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HTS Showcases Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Captured From Syrian Army (Photos)

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On February 29, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) showcased weapons captured from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during the recent Turkish-led attacks in southeast Idlib.

Iba’a, the terrorist group’s news network, released photos of the captured weapons, which included:

  • Three Chinese-made HJ-73D anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launchers along with a thermal sight and three missiles;
  • A Soviet-made Konkurs ATGM launcher;
  • A 1PBN86-VI thermal sight for a Metis-M ATGM launcher along with two missiles;
HTS Showcases Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Captured From Syrian Army (Photos)

From front to back: HJ-73D thermal sight, three HJ-73D launchers, Konkurs launcher and 1PBN86-VI thermal sight

HTS Showcases Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Captured From Syrian Army (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

HTS Showcases Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Captured From Syrian Army (Photos)

Two Metis-M ATGMs

The weapons also included tank rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and ammunition of different calibers.

HTS and other Turkish-backed groups captured loads of weapons, including a T-90 battle tank, in their recent attacks in Greater Idlib. On top of that, the militants received weapons, including armored personnel carriers (APCs), directly from Turkey.

Turkey’s ever increasing support for the militants has shifted the balance of power in Greater Idlib in their favor. This will not likely change without decisive action from Damascus and its allies.

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why tf are south front showing theses, not worth it honestly ….i mean tanks and armor yeah but theses have no significance…it’s a war ffs your not going to show every ak47 and launch rocket they capture


Terroists propaganda


but the same was done by Syrian Army.

cechas vodobenikov

at best insignificant—even if true


shoot the drones !!

Joe Doe

Once again shows how amature SAA is.

Rhodium 10

Thats a problem for Russia!..actually SAA is like the fake saudi army…if you give SAA advance weapons sooner or later will fall under hands of terrorist!…they had enough manpower to foil terrorist offensive..but they fled and left advance weapons!…


Saa is exausted after 10 years fighting ( double than ww2 ! ) and the economy idem .

Rhodium 10

In Palmyra they also fled after the city was retaken…and was many years ago…in 2015 they lost all Idlib and parts of Hama in one week….SAA only have the reliable Tiger Forces and the 104 brigade of the Gen Isam Zahredine(RIP)….but nothing else!…one example is that Hezbollah foiled the terrorist advance north of Saraqib in spite of Turkish attacks vs them!…lately Greater Aleppo have been retaken with the help of Hezbollah…during Aleppo campaing 15 Speznats foiled a terrorist offensive of 50 HTS….while 300 SAA soldiers deployed with them fled when terrorist were coming….its a problem for Russia..but usual in all Arab armies as we have seen in Iraq army and Saudi Army!…


You are soo right and I have been saying the same over and over again. Without Russia and Hezbollah, Syrian would have become long an Islamic state and Assad would have been chased from power at latest by Dec 2015 .
That the rank and file and frequently unmotivated soldiers, flee at the first sight of Jihadist attack, that they even surrender to the Jijhadi army knowing full well that they will end up dead in the most cruel ways in a matter of days, is beyond my comprehension. At least the more signor and better paid officers of SAA should know better and enforce discipline ( I do not think the concept of discipline bears much meaning in the Arab word). How can you leave precious, top hand fighting material that either Russia or Iran gifts to your army at not cost to you ( and at greater cost to them) is beyond my comprehension?!


When they were winning Russians were bragging with their aviation, now that they are losing – only Syrians are to blame.


The main problem with Arab militaries is poor leadership as their officer corps is sub-par. The conscripts are not motivated and there is limited sense of purpose or nationalism as most of the Arab world is result o post Sykes-Picot intrigues.


not motivated? i let shoot every tenth. and of not win, again. like stalin. the muzhiks also were not motivated. the comissars behind them turned them to be motivated.

cechas vodobenikov

nonsense–both Syrian and Russian troops r highly motivated…many Russian troops in Syria r Sunni Muslim—-they do not rape their women like the sexually repressed amerikans always have


I really have not words to qualify SAA soldiers attitude and their responsibilities to their country and their own people.


You are completely on the wrong way . Several dozens of saa were killed . They didn’ t flee . They stay there fullfilling till death their own duty to the Fatherland and their people . They expected their allied to do the same and in this case allied’ s duty was to controll and stop enemy’ s ground advance by AIR INTELLIGENCE and POWER . It’ s easy to understand that rusdians let turkush to control the skies ovet idlib and they let the turkish hit saa and the militar means ( like preciuos tanks ) the same russians gave to saa….!
Saa did’ t expect to be no more covered by aviation and less and less that russians gave the sky as present to turkish .
Assad should recognize that after ten years fighting against half world his army and his economy cannot liberate anymore the whole country .
Now looking at the behavior of putin Assad should worry for his own life and stop the war thinking to the rebuilding of the free part of Siria .
Also russian military should worry not less than Assad : less saa have soldiers more russians military will be employed on the ground and more of them will die . Also russian population will be be more and more angry with the government as it give as present to turkish more and more expansive military means and weaponry or just ad target to be destroyed ( with human beings inside ) .


SAA has pretty good air defence and still a workable air force? Yet they can’t even handle a dozen or so of higher end Turkish drones?
How come 2 Su-24M2 have been shot down today? These are the same type of planes that Russia uses, which have exactly the same defence and bombing capability. Heck, the Turks would have had to guess whether they were Russian or Turkish if they flew above 5,000m.


Russia giving up Idlib airspace for Turkish drones was indeed a blown up for their morale.


No it doesn’t, the SAA is remarkably resilient, this shows that Russia willingness to accomodate Zioterrorist and Wahhabi complicates the liberation of Syria. Syria by itself can do nothing against ISIS, US, the Rothshchild neocolony in Palestine, Turkey, NATO, GCC, etc.


So sorry, every inch will be liberated.


Hope you’re right but history shows Russia trying hard not to upset their
relations with Zioterrorist/Ziowahhabi regimes and to avoid war with
them even if it means giving away parts of Syria and tolerating NATO in Poland, the Baltics, and Ukraine were NATO “advisors” operate freely. Just gotta wait and


You best think I’m right, and your not just another hired troll, because your children and grandchildren’s lives depend on it.
Be it in Wisconsin or any other corner of the world, anyone can be trapped by Whahhabi “Law”.
Russia has shown patience, but don’t mistake that for weakness.
No one wins in another large scale war, but we all loose if the Zionists, Salafist Wahhabi or Muslim Brotherhood win.
This is the time to wake everyone up. ..Godspeed


And how precise NATO drones are comparing to Russian striles.


NATO technology > Russian

The US has since 25 years the F-22.
Russia still struggles to finish 5th generation PAK-FA.

Peter Jennings

This is a normal ebb and flow of war. Towns and cities can change hands 10+ times before all is settled, and stuff gets left behind by both sides.

The terrorist’s little victory looks good until one considers that most of the elite troops were moved from Saraqib to crush the scum south of Idlib. These elite troops will soon return to deal with Saraqib. However, by that time the terrorists won’t have the M4 highway to play on.


There is still considerable for-of-war, and I feel less confident than others are apparently that I know what is going on. But the SAA, “amature” (LOL) or not, cannot be expected to fight the 2nd NATO army on its own. If Russia allows armed Turkish drones into Idlib airspace, it may be a sensible, rational decision for SAA troops to lie low for a while and give Putin some time to make up his mind which side he’s on.


Id rather they shoot these at the oncoming terrorists but the Turk use of airpower and precision weapons on the SAA for the first time has caused a shock that will take some time to recover from, to adapt and improvisie responses to, im sure they will.
The SAA is now effectively facing a full NATO terrorist army with the latest Israeli/American and European tech and the fact there hasnt yet been a full collapse on the front is a testament to the SAA and Syrian leadership.
If they can hold, adapt and improvise a response to the new challanges they will not only win the battlefield and then the war but they will learn every trick in the Israeli,US and European book as will Russia and Iran, this will prove the downfall of Turkey and Israel ultimately, Turkey is being hung out to dry by its allies as we speak and Erdogan is in a state of desperation as the economy collapses around him, he knows regime change is coming for him and its his head on the chopping block.
Greeks are sending their navy in the West and Kurds are loading their magazines and awaiting the word in the East.
The israelis laugh but dont yet realise that their code books are now being read and every dirty trick of theirs is being learned and countered.
Syria has proven to be like the poison toad that if any predator attempts to bite will have said predator laying in a fetal position screaming for its survival within moments, Syria has outlasted many predators and will continue to do so as they are ine the right and the universe responds accordingly.
The Turk/Israeli problems have only ust begun.


It looks like it was a shok for Russians too, they stopped bombing and went to Ankara to negotiate.

cechas vodobenikov

your stupidity and lies have been observed by many here—obviously an insecure amerikan fascist…Russia refused Turkish requests to evacuate their wounded by air…duh


Definitely a troll, paid to agitate, Brit is my guess.


Thank all for flattering my English, I asure you I’m from a shithole country like Russia or Syria

cechas vodobenikov

hilarious stupidity —-see comments….Erdogan has come begging to Putin and Lavrov only to be ignored—Syrian airspace is controlled by Russia—the few drones the turks launch r destroyed—Greece has vetoed any NATO support for the al Qaeda/amerikan/turk fascists…as turkey is humiliated. Erdogan will suffer a loss of credibility in turkey…even trump refuses Turkish begging


yep,erdogan has lost the plot it seems, libya, cyprus, syria’s idlib and syria’s northeast and borders to greece and borders to bulgaria. not many friends left which is a pity when he had a thing going with Iran and Russia and Syria and raq and so on and now he’s shunned by everyone.


I suppose that SAA is entitled to have any kind of weapons from any country in its arsenal whereas HTS, a terror group known to have killed captured soldiers in the most vicious manner and published the filmed sequences on various networks web-sites, is just that a terror group and should just be ignored until the SAA can show the world that the terrorists are 6 feet under.


So they found a storage and captured it. Well SAA has captured hundreds of much bigger storage sites than this.
Half of these weapons they won’t be able to use at all, the rest are only a maybe. And maybe they shouldn’t use any of them.
Three days from now they will run like rabbits, if they have any legs.

Jens Holm

Too many doaperjumpers here. Winning a battle is not winning a war. Looding a battle is not loosing a war.

Some bunches of grenades and a tank is only a local small plus but more important in moral.

About troops its the same thing. I am sure 1000s of those soldiers are both tired and traumatized. So expect that to be both ways too.

Some here yestreday was laughing about some forced recruits in Raqqa probatly SDFs. Dont, those are just like Yours. If all others are tired or traumatized You have to use, what You got – or go home.


The only winners will be the few left of You having an extra warwidow as wifes, several extra children and no babies crying. So go on. Take the chance. You can be on of them still alive.

You might loose a leg ot You brain will never regain bringing nightmares all Your life. But You are winners. WINNERS HIP HIP.


thats not something special but SAA as I told should booby trap these arsenal depots or destroy them

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