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HTS Confirms Its Violations Of Demilitarized Zone Agreement, Vows To Continue Attacks

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HTS Confirms Its Violations Of Demilitarized Zone Agreement, Vows To Continue Attacks

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Military commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the southern Aleppo countryside, Zubair al-Turkmani, told the Ibaa news network on October 27 that HTS fighters had shelled a gathering of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops near the town of Khan Tuman, which is located northwest of the city of Aleppo.

“We also detected a sniper of the Nusayri army [Jihadi term for SAA] on the same front and targeted him with an SPG-9 shell killing him and injuring others,” al-Turkmani told HTS-linked Ibaa.

Al-Turkmani did officially acknowledge that HTS is violating the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement and vowed to retaliate against any “movement” of the SAA in the area.

Earlier this month, HTS released a vague statement regarding its stand on the deconfliction agreement. In the statement, the radical group vowed to continue its war on the SAA, but at the same time it thanked Turkey for its efforts to find a peaceful solution.

The recent HTS attacks and al-Turkmani’s statement indicate that HTS is now closer to rejecting the deconfliction agreement than before. Syrian opposition activists had previously warned that the “radical wing” within the group, which includes foreign Jihadists, is working to sabotage the agreement, likely to guarantee its survival.

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Feudalism Victory

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Exactly as planned…. Continue your Business as Usual CIA/ HTS: a Combination of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front), the Ansar al-Din Front, Jaysh al-Sunna, Liwa al-Haqq, and the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Headchopping-Goatfuckers-Movement….. WTF…just the same Bunch of Western Trained, Supported & Financed Massmurdering and Raping Psychopaths, Paedophiles & Mental Patients to Overthrow Assad and Create a Greater IsraHell…


Turkey will help clear Idlib?????????????????????????? r u on drugs dude???
SAA and TAF are dealy enemies, and anybody who listen yesterday to erdogan “assad must go, no peace in syria with assad”

Turkey is the country that sponsored all terrorists from day 1……99% of ALL fighters came through turkey….turkey bought 99% of isis oil,hence bankrolling the islamic state…

Stop with your fucking nonsense of turkey helping syria….if u really believe that turkey will fight just 1 jihadi , you are either totally insane,GAGA….or u r taking to many drugs.


Erdogan…. America tried to Topple him…and started Supporting & Arming Turkey’s Enemy the PKK, YPG, SDF… Erdogan got Angry Kicked NATO out of Incirlik… so they had to go to a Desert in Jordan… He was waiting since 14 april 1987 to become a Member of the European Union… never happened… Turkey started lookin’ for New Buddies…also because he Realised the West was Losing…and found Russia & Iran…

Yeah Turkey Supports Headchoppers..Bought Oil from ISIS to ship it to IsraHell & Elsewhere…. Kicked the Kurds out of the Afrin… and the North if Syria…. made an Agreement with Putin concerning Idlib….to prevent another Fake-Chemical-Attack… This Agreement is Failing at the Moment so Russia the SAA & Turkey can clean up Idlib soon… FSA is on the side of Turkey and already Infiltrated in Idlib which makes it easier to start Killing the rest of the Headchoppers when the Final Battle for Idlibistan starts… Turkey needs a Good Relationship with Syria against Future Attacks from the PKK YPG SDF

At the moment Turkey, Russia and Germany want New Elections in Syria to give the New Government Legitimacy…. which is a good thing…. Who will win do you Think? My Bets are on Assad…..and ofcourse we got this Geo-Political-Chess-Game in The Middle-East at the moment…. True it is a complicated story all & all and we can only speculate about the outcome… But I see a Greater Middle East in the Future…

Muslimbrother Jamal Khashoggi was a “personal friend” of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But Erdogan has no friends, he got interests.
The Turkish secret service Taps the embassies and consulates in Ankara and Istanbul.. All diplomats know that…but the Arrogant & Dumbass Wahhabi Sheikhs & Intel obviously didn’t or did not care. What the Turkish authorities themselves have told Turkish media is: That they knew that during a first visit to the Wahhabi consulate at the end of September Khashoggi was asked to return at 2:15 pm on 2 October. Then the divorce papers he needed to marry in Turkey with Hatice Cengiz would be ready.
The Turkish authorities knew that on the day of Khashoggi’s appointment, the entire Turkish consulate staff had been released of their duties.. a day off so to say… Undoubtedly there were Turkish spies among the local staff who reported this unusual work stoppage to their bosses. The Turkish police also knew that in the early morning of that day two groups of Wahhabis would land in a private plane in Istanbul. They had 15 diplomatic passports.
The Turkish authorities must have known that Jamal Khashoggi had more to offer…a lot more
Khashoggi himself went to the consulate with lead in his shoes, afraid that he would be intoxicated and kidnapped to Wahhabistan. He already had received death threats alongside generous offers from Wahhabi Clown Prince Mohammed ben Shlomo. Promises of suitcases full of money if he would stop his criticism of MbS and the war in Yemen.
Khashoggi belonged to the bourgeois Elite of the Jewish Kingdom of Wahhabistan . His grandfather was a Turk and the personal doctor of the founder of the Kingdom, Abdulaziz ibn Saud, the grandfather of Mohammed bin Salman. An uncle of Jamal Khashoggi was the notorious Adnan Khashoggi, the multi-billionaire and arms dealer. Jamal Khashoggi himself worked for the Saudi court & Al Qaeda for a long time and was chief editor of two English-language newspapers. Until he distanced himself from the Clown Prince, who became pretty Autocratic in three years.
His ‘fiancé’ Hatice belongs to the new Islamist Turkish elite. She is a niece of one of the founders of the Erdogan party, the AKP.
Jamal Khashoggi was a resident of the United States of America. It would have been safer if he had been able to retrieve his papers there at the Wahhabi embassy in Washington.
On the day of the appointment, Jamal Khashoggi and Hatice Cengiz arrived at the Wahhabi consulate at the agreed time. Hatice kept waiting in the supermarket across the street. Khashoggi went in alone and left his two cell phones with her.
The oppressive question here is: why did the Turkish authorities not warn Khashoggi? Why did they not stop him, not let him know through Hatice’s uncle that the Wahhabis were angry at the consulate? And had Phone calls with the Royal Family….
The Western media and intelligence services assume that Mohammed ben Shlomo is Direct responsible for the killing of Khashoggi. It was his subordinates who killed the dissident. The Wahhabi authorities themselves have admitted that, even though they call it a “Rogue-Killing” by Crown Prince employees.
So the Turks, let it all happen: the death and disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. They did not stop him, let alone be warned while they knew that a large group of men were waiting for him in the consulate.
Did the Turks throw Jamal Khashoggi for the Hyenas? A brother in the same Muslim ideology, to damage the reputation of the Wahhabi Clown Prince and thus reap the possible benefits….
In Wahhabistan, a dissident is not cut into pieces when the most powerful man in the country, Mohammed bin Salman, has not given his approval.
The leaks and accusations at the address of Mohammed ben Shlomo are merchandise in the hands of Erdogan. The price that the Turkish president already got is the heavy loss of Face for the Wahhabi Clown Prince.
His friends in Qatar will reward him financially for it. Also Iran will be very Happy with this whole situation… who will get Sanctioned First…Iran or with these new developments Wahhabistan. The star of Erdogan will rise in the Islamic world. He and his fellow Muslim brothers deny the Wahhabis to rule over the holy places of Mecca and Medina. Just like the Iranian leader Khamanei.
For Erdogan and a large majority of the Muslims in the world it is Desecration what the Wahhabis did with the tombs of the Prophet Muhammad, his family and direct successors. They were completely flattened and disappeared under tarmac and luxury hotels for the richer pilgrims. The only thing that the Wahhabis have left behind in their iconoclasm is the Kaaba where the Muslims bow in their daily prayers.
A columnist in the Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak wrote this week that ‘in the holy cities there is dirt, chaos and disorder’. He found the way in which he was forced to pray according to ‘the Wahhabi sect’ during his pilgrimage. When he wept on the spot where the Prophet’s tomb would be, he was insulted by the Wahhabi police. Since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Wahhabis no longer have any moral claim to dominion over the two holy cities.
President Erdogan would prefer to see Mecca and Medina under the leadership of an autonomous Islamic government. Obviously under the leadership of Turkey, which in the plans of Erdogan, as in the time of the Ottoman sultans, will take on the leadership of the Muslim world and the authority over the holy cities. ‘Mecca and Medina are from the Muslims, not from the Jewish Wahhabi Royal family.
For the time being, the undermining by Erdogan of prince Mohammed ben Shlomo is not over. Since eighteen Loyal Servants of Prince Mohammed ben Shlomo have been held responsible for the murder and the “World” is waiting for an answer to the question: Where are the remains of Jamal Khashoggi…and who gave the Orders?
Then there is the evidence for the Turkish accusations, the sound recordings of the torture and murder of Khashoggi, the Turkish president holds them as Trump cards. The phased leakage carefully planned….We taped it all bitch…you are going down

Brother Ma

Excellent synopsis!
What do you mean lead in his shoes?
Hesitant to go to the embassy or he had a audio cable lead in his shoe to record what was happening to him?


Both… in the first place he must have been pretty nervous having to go into the Consulate…He was “Wired” with a smartphone… possible linked to Turkish Intelligence…. inside the Consulate their must be microphones too….plus the Turks are tapping all the Phone Lines…. the Wahhabis probably didn’t realise this or simply didn’t care in their Arrogance… It was a set up…Decoy-Khashoggi was simply sacrificed by Turkey for the Greater Good, they could have warned him… is how I see it…

Tudor Miron

Soon Erdogan will have to admit that rats (Queda, Daesh etc) leave us no choice but to eliminate them. Mr. Putin was kind to remind him that those who don’t oblige to agreement will be exterminated.

Brother Ma

I want action. Putin’s words are getting threadbare in my ears.
All alphabets were and are Turk jackals from Day One. Russia and Syria need to torch them all NOW.

J Roderet

Al-Queda in Idlib must end these criminal attacks or be bombed into oblivion.

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