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JUNE 2021

HTS Security Commander Appeared To Be Spy Of Syrian Government Forces: Reports

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HTS Security Commander Appeared To Be Spy Of Syrian Government Forces: Reports

Abu Khadijah al-Furtai, a security commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), has appeared to be a spy of the Syrian military, pro-government sources and media activists say.

According to reports, he was providing governemnt forces with data about military activities of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in the militant-held part of Idlib. Recently, Al-Furtai allegedly left the militant group and re-joined Syrian government forces.

This is not the first time when some mid level members of militant groups appear to be spies of the Syrian government. Such reports fuel further tensions within militant groups in Idlib and contribute to the tensions in the area.

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Hey Headchoppers…Don’t get Paranoia… Don’t start shooting at Eachother, Don’t send VBIEDs to your Allied Headchoppers…just because you think all your Headchopperbrothers are Spies…..


I have some what different advice…. for any unwashed, unkept, dirt covered, meth infused head choppers listening…. please do get maximum paranoia… and let it go through the roof

My dearest cannibal liver eaters & head choppers in the salafist “paradise” in Idlib, consider this, in your rat poison like methamphetamine induced delusional psychosis….

maybe even your own shadow is plotting against you.

Yeah your own shadow… sneaking up from behind you to strangle you to death, in the dead of night (cause that makes no sense)

You should start shooting anything that moves (including, especially your feet)

Trust no-one, trust nothing…. everyone and everything is out to get you… yeah keep an eye on your shadow at all times (and another eye on your eye)

and oh…. by the way all that crap they told you about them 72 virgins and sh-t…. all lies, carnival tricks and fairy tales for dumb cannon fodder units.

By the way… Are you sure your shadow did not just move?


Hehehe oh yeah thanks… don’t Forget to send a Green Bus Stuffed with Captagon….All You Can Eat..! Perhaps mix it with Some Monsanto WeedKiller or Vermicide…


exactly… an endless free supply of cherry flavored strychnine chewing gum for the takfiri rats


It’s so easy to infiltrate sunnis. Even syrians managed to do it. USA is doing since a long time. Bin Laden and Al Baghdadi are the more famous example.

Naive people = stupid people.

Wise Gandalf

Quite different guy.


You like him trimmed or with a beard?

Wise Gandalf

Eyes, nose. Not him.


Perhaps you did not know this, but most Syrians are Sunni. The first lady is Sunni.


Not true jihadist…beard far too tidy! Must be loyalist.


This was after he defected.

But yes, obviously to blend in with the headchoppers, a neglect for grooming of facial hair is basically a requirement.



Tommy Jensen

As American I must say this is against International rules and a clear violation of our agreement with the Russians.
You promissed not to touch our assets and we promised to stay East. If you do that against mutual trust, we Americans can also do something.

Wise Gandalf

“… we Americans can also do something.”

Go home!


shut you idiot

viktor ziv

Stage another chem attack and launch 50 into the void.


You are talking about Syria, as if it was a piece of property you were fighting over with a rival. You do realize how this makes you sound…. right?

Is this who you are? Clarify for me please.

John Whitehot

“oh my god they are attacking us!!”


Fnar! Fnar!

The Farney Fontenoy

Haw haw! But also, who knows how many government agents were killed doing their duty as spies & their service not even acknowledged? These good men risk their lives for their country.

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