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Hundreds Of British Troops Paradrop In Ukraine, In Sign Of “Solidarity”

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Hundreds Of British Troops Paradrop In Ukraine, In Sign Of "Solidarity"

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On September 18th, a few hundred British troops carried out their largest parachute drop in several decades to show their “solidarity” with Ukraine.

It is, obviously, not as impressive as flying warplanes that could potentially carry nuclear weapons, but it is something.

The British paratroopers have jumped into Ukraine, alongside soldiers from the army’s elite Pathfinder unit, for an exercise close to the border with Crimea.

The soldiers are from the UK’s global response force 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Pathfinders are trained to parachute behind enemy lines, often jumping from high altitude to glide across borders or opening their chutes below radar.

They operate in secret and many also serve in the SAS, so one senior Pathfinders Commander spoke to Sky, but anonymously.

“Our role is to deploy ahead of the main body in order to conduct reconnaissance of likely drop zones, helicopter landing sites and tactical landing zones and then report that information back,” Sky News cited the anonymous commander.

“What we’re really there to do is provide that ground truth and a level of detail that you can’t get from anything other than having a man on the ground.”

“We covertly insert, most likely at night, to remain undetected by the enemy.”

“Our selection process (finds) mentally robust individuals that can keep going when situations become difficult but what really sets us apart from normal infantry is our ability to operate at reach.”

Ukraine needs support more than ever, with the conflict in Eastern Ukraine presumably at a standstill due to the ceasefire that appears to be holding, despite attempts by Kiev to undermine it.

Ukrainian General Yevhan Moysiuk said that support was needed now more than ever, since “the threat from Russia was growing.”

“It’s becoming stronger now that Russia is trying to deploy large battle groups along the Ukraine border on a permanent basis,” General Moysiuk said.

“The main message for Russia is that the UK is our true and reliable partner who help us in our hardship. The UK is ready to stand up to Russian aggression with us.”

The unnamed British commander said that the exercise wasn’t specifically aimed at being provocative, but rather to simply show solidarity.

“It’s always in our DNA to deploy anywhere in the world at short notice,” the senior British Commander in Ukraine said.

“We’re certainly not here to be provocative, that is not our intent at all. But we always take into account everything that might be said or interpreted, and it is a calibrated posture I think.

“It is very much in our interest to maintain the stability of the Black Sea region. We want to be clear but we’re not being provocative.”

The US Naval Logistics project in Mykolaiv is also moving forward, with work having started in late 2019 and continuing. It is officially simply a Logistics project, since the US armed forces have no troops deployed in Ukraine.

Regardless, below is a video showing U.S. military attache in Ukraine Paul Schmitt praising the good join work between US and Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine and in deterring “Russian aggression.” He is also clearly not referring to some trainings and he appears to not be in a training ground.

Despite all the efforts of the mighty Ukrainian Army and its Western ‘allies’, the ‘Russian threat’ is still not repelled in the combat zone. At the same time, the Kiev government achieved an apparent success in fighting ‘agents of Russia’ in the government-controlled area. In practice, this resulted in the large-scale fight against independent media, political activists and the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

However, these extensive ‘democratic efforts’ did not allow Kiev and its foreign puppeteers to really entrench so-called Western values among a larger part of the Ukrainian society, which is in fact in the state of the occupation by the political regime created after the 2014 coup.


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Lone Ranger

After Operation Market Garden I would just skip those… Especially not worth it to support CIA/zio backed neo nazis…


Ok, you can skip it.

Lone Ranger

There is no Russian agression. Only CIA/MI6/zio oligarch agression. FACT. Always blame the other side with your own crimes.. CIA protocol 101…


Please don’t be sad :)

Lone Ranger

Im not ?


US chasing away Russian cowards.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazi cowards*


US is such a bad ass

Lone Ranger

On disney movies they sure are…


*only ass. United States of Assholes ?


Get of the sex hormoine change tabs,shill,seriously low iq fascist trolls like you must be p00fs!


Yeah, hundreds of Brits, witch signifies what, absolutely nada, let them drop since this is more an photo op and a propaganda stunt than anything else, and chasing what, if you think dealing with the units of morons called HasbaRats was an waist of time and anoying, dealing with the Western Hurrah patriots is even worse, infact they have nothing to contibute than dealing out idiotic coments witch only reflects their acid tripping about reality and about fighting Russians.

Its not something I usually waist to on, but just say that dont bother, because in real war, this plains would never be behind enemy lines, and since I am an trained Infaterist, I have no religious wurship of specs, to me they are pussys galore, hides in the mountains or ditches to shoot women and children like the “best of the best” SEALs, stupid Yankike crackheads and thats it, I have nothing but contempt for this secial forces. Why do you think the best generals, always are proud of their Infaterist marks, because its the Infatery that fights wars, its they whom is the front line on attack and defence. Get an grip. And beside, if I had to chouse, I know that I would rather have someones from my own people, or Russians, is natural worriers because of our close conection to out door living and knows how to survive that, the rest, I wouldnt give an rats ass for.



I agree. Germany had one of the best trained armies in the history of this planet Because of that they were extremely difficult opponent.Not because some fancy “special ops” did something somewhere from time to time. But because their infantry troops were well trained and disciplined.


No they wern’t,they had all the advantages,including super roids on the high and dastarly tactics,obvious advantage at first,the best fighters are defenders like commy greeks who taught the asswholes a lesson,ousted in 221 days infact,with the bare essentials back then,from mainland,but you know the media never has the guts to say it as it was,why? Because the cowards never has what it takes to denounce the failures of neo-liberaists: If you think of best armies,take heed how vietnam dealt with zeig heil usas in the 60s-70s!


Nobody “taught them lesson” better than Red army. That doesn’t makes extremely courageous fight of Greeks less important. And that doesn’t make German army less well trained and disciplined. That just only show us that courageous determination and readiness for sacrifices is most important factor there is for every army. Greek fight was not very popular because not in line with the “Cold war” propaganda and assistance of the “allays” in imposing military dictatorship in Greece. But paradox was that in Yugoslavia communist dictator Tito was directly supported by Britt’s who opposed local pro democracy fighters and have chosen to support communists.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I find it quite amazing how the British establishment can be so concerned about public health from a mysterious politically motivated virus that really only effects the over 65’s, while simultaneously having a lack of general concern for the health of all age groups from provoking a potentially very serious conflict with not just one, but two nuclear powers.

AM Hants

Depopulation. Enables them to clean out more of the population if we try to kickstart a thermo-nuclear war, than Covid vaccines can manage.


Ever more dwindling regional power struggles to stay militarily relevant… Huge non event…nothing to see here or worth of noticing


If the UK keeps on with this aggression then there would be a strong possibility of the Russians finishing off what Hitler failed to do; would be a well deserved Kama.


Eh, they would be popped pronto if it broke out. They might even be some of the first to hightail it if it looked serious.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Britain uses special forces because their generals cannot command men to do anything other than SURRENDER. Singapore, France, Nth Africa until the 20 german tanks there broke down, Arnhem Perceval the Coward, surrendered a quarter of a million men to 80 thousand Japanese, a typical English general.

Black Waters

Fucking pirates.

Tommy Jensen

Like Poland relied on Britains military help against Germany and Sovjet before WWII, Ukraine rely on Britain’s military against Russia. Britain didnt help Poland military in WWI and Britain wont help Ukraine military either. Why?

Poland and Ukraine are running in the butt of Britain because of the war money from City of London.

Fog of War

” Like Poland relied on Britains military help against Germany and Sovjet before WWII, Ukraine rely on Britain’s military against Russia. ”

Britian and France did declare war on Germany when it invaded Poland, but didnt declare war on the Soviet Union when it did also. Why ?

AM Hants

Ukraine and Integrity Iniative/UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office are heavily linked into and controlled by Browder and the Atlantic Nanzi Council. Looks like UK Forces are now loyal to Browder, not the UK.

Fog of War

You need to elborate. I dont understand your point.

AM Hants

Integrity Initiative, whom Bill Browder is a member, is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They were set up to demonise Russia. You will also find their tentacles reach into the Nanzi supportive Atlantic, together with their $oro$, NED and Burisma Holding sponsors. Who was behind The Maidan’? Who got kicked out of Russia, at the beginning of the 21st Century?


No wonder Bill Browder assaulted Professor Stephen Cohen viciously and in such a shockingly beyond despicable way:


Caitlin Johnstone on Stephen Cohen passing away:


AM Hants

Heard he passed away today. I was seriously surprised, as did not realise he was ill. Thanks for the links. RIP.

AM Hants

Liked the Caitlin Johnstone article, which reminded me of what is happening in Syria at the moment. Why is the US sending so much gear to Syria and antagonising Russian patrols, lately?

Browder, he seriously comes across as very immature and with a single digit IQ. Both in those tweets and whenever you hear him on the radio. Remember Jeremy Vine and his awful Radio 2 lunchtime show. Very BBC and the phone in was pure activists, with soundbite of the day. Anyway, they had George Galloway on, with Browder. One of the few times I enjoyed the programme. Thanks to George. Could not believe how dense Browder came across. Funnily enough, could never find the clip, despite looking for it.


Just wanted to put bill browder’s stone-cold crime of aggravated assault on Professor Stephen Cohen’s integrity on full display:


To think that Her Majesty’s Government is not only tolerating but actively assisting sordid greed, hate, and revenge-driven tax-evading criminal like Browder is beyond devastating.

There is a sufficient amount of well-documented evidence available in the public domain to convict Browder of crimes that would justify a sentence of life imprisonment in ANY given jurisdiction on our long-suffering planet. Why NOBODY within the Crown Prosecution Service has enough courage or basic human decency to consider commencing proceedings against William Browder remains to be a mystery. For full details:


AM Hants

Brilliant, Alex Krainer reminder, regards “K*lling William Browder, Deconstruction…”, courtesy your link.

Jeffrey Epstein Allen Dulles Robert Maxwell Rupert Murdoch Bill Browder Earl Browder Timothy Bell David Bell Trotsky Samuel Miliband

CIA Atlantic Council Cambridge Spy Ring Operation Paperclip Operation Gladio Fabian Society Tavistock Institution Common Purpose Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Partnership Belingcat Google

One day I must seriously have a look with regards how they all link into each other.

Fog of War

” Who got kicked out of Russia, at the beginning of the 21st Century? ”

If you mean the Khazars you would be very wrong.

Also, there are no Nanzis left they were defeated in WW2, its time to drop that worn out trope.




AM Hants

Really? No Nanzis strutting around Ukraine?

No Nanzis in Azov Battalion?

The Head of the Jewish European Community in Ukraine and Head of the Privatt Bank, who Burisma Holdings came under, Igor Kolomoisky, never founded the Nanzi Azov Battalion, back in 2014, over in Ukraine?

Your links? Can they be cited in academic papers?

Fog of War

” Really? No Nazis strutting around Ukraine? ”

Yes, there are drunk, low IQ idiots strutting around in regalia they have absolutely no connection to without an inkling of what National Socialism was about.

However, if you subscribe to the theory that Hitler was partially Khazar and was founded by the Rothschilds to play his part to forment global war. Then yes, these are Nazis.

Otherwise, you’ll have to explain how NAZIS in the Ukraine are led and financed by Jews for Jewish purposes, even working with Israeli snipers at times. If you haven’t noticed most top Politicians in the Ukraine always come from a certain tribal group, as well as the Oligarchs. How (((NAZI))) of them.

Those low IQ morons are being used as cannon fodder by the tribals.

” Your links? Can they be cited in academic papers? “

How can I even respond to a statement like that ? You want academic papers on Putin’s and Trump’s cozy relationship with a Jewish supremacist sect ? Seriously, you actually made that statement ?

I gave you starting points, do your own research. Although, I doubt you even read them with a question like that. Most people are afraid to step out of their comfortable pre conceived notions.

AM Hants

Why does the Simon Wiesenthal Centre support the Nanzis in Ukraine, but, have problems with Russia?

Max Blumenthal, wrote such an interesting article, regards their support of Ukraine Nanzis, back in 2014, over on Alternet.

Igor Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community, back in 2014, was the founder of the Far Right, Nanzi supporting Azov Battalion, was he not.

George $oro$, a Hungarian, born of a certain faith, on 20 December 1998, bragged about the greatest times of his life, being a Nanzi Collaborater. He also said he did not believe in God, as he viewed himself God, on the same ’60 Minutes’ show.

Before you say he was only 14, back in 1944, how old was Ann Frank and what was she doing in the basement, with a BIC biro? It was not the teenage ‘snowflake’ generation. When you had 16 year olds fighting on the front lines and many 14 year olds working full time hours, to bring money home, for the household.

Why do they idolise Stephen Bandero over in Ukraine? Wasn’t he a famous Nanzi? Why was John McCain more than happy to be photographed with Far Right Moron Dmitry Yarosh. Was Psycho Billy trying to get his photo with Mc Cain? Then you had the Nanzi loving Prime Minister of Ukraine, with a dual nationality. Whatever happened to Yats?

Who created the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, that Adolf led? Who was his grandfather?

Fog of War

Why are you arguing with me when its obvious we agree on this. I’ve said many times this is all theater being played on humanity. So is the war in the Ukraine and Syria. People should wake up and observe things logically, not to mention do some research beyong ((( Wikepedia ))). I think you might find the following documentry interesting it might answer alot of your questions.





SET UP BY ZEIGH HEIR EU-EPP MORE LIKE IT,SEENS THE DISTINCTION COMMONWEALTH BELONGS TO THE QUEEN,NOT SHT FACE BROWDER! Like I said this is between good and evil,bowder needs to be arrested for crimes!


homosexual wannabe gaystapo khazar royalty murderous incests browder/mobs, vs the queen of england,get it?

Fog of War

Can you formulate complete sentences and thoughts ?

Raptar Driver

The Ukraine has turned into a NATO launchpad against Russia. I’m sure Putin knows this and yet he did nothing when he could and does nothing now. He even recognizes the coup government. Why?


What is to gain buy not recognizing government? To no to talk to them at all?! If Russia could have stopped “Maidan” they would do that. Janukhovich did same thing like Lukhashenko by supporting Ukrainian (ultra) nationalists he was looking for support in staying independent to Russia. The problem was that (ultra) nationalists have turned against him with the huge help from CIA and help of Georgian professional snipers during Maidan. So he got scared and he run away to Russia even though he is the one opposing Russia (just like Lukahsenko) from the start. Why would Putin invade now totally bankrupted country and give perfect excuse to warmongering NATO to intervene ? You have serious problem in your logic.

Raptar Driver

“What is the gain by not recognizing government” I did not read any further than this and won’t. This is a matter of integrity. By recognizing the government you recognize it as legitimate which it is not. This is a grave error by Putin.


Coronavirus party. Did they bring them something to eat, cookies at least?

AM Hants

Why are the UK sending paratroopers into Ukraine? Thought they withdrew parachute training for the paras, owing to budget cuts?


What a waste of time and money by the Brits. They were back in England the next day.

General Moysiuk : “The UK is ready to stand up to Russian aggression with us.” The UK would disappear really fast in the event of war between Ukraine and Russia. You see, since the last gaffs done in the illegal war in Iraq, it would take a miracle for them to get a majority of votes through the House of Commons particularly going after Russia. It’s easy to bark like a big dog but at the end of the day, barking dogs are rarely dangerous. England has always taken a hostile position towards Russia. One of these days, Russia just might return the favor and that’s something the Brits definitely don’t want. You continue to poke the bear, you will eventually regret it.

” Despite all the efforts of the mighty Ukrainian Army”…. talk about being sarcastic!


training is good

cechas vodobenikov

when an anglo speaks she is lying—the sexually repressed amerikans, Canadians, brits are in Ukraine chasing their impoverished prostitutes


You can’t help being an impertinent and purposefully provocative pillock, can you, “Chechas”. I suggest that you go back to your native Digger channel where you post under 0040 screen name in addition to your current moniker and ask your “moderator” Elizabeth Hayes, who is known to suffer from a very debilitating illness commonly known as paranoid psychopathy if she approves of your consistently noxious “comments” on this site.

Unless of course, you are on a mission on her behalf here.

Which is, of course, the most likely scenario.


Those are orders from the deep state nazio unelect blowjobs,these are not royal brits but traitors(period) Once the eu gets the golden boot from the uk for good,things will be more inline with ww2 alliances.

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