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Hundreds Migrants Storm Spanish Border In Morocco Using Sprays As Flamethrowers (Video)

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About 800 migrants stormed the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta clashing with security forces on July 26.

During the clash, the migrants were throwing stones, sticks, Molotov cocktails, feces and hashish and using sprays as flamethrowers. 602 of them were able to break through the border and enter the enclave. 592 of them applied with the International Organization for Migration, 132 of them were injured, and 11 were taken to hospitals.

Since the start of 2018, 3,728 migrants has crossed the Spanish border from Morocco, in some clashes following clashes with security forces. The tension in in the area is growing.

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LoL where are their women and children? Hypocrisy of the Western do-gooder and mainstream media…


Its ok, they will rape European women and boys instead.

As the saying goes, ‘ Its better to borrow than to own ‘ :)

Russie Unie

WTF ! All those monkeys invading Europe … Shoot them all !


Shoot al whites that think like you so we make space for more friendly africans!

Russie Unie

Fucking jew !


soon raping and killing Europeans……the EU is trying very hard to exterminate its citizens


Very doubtful that African would do that; however, US soldiers occupying Europe continuously murder and rape women and children in Germany and Japan. That is a fact.


try to search for attacks in France and italy by africans……there are videos in youtube…many….there is no room for politics here….those hungry mobs will do all short of things just because they are like wild animals…..they invaded a country…..thus they have no chance of finding a job a place to stay etc. self preservation instincts will rise…..desperation, anger….they bring out the worst of every human. for us soldiers they dont occupy anything. they are stationed there. obviously you will have crimes among 1000nds of us personnel. plain statistics. you have crimes among germans as well. so once again. leave politics out and look at the facts. i know what im talking about…..my country is also invaded by people that make human traffickers rich

Hisham Saber

Who brought the best soccer to Europe, migrants did. Did you notice that the French national team that won the world cup were 85% Africans. It looked more like the Nigerian national team. And this goes throughout Europe, where Arabs, Africans and other immigrants have excelled ay what they do legally.

The whole thing about the tired raoe accusation is a farce, maybe a few dozen were raped, but not nearly the amonts suggested by reactionary rightist groups, who claim a scourge of migrant rapes are taking place.

Migrants just want to be left alone, to life free, and work and prosper. Anything else is inherent racism, which the Europeans know no bounds.


you are wrong and right as well……french national team….fraance was a colonial power and thus many french citizens come from the colonies….nothing wrong about that…..immigration……go to the embassy of any EU state in your country…apply for a visa-green card whatever. find a job ,live and prosper…….paying traffickers 1000s of dollars to help you reach the italian ,spanish, greek coast isnt the right way. women are driven to prostitution that way even children. humans are used as ‘spare parts’ for their organs…..that is the wrong way……how will you pay your dept to the ‘slavers’ that brought you to the coast…..by robbing?even if you apply for asylum….you are illegal…..thats my point….dispair as i said drives a man insane…..any man…..those happy faces in the video will go wild when they starve…..when they cant find a job etc…..


Oh well that settles it then… let them all in based on the bullshit lie that Africans are better at Football… because that’s totally all that matters isn’t it.

Btw, how many African players did Spain or Germany have in 2010 & 2014? Zero.

Hisham Saber

Who built Germany from the ground up after it was leveled by World War Two.
Turks did. They were brought in and did the labor. In fact, Germany has a thriving Turkish-German community.

What we are seeing today is the west reaping what it had sowed in the southern hemisphere for centuries. From warfare all the way to the outright theft of national resources.

Anything else is narrow minded racism.


Bullshit, Turks didn’t build modern Germany you lying ass. Turkish migrants were a tiny group until fairly recently, and weren’t necessary at all. Subversive globalist scumbags guilted Europe into opening it’s borders and now they’re being taken advantage of.

Most European nations didn’t even have colonies either, so don’t try and demean European peoples accomplishments by attributing it all to other people. We don’t care about your infantile cries of racism either – the default agrument of all failed societies wanting their piece of Europe nowadays.

Hisham Saber

Europe is reaping what it has sowed all over the world for centuries. The Europeans were not colonizers? Come on, what are you on? Till this very day the Europeans are taking advantage of Africa, and other places.

But that’s all going to change soon, you see there a ‘ new ‘ way, the ‘ win-win’ way of the Chinese, who are promising to build up the third world through tree trade, mutually beneficial commerce, cultural exchanges through the gigantic new Silk Road, OBR.

Not the subversion, coups, war, civil wars instigated, corruption , and outright theft of a countries natural resources the U.S. and Europeans have been doing for far too long.

Now is the time to pay the piper.

New Israel is Muslim

come now, Africans living in Spain make up 2% of the Spanish population. 2%. These 115 or so migrants will mean the Spanish population of blacks will be somewhere around 2.0001% of the general population. Think of it, one out of 50 in Spanish will have black skin, are you not yet appalled. If you are not yet worried, in a month another group of 100 blacks could try to enter Spainish occupied Morocco and bring up the black population of Spain to 2.0002% of the population.


Don’t you just now hate everyone with darker than cream colored skin, because I sure don’t.


The post-war European welfare states were designed as social support networks for the native citizens that created the the systems – via inter-generational contributions in form of very high taxation rates – these European social welfare systems were never originally designed to support and host third world immigrants. It is a gross abuse of the original social welfare project, and previous native generation’s tax-investments, that EU politicians and NGO’s have distorted the European welfare state’s resources into large scale migration programs.


Morocco is in North Africa. Spain has a small colony there.


read the other comments i made, answering to others, please


What a relief, we waited so long for a next round of well-educated skilled workers. There must be many engineers, doctors and stuff around those guys. They only look and act like someone living on a … what a deception my friends.

Elisabeth Jenders

Skilled in fighting, making good security experts and bodyguards for our crooked and corrupt beloved leaders.


poverty doesnt need to exist


Methinks the easiest solution is to quit all the current refugee treaties. Those form the basis for the whole ‘refugee’ industry. And the reason why once they make it to EU soil they can claim refugee status and are almost impossible to get rid off. The treaties probably made sense when they were made, but did not envision the current situation. And if the US can withdraw from any treaty it wishes, why can’t the EU from these?


They and millions of others like them are ‘ enriching ‘ the society that has evolved in Western Europe for many hundreds of years :)

EU governments must want this as if they did not it could have been stopped.

The reasons for this invasion are not even complex. It is simply cause and effect that are manipulated by Western leaders , to the detriment of the majority of traditional Europeans and the short term gains of the few.


I reckon you do have a point. Either they want this, or they’re just don’t care enough to do something about it. Because they had no qualms tearing down our welfare states, expanding the EU and privatizing public amenities against our objections.


The problem is that we see today that a majority of the ruling classes are all of the same ‘cult mindset’ .

I would not say it is a conspiracy but rather a natural meeting of minds. Rather like a club of any sort that attracts like minded people. In time the club becomes larger but very tight knit in ideological terms ,even IF some dislike each other.

Effective Two Party systems find it convenient to coexist with each other as well as one does with others in a revolving door as some enter and others leave.

svenne svensk

If they havs forced themselfes over the border, are they allowed to apply for EU membership then?.

Panthera Pardus

it is time to use deadly force at the borders – government in Europe are changing, one of the last of the left was Spain .. it will not last long.

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