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HTS Braces For Full-Scale Attack On ‘Fa Ithbatu’ Stronghold

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is reportedly planning to launch a full-scale attack on the town of Arab Said, which has become a stronghold of the Fa Ithbatu Operation Room.

According to opposition sources, HTS amassed a large strike force near Arab Said, which is located west of Idlib city. The terrorist group even deployed heavy equipment, including a T-90 battle tank that was captured from government forces earlier this year.

A day earlier, militants from Fa Ithbatu took control of Arab Said. Several small attacks were launched from the town at HTS checkpoints and positions around Idlib city.

HTS is now shelling Arab Said. Moreover, heavy clashes are taking place in the town’s outskirt. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that civilians are now fleeing the region as a large battle appears to be nearing.

Fa Ithbatu was established earlier this month by groups hostile to HTS, like Horas al-Din, as well as defectors from the group itself.

HTS apparently saw the new operations room as a threat to its regime in Greater Idlib. Senior leaders of the operations room, Abu Salah al-Uzbeki and Abu Malek al-Tali, were quickly arrested by HTS security forces. This step provoked the current conflict.

The conflict with Fa Ithabtu is the biggest internal challenge to HTS’ grip over Greater Idlib since the start of 2020. The terrorist group will likely lose much of its power and influence if it fails to impose its will on Fa Ithbatu.


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About time these dogs turned on each other, too bad civilians are still in the area and aren’t allowed to leave


Terrorists V/S terrorists.. Kill Kill..

Wooof.. good dog..

King Cliff

The Russian must despatch recornasise planes and Mark’s locations to strike on both sides,one the fighting stops hit all of them at once if one group dont overcome the next group.


Yup, keep fighting each other idiots. Just making it easier for the SAA.


wow these people have no friends. i wish i could enjoy mother earth shedding some fleas with everyone but even worse people probably already have their popcorn ready for this one. many bastards will be up for grabs after this fight and they are probably getting off without having to pay these guys


Don’t forget to kill each other all of you.

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