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‘Human Rights Groups’ Blame Russia for Actions in Aleppo, Ignore US & Co War Crimes across Region

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Russia may be excluded from the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) due to its ‘war crimes’ in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

'Human Rights Groups' Blame Russia for Actions in Aleppo, Ignore US & Co War Crimes across Region

Several dozens of so-called human rights groups have argued for an exclusion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Independent newspaper reported. According to the article, Russia does not deserve to represent Eastern Europe in the Human Rights Council due to “its actions in the Syrian civil war.”

“Russia’s actions in Syria stand in clear contrast to its rhetorical commitment to human rights,” the newspaper quoted a statement, released on Monday.

In particular, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization supports the proposal to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, accusing Russia of “war crimes for targeting built-up areas and civilian infrastructure” in Aleppo. The ‘human rights defenders’ (80 organizations, most of which have offices in the UK, the US and Canada) require Russia and Syria to stop the military operation in Syria’s largest city.

Perhaps, it would be necessary to pay attention to such statements if Human Rights Watch and all other ‘human rights defenders’ demanded an exclusion of Belgium, whose aircraft attacked civilians in Hassajek recently, from the UNHRC. And when it turns out that Saudi Arabia, which turns into dust Yemen with its aerial bombardments and shelling, beheads its nationals as a bloody show in the central squares, tramples the rights of women as representatives of the ‘inferior’ gender, is a member of the UN Human Rights Council, the HRW’s accusations of Russia look like a farce.

The term of the Russian representative in the UNHRC from Eastern Europe will expire on December 31. At the moment, besides Russia, there are Macedonia, Latvia (with its non-citizens), Slovenia, Georgia and Albania (with support for separatists in the Serbian province of Kosovo) in the UN Human Rights Council from the Eastern European countries.

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john mason

These NGO and Human Rights Groups are engaged by people like Soros and Governments like the US, UK. Be interesting if Russia can confirm their employers, that will blow the lid off them.


They can and they will.

Valhalla rising

(((Human Rights Groups))) can you feel the echo ?

chris chuba

The U.S. has bombed infrastructure in Syria (deliberately) in Aleppo because it was under ISIS control, bridges, electrical plants, without govt approval or a declaration of war. It has killed civilians in Syria (oops, we didn’t mean to).

The U.S. has conducted drone strikes in countries without their permission, killing civilians. Again, as long as we didn’t mean to, it’s okay.

I very much doubt that our bombing in Iraq would meet the high standards that we are using for the Russians in any campaign we have conducted. This is beyond silly.


These are all the agencies/agents of the useless & incompetent so called world body.. And of course we all know who’s who..!

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