. Finding the innocents civilians should not be that hars. Considering alot of jihadis plastered everything on social.media, it should ne easy to seperate most of the wheat from the chaff.

These salafists are so dumb, they seperated by themzelves in idlib.

Jens Holm

This is no media stunt but a fact. Damaskus by being a country since 1946 is a big mistake as it is. It makes it even more strange it inisist in neocolonialitic borders made for pipelines to Kirkuk by France and GB.

Who dont corect that. Should Konstantinople and its collaps being replaced by several smaller ones working in the same context.

One like me could inderstand, if there in stead was made many emirates in some loose kind of Union or Conferation, because You also are very much in the same area partly being depended and trusted by each other.

I still go back to 1856, Aleeppo and Raqqa provinces were their own regions/Vilayets/ administrations. I see them on th map today on the war map, evne the dont incluse the Turkish half.

I also see Turks have problems at the other side with no reforms as well as feeding PKK themselves.

Thsoe problems dont go away in Your structures of today.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’ll be easy to separate them, the genuine refugees will stand out like sore thumbs, they’ll be sick, scared, malnourished, and totally respectful when they’re finally helped, where as on the other hand, the Isis families will behave more like the Isis families that were aggressively rebuking their SDF captors a few days ago, and they’ll be better fed and healthier too, I’m sure the SAA will be able to spot the differences.

Jens Holm

Compared to “Concrete Mike” You at lea´st are able to think and reflect a little Yourself. Thank You.

And Yes: SDFs having big problems with handling prisoners and refugees and mixes of them. They dont have the capasity for it and You probatly are right, that some escape as well.

And SDFs has asked for help again and again, but none for good reasons want them “home” at all. SDFs has no regular court system just a “best guess” with normal common sense.

You also are right about religios from ISIS for now mainly feel no respect from others and many still are hostile. I am sure many of them after some time and education about things are in the rest of the world actuall can repatriate IF they got a good repatriation. We dont give them that even west at least easy can effort the economic part of it.

I cant give any % in guessing, but many 1000 probatly will be more or less in their minds forever.

The prisoners and refugees should be spread out in good camps after damagelevel in their heads given some rebuilding jobs and knowledge usefull for the rest of the world. Too many came this by being total isolated to the rest of the world.

The children also have to go school in a not infected biased enviroment beiing treated much more as individuals as we more or less do in the west. rudusing the propaganda education from their parents.

I am not political with You. The spreading of FSA and ISIS was and are possible because Assads has made the land fertile by no reforms for the ordinary poor people. Thats well documented since Hafez by all kinds of sources from in and out of Syria.

But I o feel ashame, that we as danes wash our hands too much an dont help at least SDFs with facilities for the future. Some seemes to forget how many they are – Like Manbij of Al Bab filled or Haing doubling its seize. Thats a lot.

I dont see FSAs as You do. They are totally wrong in many things, but a result of total mismanegement. It does not sat at all, that Assads are right. Assads systematicly has has killed all internal enemies and SDFs are the ones, which are the ones not afraid of dying. Its a feual contrast just making a new one instead of including all if its supposed to be a country.

In the other hand it makes no different some other dictators take over with Sharia and old days as frontrunner.


Good news! I really hope Syrian Government now interviews and records all testimonials from people coming out of Rukban. This American led concentration camp has to go, and all inmates repatriated to their homes. If there are jihadi “refugees” in al-Rukban they need to face and submit to the Syrian justice system. No UN (spits) kangaroo courts are acceptable. And the US Army personnel that has been responsible for the prolongation of this concentration camp must face justice for denying a large number of people their human rights that was in their power to grant at any time. It is a monstrous abuse of power by the serving western military officers. Does anyone have any names?


As far as I am aware human rights abuses don’t have a statute of limitations.

Jens Holm

Haha. Some 1.700 starving of 40.000 are joining Assads for food.

And Yesterday on this newsite gave an article, which told that USA by SDF in secret sended ISIS people to Al Rubkan Camp.

So USA helå ISIS to Join Assads :) :) :)

Tomorrow the sun go up in west saving the funeral of very old Israelian soldiers given back with no knowledge of Assads.

And so many here tells, we Westerns lie all the time :) :) Well do we ?

More like none of You know, whats going on. You are like stones in bread, where stones all the time is more important then bread.

Another level from the lands of truth is, that Iran will make a habour for their navy in Latakia. That could be fun having so many submarines in ME too.

Its so funny reading here that Nato is Dead, Trum an d Macron are strange, west will collapse.

People even insist in Assad is a legal Leader of the country. 6 millions are not even there. His powerbase shall take Afrin, Idlib, Al bab, Jarablus, SDFs and Jordan.

When You have that many very different enemies something is terrible wrong i Your world.

Concrete Mike

Fuck you fascist prick.

USA has been helping ISIS from day one you dumb incoherent eurotrash!

There is something wrong in this 1world alright. Its called a fascist west where nazis and salafists unite to fight for democracy!!!!

This sounds like a new buddy cop.movie.

Adolf and Abu musyaf team up.to save democracy!!!!

Thats what your telling us.

Finishing off with id rather be nazi than chinese…

How smart do you think we are? Not much i would say… its ok were untermenchen for you youve made it clear.

Have a good day Jensdolf!!

Heil capitalism, heil any billionnaires that dont pay their fair share of taxes, while you amd I pay 40%.


Jens Holm

Her I tell, that the things I have written above cant all be true in the same time. Therefore some must be 100% wrong.

You are wrong abiut one thing., USA has not helped and didnt start ISIS/ISIL. Assad did.

You are right USA for a period supported ISIS hard when they went to be enemies of Assads as last chance to tilt hin/them.

But afterwards(that years now), we see no factuel sign of USA supporting ISIS. They stopped and some months after had succes to stop or at least reduce Sauidis helped them with advanced thing.

I read a lot from different sourced, but Your big of babbler has shown no proof for Years.

To me its more likely You are members og CIA, because You use internet. You will never solve anthing in ME id You dont clean Your truth from false accusing everybody else for anything You do or dont.

Obama stopped partly and finaly stopped the Hillary Wing and after that stopped Saudis – And thats – in this – long times ago.

AFTER that, they have been supporting SDFs a little more as well as Bagdad Iraq as well as some extra bombs and missiles to Israel.


Just block him, he’s just a troll who enjoys twisting facts to see if he can get a flash of anger. A sad case, it gets him off.

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