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HTS Terrorist Attack On School Thwarted In Crimea (Video)

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HTS Terrorist Attack On School Thwarted In Crimea (Video)

ROSTOV-ON-DON REGION, RUSSIA – JULY 15, 2019: Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers detain two members of a cell of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia). Video screen grab/ Russian Federal Security Service/TASS

On April 9, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) thwarted a terrorist attack in the city of Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. 

In a statement, the FSB’s Public Relations Center announced that two supporters of the Syria-based terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) –banned in Russia-, who were plotting an attack against an educational establishment with makeshift bombs, were detained.

“The Federal Security Service has thwarted an act of terrorism in the Republic of Crimea. Two Russian citizens (born in 1992 and 1999) were detained. Both are members of the international terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (outlawed in Russia). They were plotting an armed attack with the use of makeshift explosive devices against an educational establishment in Simferopol,” the statement reads, according to TASS.

The two terrorists planned to leave for Syria in order to join the ranks of HTS via Ukraine or Turkey after carrying out the attack in Simferopol.

Components used in the making of makeshift bombs like shrapnel and explosives were found at the detainees’ homes. Furthermore, the detainees’ communication devices contained instructions for making explosives and explosive devices, and text and voice messages they had exchanged with emissaries of HTS to discuss plans for terrorist attacks.

According to the FSB, a criminal case was opened over assistance to terrorist activities, propaganda of terrorism and illegal making of explosive devices. The two detainees may also face charges of preparations for a terrorist attack.

Despite the MSM ongoing efforts to whitewash HTS and present it as a moderate party, the al-Qaeda-affiliated group continues to act as a terrorist organization.

Terrorists from HTS’ al Tawhid wal Jihad, which was led by Sirajuddin Mukhtarov, were behind the 2017 metro bombing in Russia’s Saint Petersburg. At least 15 people were killed as a result of the terrorist attack.

Recently, Russian officials revealed that HTS was training terrorists in its stronghold, the Syrian region of Greater Idlib, to carry out terrorist attacks in various Russian cities.


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Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades. As a turture they should listen to ukropnazi politican debates 24/7 non stop till they beg for death. But since there is no death penalty in Russia, unlike in some barbaric countries like the U.S. they will simply go nuts :)


Yes, its more professional work by the FSB.

I wonder if the Turks were involved in this planned terror outrage?

Lone Ranger

The usual suspects are always the CIA,Mi6, Turks, Saudisis, sometimes Mossad.


always mossad – neve mind what or where or how, still mossad!!!


I was sure that Shylockracy would be the first comment. I image him constantly pressing refresh.


Looking more and more like Putin so-called “business and partnership” with the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists from US/EU/NATO while fighting terrorism in Syria hasn’t been as effective. Not only does ISIS/al-Qaeda have a NATO-led mini-caliphate in Idlib, they now organise terrorist acts in Crimea while the Zioterrorists warmonger in Donbass.

Who would’ve thought that favoring the US/EU Ziocorporate globalist terrorists business would’ve had the “unintended” consequence of helping them carry out their globalist machinations globally?…

Blas de Lezo

HTS Idlibistan caliphate should be carpetbombed into the stone age.


Its already in the stone age. :)


Now it’s just target practice.

Blas de Lezo

Then bomb it into the Tertiary.



Kenny Jones ™

Time for a FOAB on Idlib city


Sign of things to come, it will only spread in the future. By the dismissal of the USSR the new social and historical processes have been put in motion by none others than the Russian rulers. Russia is on the long losing streak. For almost 4 decades there is a lineage of 3 “leaders” in Russia who, either by their ignorance or by their incompetence, are setting up the Russian people for a troubling future and possible bloodshed. Almost everything that those “leaders” have done made the things worse not better. They complicate, they do not resolve. They are weak and spineless, they leave to the others, the smaller nations to talk for them. Neither their “partners” nor anybody else knows exactly what they are up to. Unfortunately, it seems obvious that this kind of rulers is the standard more than an exception in Russia. Almost always in the Russian history prospects for the future of the common folk looked rather bleak.They were either cannon fodder or the utterly exploited serfs.The “modern and pragmatic” Russia is not an exception. There are so many fronts opened and so many friends lost and so many enemies made. Indeed there is little reason for the Russians to be optimistic. And, as it seems the “greatest strategist, 3D chess player and the black judo belt owner” is hell-bent to finish the job. If the morning shows the day, than, my former Russian brothers you are in for a very long and rough ride (not that I care).

Picture: the first post-Soviet Russian emperor (without clothes).



The only thing that Putin and Yeltsin have in common is that they speak Russian.

Putin has saved Russia from the atlanticist plunderers who were poised to loot all of Russia’s wealth and turn it into another fagged-out globohomo vassal.


If you didn’t know just last year (2020) Putin helped so called Yeltsin Center with some 300 million rubles while thousands of homeless people are freezing on the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. Millions of Russian citizens live in poverty. On the other hand the oligarchs who make billions pay no taxes for supposedly being hit by the western sanctions. As for the plunder of Russia I can assure you that all the oligarchs, including “the family” (the Yeltsins) are living good. With exception of few who waded into politics, everyone else got to keep their plunder. Not once for twenty years in power did Putin asked even for one ruble to be repatriated either from the foreign or from the domestic plunderers. Like father, like son! Picture: Yekaterinburg, Nov. 25. 2015 Opening yet another Yeltsin Center https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5c8f3f97ea5fbe44e71498a49c15dd0e89fa2f68d75888c9fc6f13285ba7373.png


YOU SAID: “Millions of Russian citizens live in poverty.” IS THAT A FACT? GOT SOME DATA TO BACK THAT UP? I was in Moscow in 2018 and i didnt see one person living on the street. If u asked me if i saw people on the street in 2007 in Moscow id say yes.

I think youre full of shit! Every year i have been to Russia (2007, 2016, 2018) it just gets better and better. Explain yourself!


“Putin’s Long Game” is a gift that keeps on giving; the masterstrokes are coming in quick succession. Appease the Turks a little bit more and I’m sure they’ll play nice from now on.

For some time already, I’ve been thinking that the great and good have this exactly backwards: the side that manages to have the closest ties with Erdogan’s Turkey is at a major, strategic disadvantage. Maybe just let NATO have them as a potent spoiler, and stock up on popcorn.


i wonder who even buys these

cechas vodobenikov

As anglo empire rots they desperately use CIA to fund these failures–as they do w ISIS, al Qaeda….of course they are decadent and stupid enough to also fund their own depraved disintegration—BLM/LGBT perversions…expected in a collapsed empire


‘Whom the gods would destroy, they would first make mad’

USA and it’s illegitimate regime has completely turned away from God, so God has cursed the USA with skyrocketing addictions, widespread lassitude, gluttony, and gender dysphoria.


im no expert but that seemed like a very poor entrance to the house by the FSB. A little too relaxed.


Looks like 3 a clock in the morning .. No need to storm the place if there is a good chance you will pull them from the their bed with pants down – like they did..


Come on man. Thats a silly comment. What u are saying is “hope for the best and DON’T plan for the worst”!

Most of the FSB videos i see are extremely professional. This one seemed low end and im just wanting to know why. Perhaps it was a re-enactment? Maybe the original video is a little too professional and rough (flash bang grenades etc). Some viewers may see it as over the top.

But we dont see that here. Why not? They are terrorists right? Where’s the fast entrance with flash bangs etc?

i look forward to your next reply :)

Icarus Tanović

This is prepared by western intelligence.


Tatar scum as usual

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m a little skeptical of the voracity of this article, too many things don’t make sense and some of the facts are questionable. For a start the Imam Shamil Battalion was the group responsible for the 2017 metro bombing in Russia’s Saint Petersburg, not the al Tawhid wal Jihad group, they’re an anti Israel terrorist group, so I’m not sure what SF is talking about here. And it’s doubtful that Caucasian terrorists would join a predominantly Syrian Arab terrorist group like HTS when they’re usually only found in groups like Ajnad al-Kavkaz, language barriers mean they can’t just serve anywhere in any group, they have to be able to follow orders. So even though the story says,

“The two terrorists planned to leave for Syria in order to join the ranks of HTS via Ukraine or Turkey after carrying out the attack in Simferopol.

I suspect they were really joining one of HTS’s allies like Ajnad al-Kavkaz, not HTS itself, but who knows, maybe the article is correct, it sounds improbable but not impossible. But it does seem to me that Russia is going out of it’s way to demonize HTS lately, they really want blood for some reason, so that’s the main reason I’m a little skeptical of the truth of this story, it’s just a little too convenient and self serving.

Nikki Lockwood


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