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Greece Closes Its Eastern Border, As Migrants Sent By Turkey Flood It

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Greece Closes Its Eastern Border, As Migrants Sent By Turkey Flood It

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The Greek-Turkish border is being stormed by migrants. On March 1st, Stelios Petsas, the spokesman of the Greek government, said that Greece is experiencing an extraordinary and organized pressure by mass population movements.

Petsas said that Turkey directs and encourages these movements of populations, something that is in violation of the EU-Turkey Statement of 2016.

The spokesperson noted that these people try to enter Greece by using violence, and thus the country is under an ”active, serious, extraordinary and asymmetrical threat against its security.”

As a result, Greece will upgrade its border security to the maximum level across the entire eastern border, by using police and military.

Greece will also suspend for a month all asylum applications of those who enter the country illegally.

Petsas also said that Athens will try to send all those who enter Greece illegally to their country of origins, without recording their data.

The Greek Foreign Ministry also accused Turkey of publicizing misinformation.

A Greek police officer was injured during a new round of clashes between law enforcement and migrants trying to enter Greece. Refugees and migrants from the Turkish side of the border were throwing rocks toward Greece.

Another video shows Greek military personnel spreading the message that the Greek border is closed to those who try to enter the country illegally.

The EU is calling an extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council next week to discuss the situation in Idlib, Syria which caused the Greek-Turkish border escalation.

Greek armed forces are sending reinforcements to Evros. This footage is from earlier on Sunday where a column of army vehicles are seen on Egnatia Highway heading towards the Greek-Turkish border.

Greek police used water cannons to disperse a large crowd of migrants and refugees that moved closer to the Greek border. Greek journalists who had been called for a briefing by officers were evacuated from the area as their security was compromised, Greek Reporter learns.

There were clashes between the Greek and the Turkish border, as refugees and migrants threw rocks and the Greek police respond with tear gas.

Video shows a group of people attacking individuals on Lesvos, and throwing their cameras in the sea. The victims are believed to be reporters or members of an NGO.

The demand for solidarity with Greece gains cross-party consensus in Europe. Ska Keller, the President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament says that ”Erdoğan is using refugees as pieces in his war game,” asking for solidarity with Greece and those who need protection.

Erdoğan is using refugees as piece in his war game. Europe shouldn't accept to play this game but act on its values. We…

Posted by Ska Keller on Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Turkish side is spreading quick propaganda of brutality by Greek authorities and claims that the influx is much bigger than it really is. This is an entirely and obviously intentionally created crisis, in a bid to pressure the EU into providing some concessions or support in its activities in Idlib.


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Alex Cabrera

make a sample shoot at least 10 in the leg

Zionism = EVIL

That is the ultimate cowardice. The best is to make the Turkeys pay. The bastard Erdogan is cynically manipulating poor, desperate and homeless women and children.


Have you seen the footage? Because I have from multiple vids and TV here, most of them(at least 80%) are young men between 20-35 years old and the vast majority of all the illegals here are not from Syria, but Afghani, Pakistani, Iraqi, from many African countries.
If all things fail and lethal force is required, thats what they will get and this is the orders that the gov gave and from my contacts in the military.

Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

Could be even mostly ISIS members or imprisoned criminals like murderers and stuff. I saw the videos too and was surprised to see only like 5 women among a group of 100. Aren’t we told everyday that SAA/RUSSIA is bombing women and children?So the women choose to in a war zone with their children while the boys and men run to Europe….I call BS!!!

Zionism = EVIL

EU actively sponsored these terrorists and now the chickens are coming home to roost.


Videos shown here are void of women and children, as you say they are men and most are clean shaven. Terrorists most likely.

Zionism = EVIL

Well like I said, Germany, France, UK, Holland and Belgium were actively recruiting and sponsoring terrorists for the CIA to go behead people in Syria and even pimping by facilitating Jihadi brides and now they should send airplanes to bring their terrorists home. NATO arseholes also destroyed Libya for OIL and Italy was the architect of that and now if you think this is bad, wait till you have millions of Africans come across the Mediterranean. Shooting civilians is not going to happen though as no real man even thinks about it. It is an EU mess they created and they should handle it.


Most of them are not even normal civilians but jihadist members who ran away, there are reports from inside Turkey that they let criminals out of jail and with buses they send them to the borders, there are vids(go search them) that many of them throw things even tear gasses(that turkey provided them) and yelling allahu akbar.
No, trust me, there are orders issued to shoot on the spot if someone don’t stop with warning shots, we will not let this invasion to happen.
i Know very well who started this mess, US,UK, France, Belgium, Turkey, Qatar, Saudis etc, but Greece its not going to pay for them.


Croatia Support you!


Thx friend!

Len Zegelink

holland to


Any attack on border should be responded with deadly force!! Defend Your Country Greece!!


Turkish extortion tactics using vulnerable people. May God give those in turkey there reward in full.

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys have paid a very destructive role in the region and for Europe as a whole. It is a totally criminal failed state and a threat to the world.


Good job Greece, stay strong and keep the borders tight.


Turkish Police and soldiers were shooting behind the migrants, as soon as they entered the neutral zone (following fake news that the border was “open”), to herd them to attack the crossing point. The brutality of the Erdogan regime in its full splendor, using poor people as weapons.

Zionism = EVIL

Erdogan is absolute scum and the Turkeys are savages, and I am being kind.

Mustafa Mehmet

Poor people running away from assad and his gangs barrel bombing


hahahahha. your jihad propaganda is weak..inbred scum

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