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HTS Threatens Syrian Army And Russian Forces With “Black Days Stained With Blood”


HTS Threatens Syrian Army And Russian Forces With “Black Days Stained With Blood”

HTS spokesman Abu Khalid al-Shami

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will continue its attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces around the governorate of Idlib, a spokesman for the terrorist group said in an official video message released on March 6.

“Our military operations will continue until every violent aggressor knows that the Sham [Syrian] peoplehave men who protect them and heros who defend their honor,” Abu Khalid al-Shami said in the video message.

Al-Shami, who appeared to be nervous, went on to threaten the SAA and Russian forces with “long dark nights” and “black days stained with blood.”

HTS, which use to be the official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria until 2017, stepped up its attacks on the residential areas and SAA positions around Idlib in the last few weeks. The terrorist group attacks killed at least three civilians, including a child, and injured dozens others.

The group’s new video message is an example of its hostile nature. It also proves that the terrorist group is not willing to respect the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement now or later.

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  • Barba_Papa

    If ISIS could not defeat the SAA and the Russians, what chances does Al Nusra stand? Compared to ISIS they are rank amateurs. They still don’t even fully control Idlib, a tiny province in Syria, whereas ISIS at one time controlled most of Syria and a third of Iraq. Whatever military might Al Nusra used to have, it lost it in the battle for East Aleppo and the last two Hama offensives. Now they are spent, forced to scavenge off their fellow losers in the Idlib headchopper reservation. Which would have been grounded up already if it weren’t for Turkey.

    Blustering for the homefront this is, nothing more.

    • jako

      Maybe it is not so bad to let them eat each other for while after all?
      No money and resources growing thin now depend on empty threts to lift the moral of their blood sucking animals…
      Not very gay situation for the people that hate everything gay (except their gay goats and donkeys maybe)

    • gustavo

      Exactly, this group has Turkey protection, and Turkey has Russia protection on Idlib. The Russia-Turkey agreement has just created a safe havens zone for terrorists and Turkey. Putin must stop pleasing Erdogan at Idlib.

      • jako

        Again Russia?!
        Russia-Turkey-Iran agreement you NATO bitch!
        So Putin is not only “in bed with Bibi” but also with Erdogan ?!
        Who else than maybe even that Saudi idiot Prince BSM because Putin said hello to him?

        So how “Turkey has Russia protection” if all 3 countries agreed over something?!
        If Turkey doesn’t respect what was agreed it is not on Russia only to decide what to do!
        If Assad thinks that he can conquer Idlib and he wants to go through with that plan than Russia or anybody else can’t stop him for sure!
        So will you kindly fuck off with permanent anti-Russia comments or at least give finally some PROVES!

    • Syria insider

      Die varkens weten gewoon dat ze niet kunnen winnen en er wonen al genoeg van die sukkels in de Schilderswijk…

    • Not over my friend :) ISIS still strong :) Waiting for conflict between nations of kufr (World War 3) to rise up again with new friends and people :)

      • سيف الاملح

        Battalions of Faith https://youtu.be/0jloLCvpaLc

        • Hanny Benny

          slavehoreson-jihaShitters of calipHell

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        dream on LOSER

      • Feudalism Victory

        Bullshit. The drug addled and whore mongering leaders of isis are pawns for smarter more ambitious people.

        Death to the caliphate. No mercy.

      • Barba_Papa

        Then I hope you have lots of pop corn. Might be in for a long wait.

    • The talks during January saw an agreement with Islamic state from being attacked by others, but this round of talks are about the details and nature of these two issues.

      • القلب سوري ودقاتو رقاويه

        The pillars of Islamic state cannot be shaken, the humble emulates them and is not surpassed. Here is the abode of the Caliphate and excellence. The hump of its jihad is high and long. The abode of the Caliphate has flourished in jihad Brought down beneath its area are men, callers for pure guidance, defiant. By the law of God they have arisen and triumphed. It is the truth that has made darkness die, and thus has the exposed disbelief run away in its disgrace. The principles of religion flourish after dryness, for justice has arisen and the field of life has been organized.

        • Feudalism Victory

          I fucking hate you damned hypocrites.

        • Hanny Benny

          your calipHell comes over you, enjoy :*

        • Ronald

          Hilarious, “the hump of jihad is high and long”, unfortunately you will find it to be a dry hump with a premature climax.
          The ‘Field of Life’ created and organized is the Eternal,
          Respect It.

  • 1691

    Cry baby, cry… Cry me a river!

  • jako

    Itchy for chopping some heads?
    Bad habits die hard.
    Maybe he should start chopping some HTS heads to keep in shape?

    • John Whitehot

      “Itchy for chopping some heads?”

      More likely to get the fuck out before being reduced to dust.

      • jako

        Well some got out but there are still plenty lunatics who are still there.

  • Ivanus59

    The hour of their annihilation is finally drawing near. Along with spring, a large SAA offensive cometh to destroy these terrorists! Turkey will not be able to save them.
    There’s just no other solution.

  • Jamie9260

    Congratulations dickhead! you probably have a Spetsnaz Alpha group or similar hunting you right now there is a high likelihood that your days are numbered I feel we could expect an announcement soon!

  • Valery Grigoryev

    It’s time to shut them up forever.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


  • Christina Friedman

    Idlib will be soon under the control of the Damascus, and those islamic scum will be eliminated. GLORY TO RUSSIAN, IRANIAN, PALESTINIAN AND SYRIAN TROOPS!