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HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

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Early on November 20, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed its ground operations in southeast Idlib, launching a new attack on the town of Misherfah.

Initially, army troops managed to storm the town. However, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies in the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) launched a counter-attack within a few hours.

The counter-attack forced the SAA, which sustained serious losses, to withdraw from Misherfah, according to sources affiliated with HTS and the NFL.

Iba’a, HTS’ news network, released several photos showing the terrorist group’s fighters entering the town and shelling Syrian troops with improvised rocket-assisted munition (IRAMs).

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

HTS, Turkish-Backed Militants Repel Syrian Army Attack In Southeast Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Last week, the SAA launched a ground operation in southeastern Idlib. Army units captured the town of Luwaybidah and the key Khaznah Hill, which are located a few kilometers to the east of Misherfah.

The SAA may renew its attack on Misherfah in the upcoming few hours. Capturing the town would allow the army to besiege several small villages and hills in southeast Idlib.

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Due to lack of reliable informations (photos from “who know where/when” are not reliable) there is question if:

1) SAA was perform only hit and run attack (as many time before)

2) HTS really succesfully re-captured village (can be twitter victory as many times before)

3) SAA seriously defending village with announced serious losses or if only retreat

Time will reveal that


Well, knowing some of the Syria generals tactics, anything can happen. This is very bad for SAA moral….. with the incapacity of going on full offensive operation on Idlib due to Russia.

klove and light

and i will Always write thew truth….say ty to treacherious Zionist Putin pig….

1.- Putin gave green light for afrin Invasion and occupation
2.Putin gave green light for Invasion and occupation of idlib
3-putin gave green light to invade and occupy North/east syria
4.During mop up operations in douma , in aleppo,in quinertra.. Putin made the “evacuation” Agreements with ALL jihadi Forces to evacuate with small arms and Family to Idlib

ALL These Points are well documented, also here at numerous SF articles.
There can be no doubt, and anybody writing otherwise is either a jew stooge or totally Zionist brainwashed.

All the consequences of the above mentioned I have been teeliing u Folks will happen……Afrin is lost.period.the demography WAS changed, just as the Zionist jews changed the demographics in Palestine, Golan heights,jerusalem and west bank.
Idlib is lost now…all the bullshit childish rhetorics- examples ,.. 1) SAA will start big Operation in Idlib 2)russian rains hell on Terrorist in Idlib with 3 dead(mind u there are currently 20,000+ well armed Terrorist pricks in Idlib)……all this bs rhetotic wont Change a Thing on the Ground.

As EVERYBODY with a true character and brain will tell……..TURKEY is and was the number 1 enemy of the syrian arab republic.ASSAD himself says it over and over again.And with ASSAD´s own words

“Turkey is moslembrotherhood”. And i have treiwed to write the Folks here thetruth….Turkey is moslembrotherhood…the ARCHENEMY of syria.Not ssince yesterday or last week or year…..but under ASSAD´s Father moslembrotherhood was banned in syria with the death peanlty over their heads….knowing full well that moslembrotherhood is ZIONIST controlled!!!!!

Now that said……PUTIN made several Agreements with the ARCHENEMY of syria.Maybe one could write as i will now and DID 16 m onths ago…. “i will give Putin the Benefit of thwe doubt”….mistakes can happen even at a strategic Level….BUT big BUT BUT BUT BUT

continuing with These agreemenst, with the ARCH ENEMY of syria, knowing bnow full well that each and every agreemnet signed with erdogan prick is broken the DAY it isn SIGNED……,No more excuses…
Putin is a treacherousd Zionist pig.

I will give u another very very very important example of Zionist Putins treachrous Acts in syria.
SYRIA´s chemicalm weapons.

Assad´s Father needed 20 years to build up this capacity.Take a wild quess why???
Because he did not trust the satanic Zionist jews 1 milimeter.And he wanted to straighten out the equation.
If Israel has nukes, we will have chemical weapons!!!!!!!!

PUTIN… only through Putin was it possible to make syria give up all of it´s chemical weapons and close the program.Inshort, make syria defenseless against attacks by IDF.
And the consequences..IDF attacks freely Weekly when ever they want and where every they want.

ON a global scale…here is an example of treachrous Zionist Putin pig helping and joining Israel and it´s thugs.

The united nations security council…France,russia,uk,usa and China all VOTED YES YES YES for a total ARMS EMBARGO against the houthis.and a travel ban against Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi, his deputy Abdullah Yahya al Hakim, military commander Abd al-Khaliq al-Huthi, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his eldest son, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh.

BUT while putting an arms Embargo on the houthis, RUSSIA sells the best most modern weapons to the 2 agreessor states of Saudi Arabia and UAE.–

NOW what the fuck do you call this if not beiing a treacherous Zionist pig????????????????

And last but not least the most important fact.THEY have an AGENDA.

A one world Government with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jew Leadership.
ALL nations recognizing the ILLEGAL SATANIC ENTITY named Israel are part of this AGENDA.
This includes Russia,usa,uk,china eu, etc…

SO fuck u Putin Zionist cock suckers…….Putin is a treachrous Zionist pig!
death to america death to Israel curse on the jews ( for the Dummies..this last sentence is the houthi war Slogan!!!!!)


On what kind of drugs are you on? :D

1) “Evacuation” of Douma, etc. (dont know if it is from Russian of Syrian head) was one of best solution which can be taken
– about 1/3 fighters was reconcile with goverment
– 2/3 jihadists which was been moved lost all their heavy weapons same as tons of munition
– closing this gaps lead to shortening lines of contact and accessibility to many of units for future operations at another regions and save lot of civilian/military human/material resources

2) Occupation of Afrin and new Turkish safe zone was directly caused by pro-US SDF policy which lead to unavailability to interfere SAA or Russians this actions – SDF simply waiting for help from wrong direction and dont gave access to SAA with threatening to US counter actions if SAA to that at same time

3) Demographic changes was been made by Turkey and is questionable if they can be reversed or solved in future – dut thats again thanks to SDF pro-US policy (and as present shows SDF dont learn nothing and still hope for US)

4) Russian bombardment surely cost terrorist more then “3 dead” as is presented by west-created SOHR

5) Iam not as familiar in Jemen war, but there I see Russian actions as good. Yes, they like to sold some modern (defensive) weapons to Saudis – but in wider context it is step which weakens US in area and that can help to solve situation at Jemen and show what true Jemenis like not what like Saudi goverment with their mercenaries

And at last I like to mention your Zionistic paranoia – It will be better to get some better medicaments then thats drugs – I really dont know who you are and which side you support but surely there isnt everybody Zionist at this world as you present that ;)


Really get the fuck lost.


You really think I’m going to read all that crap you wrote.
And whatever you wrote the answer is very simple – you are an asshole!

Jacob Wohl's Nose

SAA captured village and retreated to allow jihadis to go back in, allowing artillery/MLRS and airforce to smash it into pieces and then SAA will make another advance to capture it. This strategy worked in Kafr Naboudeh and Qalaat-al-Madiq

Derek Johnson

Why bother wasting time and man power capturing the village only to retreat to allow the jihadis back in when SAA could have leveled it in the first place?
What good is a “smashed into pieces” village anyway?


Rats are much more easy to eradicate when they get out of their caves

Toni Liu

Not good idea to smash that village when your enemy love to hide behind civilian, better to lure them and destroy them in battlefield rather bombing their fake cities full of hospital and actors

John Wallace

Yes they seem to do this all the time so it must be an effective strategy although retreating with heavy losses is not good.

Icarus Tanović

This was SAA probe, hit and run attack, so now can clearly see and know what they’re dealing with.
Obviously it is easy to storm and overrun this town, as all we can see.

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