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Humanitarian Ceasefire, Once Again, Falls Through, Azerbaijan Continues Pushing

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Humanitarian Ceasefire, Once Again, Falls Through, Azerbaijan Continues Pushing

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Over the weekend beginning on October 16th, Azerbaijani forces appear to have begun taking the upper hand in the war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh.

After reaching an agreement on the establishment of a humanitarian truce between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 18, with the mediation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, an attempt was made to reach an agreement with the aim of withdrawing wounded soldiers from the battlefield at night.

Azerbaijani forces are in the town of Fuzuli:

On October 18th, by 20:30 local time, at least 9 UAVs were reportedly destroyed by Armenian forces. Any hope of an actual ceasefire is entirely gone.

As of October 18th, Armenia has lost 710 confirmed soldiers. While it claims

However, this step was categorically rejected by official Baku.

Furthermore, despite the alleged ceasefire, there was no such thing, clashes continued, and it has, similarly to the Russia-brokered one, entirely fallen through.

Following the agreement falling through, the spokesperson of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan released a video of alleged strikes on Azerbaijani forces.

Armenian military experts noticed that the video shows the destruction of Israeli-made Sandcat armored vehicles. We confirm the authenticity of what was said.

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces launched an attack in the south on October 18, throwing 7 tanks, 1 unit of T-90, 5 armored personnel carriers into battle.

The enemy intended to use a swift attack to exert fire and exert psychological pressure and break through an important sector of the front.

“Thanks to the professionalism and high moral qualities of Colonels Stepan Gevorkyan and Stanislav Eremin, as well as Private Garik Arakelyan, the offensive was stopped, and the enemy was thrown back several kilometers,” Stepanyan said.

On October 19th, In the morning, despite the agreement on a humanitarian ceasefire, the enemy began shelling in the northern and southern directions.

The units of the Defense Army have resorted to proportionate measures to suppress the fire of the Azerbaijani side and continue to monitor the operational situation.

Armenian media continues releasing hype videos of its forces having success in repelling the Azerbaijani side.

Meanwhile, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, as well as President Armen Sarkissian are calling for international support in recognizing the Artsakh republic.

Currently, Armenia refuses to do so, but wants others to recognize it.

Regardless, President Sarkissian said that if Azerbaijan continued its aggressive movements, then Armenia would be forced to recognize it.

“If it becomes clear that Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, will refuse to negotiate, then, naturally, Armenia will recognize the independence of Artsakh,” Sarkissian said.

The Artsakh Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Azerbaijan’s aggression:

“We strongly condemn the gross violation of the humanitarian ceasefire agreement by Azerbaijan, which entered into force on October 18 at 00:00.

Ignoring the mediation efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries, an the night of October 17-18, the very first day of the humanitarian ceasefire, Azerbaijani-Turkish forces violated ceasefire agreements three times on various fronts, resulting in casualties on both sides. From 00:04 to 02:45 in the northern direction, and from 02:20 to 02:45 in the southern direction, the Azerbaijani side shelled the positions of the Artsakh Republic Defense Army. At 07:20 in the morning, after the shelling, the Azerbaijani-Turkish forces attempted to attack in the southern part of the frontline, in the direction of Khudaferin Reservoir, along the border between the Artsakh Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The irresponsible and destructive actions of the Azerbaijani side testify that Azerbaijan and Turkey are neither willing nor able to fulfill their obligations under international conventions, nor the agreements reached on humanitarian ceasefire mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries. Once again, Azerbaijan and Turkey have demonstrated that they continue to view the humanitarian ceasefire agreements and the negotiations, in general, only in the context of a military solution to the conflict.

Only the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh can stop the Azerbaijani-Turkish treacherous behavior that undermines the efforts and authority of the international mediators. The recognition of the independence of the Artsakh Republic will put an end to the attempts to resolve the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict by force, will give the necessary impetus to the effective continuation of international mediation efforts within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

We reaffirm our commitment to maintaining a humanitarian ceasefire on a reciprocal basis, which will become a reality only if Azerbaijan is forced to fulfill its obligations.”

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev posted on Twitter saying that Baku was writing “glorious history.”

Drone strikes and other attacks continue happening, inflicting heavy losses.


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Isn’t a humanitarian ceasefire for exchange of POWs and bodies? They have neighboring countries and also direct border with less action to do such an exchange. So there is not need to stop operation by any side, specially on the front where there are advances as the bodies will fall to the 2nd/3rd lines.


we want nonstop action!…no need for boring useless ceasefires…

Random Dude

If no one cared about a important player in the region Russian brokered 1st ceasefire, why should they care about totally irrelevant French Macrons personal initiative on this 2nd ceasefire? Macron should deal with his yellow vests and expression freedom consequences.


Most probably all of the regional players have already decided the political outcome of the conflict and are just waiting the military actions to reach the same conclusion.
All the ceasefire and public messages are simple pleasantries.

Proud Hindu

Even though as a Hindu i have differences with Erdogan, I admit that Erdogan is the only leader with balls in the middle east.He has been doing what he says so and it seems that the Saudis will lose to turkey.


We Turks will win!


Ottoman Caliphate 35th Sultan Erdogan


Saudis get nothing. Look at its actions in Yemen. They can only send air planes to bomb civilians.

Europe hates America

More like a retarded turk with fake profil

Europe hates America

This two armenians president are just useless. Pashinyan will be the reason for all loses


Because Asrtskin occupation is illegal. And Parshinyan missed a good opportunity to settle on favorable terms. Now that opportunity has slipped away.


Do you speak Azeri?


Thank you. It is now in the article.
Best regards,
SF Team


you’re welcome!…

Servet Köseoğlu

Wrecked armor in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was down to bad training and terrain, not magical technology. Reading time…https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/10/15/drones-tanks-obsolete-nagorno-karabakh-azerbaijan-armenia/


As of October 18th, Armenia has lost 710 confirmed soldiers. While it claims.

Most of them are killed by the drones. Most of those wounded would die soon. Artskins just do not have the good medical facilities in N-K any more. Or it did not have that before.


Or maybe the Azeris (with Turkish help) bombed the hospitals in N-K.
Adding to the death toll. :(


Most of the Artskin nurses have run away to Armenia, Russia, France and US to find greener pasture and more handsome men…..



Where do those Azeris get the T-90 tanks. Russians sold those tanks to Azeris?

Now Turkey can sell its own tanks to Azeris.

Lazy Gamer

Azeri ceasefire – A ceasefire undertaken to be broken minutes after.
Also a ceasefire undertaken to give face to the mediator
Also a ceasefire proposed by mediators working through the motions of a political settlement
Also, a ceasefire characterized by continuous drone and artillery attacks as well as village and city conquests.

There’s no ceasefire so both belligerents should not fingerpoint violations nor should they be handicapped in prosecuting the war.


Armenian PM Pashinyan announced his readiness to come to Moscow to meet with the head of Azerbaijan with the mediation of Russia.

Azerbaijan is ready for negotiations with Armenia in Moscow or any other place, Aliyev said.

This puppy is talking again. Clearly Azerbaijan won’t do anything before informing Turkey.

Never trust Russia.


Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan believes that Russia has grounds for an anti-terrorist operation in Nagorno-Karabakh

This idiot again tries to get Russia to do his bidding in this war. Russia is smart enough.

Now Parshinyan has stopped begging Trump for help. Trump has ignored him and never speak with Parshinyan.

What a loser.


Pashinyan convened a meeting of the Security Council on Karabakh

Time to surrender and negotiate the best he can get out of it? Not much he can salvage now.

John Brown

Every time Armenia manages to stop an Azer advance they give away their positions and get pounded by Azer air power and outflanked by Azer army. Armenians can’t make tactical moves under Azer air attack so they will either retreat, surrender, or get wiped out. Then as Azer advances repeat at the next town, village or Armenian strong point. Slow and steady this way for Azer is getting the job done with minimal losses for them. Azer will have the capital in less then a month.

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