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HTS Security Forces Clash With Suspected ISIS Cell In Northern Idlib. Casualties Reported (Video, Photos)

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Heavy clashes are reportedly taking place between Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) security forces and a suspected ISIS cell in the town of Tal Adeh in northern Idlib.

The clashes broke out on October 10 morning, when a large security force of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group stormed Tal Adeh to arrest wanted gunmen. The gunmen resisted, that’s why  HTS militants were forced to use heavy fire power.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, one of the gunmen blew himself up to avoid being captured by HTS. The London-based monitoring group said both sides had sustained casualties.

HTS’ security forces have been very active against ISIS cells in Greater Idlib. These cells are seen as a serious threat to the group’s influence in the region.

On September 26, HTS’ General Security announced that it had eliminated Iraqi ISIS leader Youssef Noman Abd Naif al-Jubori along with his guard Sami Jasim Mohamad Abdullah al-Jubori.

By chasing ISIS terrorists in Greater Idlib, HTS is not only attempting to assert its dominance over the region but also to appease the West. The group, that maintains close ties with al-Qaeda, is laughably trying to present itself as a “counter-terrorism” force.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes yes we all know that HTS are evil terrorists, there’s no dispute from anyone about that fact, but that’s not the most important fact, a much more important fact is the moderate opposition are much much worse.
And an even more controversial and undeniable fact is this, RUSSIA’S BACKING THE WORST OF THE 2 GROUPS.
The Turkish backed SNA, NFL, SLF, and FSA are all designated as moderate opposition groups according to the Russian Turkish Astana agreements, and yet they’re the only groups attacking the SAA now, HTS hasn’t since the start of the year.
HTS are designated as terrorists according to the Astana agreements, and yet Assad’s Government has entered prisoner swap deals with them, opened border crossings with them, and entered trade agreements with them, all the things you shouldn’t do with an enemy camped at you door, but Assad and his Government haven’t done any of those things with the moderate opposition, don’t any of you out there ever wonder why.
Here’s another simple fact many of you are totally unaware of,
When I read SF articles that claim Turkey supports the moderate opposition I have to laugh, SF don’t mind telling us that fact but they always leave out the bit that should also tell us, Russia politically supports the moderate opposition as well, and so does Iran, the moderate opposition can’t exist unless Russia and Iran both say they can, they’re the 2 powers that gave the so called moderate opposition their political legitimacy, IT WASN’T TURKEY, before 2015 and the introduction of resolution 2254 there was no moderate opposition, they were all considered terrorists.
The Russian, Iranian, Turkish inspired resolution 2254 is the key to understanding everything, in essence it does something none of you think it does, something you’ll disagree with me vehemently when I say it, but it’s the simple truth you all seem to ignore.

Resolution 2254 pitts the ambitions of Russia, Iran, Turkey, the US, UN, EU, and the moderate opposition on one side, and it places Assad’s Government and HTS’s ambitions on the other side.

When you dig deep enough into resolution 2254 that’s what it all breaks down to,
Russia, Iran, Turkey, the US, UN, EU, and the moderate opposition on one side, and Assad and HTS on the other.
Assad did accept a new amended version of resolution 2254 late last year which changed the dynamics of how the resolution works now, he refused to accept the original version of the resolution for nearly 5 years because as I stated it worked out like this,

Russia, Iran, Turkey, the US, UN, EU, and the moderate opposition on one side, and Assad and HTS on the other.

But now Assad’s accepted the new version that he actually had a say in making [he didn’t get a say in the original Russian, Iranian, Turkish version], now the new dynamic is more like this,

Russia, Iran, Turkey, the US, UN, EU, and the moderate opposition on one side, INDEPENDENTS IN THE MIDDLE, and Assad and HTS on the other side.

Putin has to stop pandering to Erdogan, resolution 2254 should be buried, the moderate opposition should be buried, and UN demands should be buried, perhaps a new dialogue between the independent parties and the Government is a possibility but including the moderate opposition is no longer acceptable, they’ve proven to be the exact opposite of moderate, even HTS is making them look bad now, and when HTS can make a moderate opposition group look like the worst of the 2 groups, you know they aren’t really moderate at all.

As a young man I used to believe wars were caused by hatred but I was wrong, as an older man I now realize wars are caused by love, when you love your own side too much and turn a blind eye to everything wrong they do, you invite disaster.

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