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HTS Turned Ambulance Donated By Danish Humanitarian Group Into Military Command & Control Vehicle (Videos, Photos)

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls Syria’s Greater Idlib, have turned an ambulance donated by a Danish organization into a military command and control vehicle.

The ambulance, which was donated by the Danish Islamic Council, first appeared in a video released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SNAA) on December 31. The video shows weapons and equipment, which were captured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during the recent large-scale military operation in southeast Idlib.

Later, pro-government sources shared photos of the vehicle interior. All medical equipment were removed by HTS and replaced with two workstations fitted with several communication systems.

A video released by the Danish Islamic Council on July 2 of 2013 confirms that the ambulance was donated to Syrian opposition factions back then.

These videos and photos prove that HTS turned the ex-ambulance into a command and control vehicle for its troops, keeping its outer appearance in an attempt to protect it from Russian and Syrian warplanes.

HTS’ systematic abuse of humanitarian aid in Greater Idlib and its use of civilians there as human shields are often ignored by main stream media.

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Willy Van Damme

No surprise, Denmark supported the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and has been financing several jihadi projects in Syria. After all several EU countries provide al Qaeda in Jemen with weapons. This is the organisation responsible for he slaughter at Charlie Hebdo.


Well only “slaughter at Charlie Hebdo” is not something bad. The rest of course it is.

Daniel Vogel

Now let’s not get into which nationality has the most morons


Every nation has plenty of morons yet still….

And it is not competition. I am just disgusted with Swede extreme auto-chauvinism. And I think it is quite endemic for Scandinavians.


The Swedes have been too nice up to now. We must remember that the Palestinians also welcomed the migrating Ashkenazis to the Levant very hospitably and well. We could call them morons too, but this kind of wholesale infiltration of entire countries or cultures is the phenomenon of our times and we haven’t learned the lesson yet. There are plenty of Swedes who have seen the light, but not enough yet to tip the scales. But it’s getting close. Nationalism is a fast growing trend everywhere today as people wake up to the fact that their countries and budgets are being taken for a ride.


Call them morons if you want but.. Palestinians had nothing to do with creation of IsraHell. It was not their choice or their decision. UK is officially main instigator of creation of IsraHell after WW2. And those Jews who were there already (before the others) behaved very politely… Not like these false refugees that have arrived in Sweden, trying to impose their way of life immediately. So I don’t see how the Palestinians in those days are comparable to the self inflicting auto-chauvinistic ”politically correct” Sweden today. I also fail to see their mistake since Palestinians did not invite anybody or open borders for foreigners to come like Sweden did. Those Jewish foreigners were brought and imposed by UK.

This “wholesale infiltration of entire countries” is actually planned displacement of the European population. There cannot be any coincidence in deliberately opened borders and full invitation on invasion of Europe to almost everybody who wants to come.

“people wake up to the fact that their countries and budgets are being taken for a ride.”

I can only hope that you are right.

Xoli Xoli

There you are wrong Israel settlement of Jews are God wishes. Whatever UK did was the fulfillment of God demand. Besides all it is God chosen people. whatever God chooses no man can take it out of his hand.Example David killed but God chosen him.Moses killed but God chosen him.Paulus killed but God chosen him.But you lied and God doesn’t like liars.Dont lie like your father the devil.


You are talking nonsense as usual. Ashkenazim are not “God chosen people”. They are not Hebrews (Semites) but converts to Judaism. This IsraHell is crated by UK by taking Ashkenazim converts to Palestine and not created by God. What you are saying here is against the texts that are written in Bible and profoundly anti-Christian ( if you pretend to be Christian) If you are member of US Evangelical sect you are anti-Christ because you people distort everything that was written in Bible and above all New Testament.

Xoli Xoli

Dispute God decision will lead you to hell.God 8s the God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack.The God of Israel. Were is your God son of Pharaoh.


You are not Hebrew so don’t talk about God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack. I am an Orthodox Christian who believes in Jesus Christ the Son of God and Savior.

Xoli Xoli

I am Christian not a statue worshiper like you orthodox. I pray to God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack.


Christians do not pray to “God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack” but to Jesus Christ. You are probably Zionist idiot from those Anglican Zionist sects from U.S. All Zionist are anti – Christians because they change Word of God.

Xoli Xoli

You no nothing about Christianity. Jesus is the son of God and Messiah. In the beginning was it word and the word was with God and the word was God self.You Satan son.


you are parrot and idiot.. go away you pathetic Zionist moron!

Xoli Xoli

I think you must make peace with Zionist. Because you hate them so much.Keep on reading the bible.If you can5 beat them join them.The favor of God is on Zionist there is nothing that you can do.You only qualifies to insult and criticize like a divorce wife devilish boy.

Xoli Xoli

Jesus is the only door to God.Christians believe in God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack. The God of Israel who will bring down new Jerusalem. The only mediator between men and God is Jesus.


Since you are retarded I will repeat: Christians do not pray to “God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack” and specially not to the “The God of Israel” but to Jesus Christ our God and Savior !

You are member of some of those American sects that pretend to be (and call themselves) Christians but you are NOT Christians ! Jesus Christ is Son of God and God Himself as well ! He is NOT “The only mediator between men and God” but He Himself is Judge of our sins . You are distorting totally New Testament and that is anti-Christian.

Xoli Xoli

Jesus is God himself. The same God who came in flesh.Read John chapter 1 verse 15 and 16.God was first for Israel then gentiles.Christian belief in God who provide lamb when Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son.Jacob whom God bless with 12 sons and Isaack who led the Israel nation. .


AGAIN to QUOTE my comment on your nonsense: Christians do not pray to “God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaack”and specially not to the “The God of Israel” but to Jesus Christ our God and Savior !

Now that is good joke. You are adopting-changing your comment and try to lecture me buy saying the same I already told you!!! You are liar, clown and idiot ! You are lecturing me yet you talk total RUBBISH when it comes to New Testament and Jesus Christ. You problem is that you interpret Christianity through Old Testament and Judaism. In essence today Judaism has NOTHING to do with Christianity any longer. Jews are still expecting their “Messiah” since they have rejected Him. Again Jews in general have rejected Jesus as Messiah and crucified the Jesus. It is absurd to use today Old Testament and Jews as part of Christian prayer (the way you do).


Xoli Xoli

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Xoli Xoli

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Xoli Xoli

We pray through Jesus as as mediator to God the Father.

Xoli Xoli

If one of your statues the wood jesus answers you let me know.Keep on praying to dead wood statues until your anti christ comes.


No Christian would ever write the name of Jesus Christ without capital letters.

You are the most definitely not Christian !

Xoli Xoli

Your is wooden jesus.Mine is Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of lords.


This vehicle needs preserving along with the evidence of its use and used as an exhibit in the UN:)


Is that a German WW II Stürmgewehr 44 on the ground? Arms collectors will happily pay 10.000 + dollar for that piece! Should be in a museum ….

Marvin Joel Zavala López

That is if you can find ammo for that piece of museum!!!

AzrieI Herskowitz

Jens, our moderate jihadi friends need another donation :)

Peter Jennings

I hope the Danes are taking note. They could put the vehicle into production for all terrorists gangs and jihadists, fake or real.

Let’s hope that no lives were lost due to the lack of an ambulance. Still, never mind, just sit back and forget all about it, and blame the lack of due dilligence on the abused and now twisty notion of humanitarian aid.


One thing must be crystal clear, and thats about the NorDicks, where several factores rules the freak show we call politics and the never ending bending machine the MSM, and they, in all this nations, have up to this day, i 2020, never ever waived when it comes to propaganda, and regarding Syria, the Norwegain MSM is exactly the same as 7 years ago, the poor happy head choppers, is rebels and is fighting the Dick Assad, whom is, I read this just two days ago, dropping barrell bombs, again, and the Russians, since they are evil, is bombing hostpitals, of course, and not an word about what the rebels are doing, nothing, other then an constant row of so called News from the SOHO, uh…. and all this propaganda is what you find in CNN/BBC/DW/ABDCDEDFADRFsomething to Al-scam-jazzera, and is now turing their “minds” on Iran, and of course, even in the comentary field, thos few that are open, we have so called Iranians, by name or whatever, claiming Iran is behind ISIS, etc, etc, and the facts, like UssA ocupation is never ever debated, if you do, you are an Russian troll, hehe. The Norwegians is stil sending aid, weapons (manily amo, etc, to recon equip like drones, like the underwater drone captured in Yemen, made just two hourse drive from where I live, Kongsberg/Kuningsberg and so on to specs, witch have been inside Syria and Iraq for 2 decades, training and helping with recon to assis the ISIS/whatever thru all this time and they stil do.

I wounder if it was Norwegian/NorDick snipers in Iraq, I wouldnt be surpirced, etc, and as an NorDick you are by large treated with care, and thats an hughe advantage in an region of unrest, never think that the NorDicks are nice, they are not, most of this are Khazarian/Slavic (like Ukraina/Polaks/Hungarian rats, al the way down to Bulgaria, just f….. scums, whores to the imperial banana republic and is ruining their lands, the only good thing they indeed have managed to do acording to me, the scums reap what they sew) bastards, rotten to their core, and corrupt to their bone marrow, and our land is totally controlled by the Imperial banana republic Yankikeistan, and have been so since the end of ww2, and the Russian hate propaganda is stil insanely high, and the Khazarian inbreeds down here in the south of the NorDick nations, hate Russians, why, dont ask me, but they echoes the Yankikes never ending lines of everything The Russians are coming” and everything else, from pure nonsense to flatout lies, but the main factore is our MSM, whom is cencuring everything, no oposition is alowed, nothing, like the open admittion of the catastophe Afganistan was and stil is, was in One article, and most of the coments where in line with the CNN/BBC, yeah, to help Afgans of course.

I know this help is stil there, not as much in the scale compared to just some years ago, but stil there, now mainly military. Norwegians are f…. scums, been so for centurys. And dont think they care, they dont, and in Norway, nobody cares, its like thinking Americans care, they never have and never ever will, they dont give an f…. about anything else than them self, never forget that, they have started over 250 wars, slaughtered millions upon millions, and started all the world wars, and do you stil think they care, its about power, raw power and there is nothing that gives them an hard on that just that, and I know they will go to war, never think anything else, the reason for me not to scream is that I know I am not alone with this, the Americans are f…. insane. And now they have an stupid f…. chimp in the WH run by the scums of this earth, and thru the years I have woundered many time on how and what is it that make people belive anything they say, that, beats me, because to them there is one goal, full spectrum dominace, and right now, they have no other options left than to ignite an majore war, and it will begin with Iran. Everything points to this, as for now, the man power isnt ther but that can change, and they already singals change and the rethoric is increasingly more agresive, like before, its an slow muild up but it will come, never underestemate the evil of the americans, it dont help if 10 millions disagrees, when 290 dont give an f…. I am not pessimistic by nature, but the truth is, its getting darker and darker.



Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani and Lebanese Hezbollah Leader rumored to be eliminated in USAF strike near Baghdad!!!!!

Xoli Xoli

Part of NATO agenda if we cant beat Russia lets conquer the word and destroy. Because we have all the money but not all best weapons.

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