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JULY 2022

HTS Congratulates Taliban, While Ankara And The Kurds Continue Their Fight

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HTS Congratulates Taliban, While Ankara And The Kurds Continue Their Fight
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HTS Congratulates Taliban, While Ankara And The Kurds Continue Their Fight
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HTS Congratulates Taliban, While Ankara And The Kurds Continue Their Fight
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Despite all attempts to re-brand Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the group is celebrating the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan as if it were their own.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated HTS, the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, issued a statement congratulating the Taliban and saying that it hoped the international community would support “the will of the Syrian people”.

HTS and the Taliban have good relations, as Imam Bukhari Jamaat, a Taliban-affiliated Uzbek terrorist group, has been fighting in Greater Idlib for years.

Additionally, the Taliban condemned the killing of the group’s spokesman Abu Khalid al-Shami. The spokesman was killed in Russian and Syrian strikes that targeted Greater Idlib on June 10.

Meanwhile, HTS and the groups that fight along with it are frequently breaching the ceasefire agreement in Greater Idlib and are punished for it by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russia’s Aerospace Forces.

Not too far from Greater Idlib, in northeastern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces are locked in their eternal fight with the Kurdish groups in the region.

On August 18, a rocket attack targeted the Turkish-occupied Syrian city of Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The rockets, which were reportedly fired from Kurdish-held areas to the south of Afrin, landed in the city’s residential neighborhoods causing some serious damage. Reportedly, 3 civilians were killed and 4 other were injured.

The Turkish military and its proxies have reportedly responded to the new attack by shelling Kurdish-held areas to the south of Afrin.

On August 18th, Ankara’s forces shelled a number of villages in the Aleppo countryside, damaging civilian buildings and infrastructure. On the previous day, Turkey and the factions it backs shelled largely the same area.

Incidents such as these are commonplace, as Ankara and the Kurdish groups are locked in a constant back-and-forth. Deaths as a result of these exchanges are somewhat rare, but moderate material damage is an inevitable result.

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A leopard cannot change its spots. I also think it is hilarious that NYT and American MSM tried to plant fake story that Putin was paying Taliban to kill Americans. Here he is bombing their allies every day and he will send his agents to make a deal with them? The CIA should do better in their lies and smears. Should have paid more attention to Kabul than Trump.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Barry, if you remember they changed their story and said it was Iran and Russia. HTS is like the Taliban, which I agree with, linked to Al-Qaeda and IS groups which get funded by West+Zion and Wahhabi gangs.


Funny how imaginary lines in the sand, aka borders, work. Instead of attacking well defended Afrin, the Kurds probably could just attack small villages or towns just within Turkey itself.

Icarus Tanović

What do we waiting for? Considering offensive on Idlib? Vks can save those smokebombs and firecrackers. Why SAAF doesn’t conduct any strikes? What DO WE WAITING FOR? Another Afghanistan? Better start doing something anything real against vermin.

US & EU are Zion slaves

China wants the Taliban to cut links with Al-Qaeda, IS, or any other terrorist groups before China invests in Afghanistan. Also, China wants the Taliban to kill or not let Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) set in Afghanistan. – “Following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, Beijing has identified stopping conflict spilling into its far western region of Xinjiang as a top priority.” – “A plan has been floated for a buffer zone patrolled by the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation to be set up at the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border.”

Russia is clear of what they want the Taliban to do, just like in Syria, Russia goes after all extremist Wahhabi groups if needed. Cut off from Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist groups which interest in harming Russia or their allies.

What I want to know the most is what Iran will do, https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/6/13/anger-as-afghanistan-mourns-death-of-car-blast-victims

US & EU are Zion slaves

Anti-China J!hadi group Turkestan Is|amic Party (TIP) has released a statement congratulating Talban for the establishment of “Islamic Emirate” in #Afghanistan and asked for support in fight against Chene regime. https://twitter.com/MeghUpdates/status/1428307875793825792

Rodney Loder.

Taliban haven’t made any politicsl statements concerning Syrian conflict probably Taliban will see Syriaas a liability that’s because the Chinese and Pakistanis don’t want the situation that existed before the Gulen coup and the Khalifta / Egyptian UAE invasion of Libya.

Pakistan is not Wahabi no Country is except Saudi Arabia and the situation on the ground in Saudi Arabia is that the bin-Ladin ideology is literally dead HTS is not anti-Saudi Arabia as was bin-Laden HTS is pro USA Taliban know this, sure to appease Turkey Taliban won’t support Assad but they won’t support HTS either.

If you want to help Syrian and Afghan people oppose the universally accepted lie that I’m going to become the Freemason Jew maggot swine Sid Loder that donated me to israel.

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