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HTS Attempts To Reinvent Itself, But Will Moscow And Damascus Allow It To Do So?

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You can read this article in German: LINK

Attempts by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham to consolidate power further in Greater Idlib, and be “rebranded” are continuing with full force.

The al-Qaeda-affiliate so-called “opposition” group reinforced its military wing with yet another brigade, to a total of eleven.

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has spared no effort in attempting to restructure, develop and expand its military wing since being defeated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies during the December 2019–March 2020 Greater Idlib battle.

This reimagining of the terrorist group was advertised recently in a hype video promoting its forces as a modern, professional and organized army, not as a terrorist group ruling over a region of a sovereign country.

The terrorist group has also been working to eliminate any competition within Greater Idlib.

As of July 9th, HTS managed to force the infamous Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani, leader of Junud al-Sham, to dissolve his group of Chechen and Lebanese militants.

Turkey on its part is doing nothing to contain it, allowing frequent ceasefire violations and other atrocities.

The United States has already admitted that a rebranding of HTS is necessary, as it could be a useful ally against the Syrian government and its Russian support.

Naturally, both the Damascus government and Moscow’s forces aren’t sitting idly and allowing the so-called “moderate opposition” to do as it pleases.

Turkey as a signatory to the ceasefire regime refuses to even attempt to enforce it and Russia is forced to take matters into its own hands and respond to any gross violations.

On July 9, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) carried out a series of airstrikes on several locations across Greater Idlib, mostly of importance to HTS.

Several airstrikes targeted the hills surrounding the town of Kabani in the northern countryside of Lattakia, an infamous stronghold of various al-Qaeda affiliates, HTS included.

On the very next day, Russia’s efforts continued, and the VKS struck a number of targets in the outskirts of the town of Josef in southern Idlib.

The fight isn’t that of the Russian forces alone, and they happened not by accident alongside Syrian artillery strikes, which targeted militants’ positions in southern Idlib, northwestern Hama and northern Lattakia.

HTS is likely feeling a sense of urgency in consolidating power over Greater Idlib and reinventing itself, as the US is in need of another stable ally, that Turkey doesn’t oppose.

Clashes between Turkish-backed factions and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are not uncommon.

The SDF also have their hands full with attempting to contain ISIS, which is resulting in an increasing number of victims and a lack of new recruits to fight against the terrorists.

The United States is having its positions in Syria, and also in Iraq, successively targeted following its June 27th strikes on ‘resistance’ positions.

With its soldiers and equipment being subject to various strikes, it is of utmost importance that a reliable ally provides the necessary “diversion” from Washington’s interests.

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Same story as the last several years. The SAA & allies will use the rebranded al-qaeda imbeciles as target practice, soften them up, test weapons systems on the monkeys as the war of attrition continues in favor of Syrian armed forces.


Tested in Syria on foreign rats that should have stayed in their own countries.


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Simon Ndiritu

HTS still smells like Al Nusra Front losers they were in 2015.

Icarus Tanović

They’re the same, just changed name. HTS is Al Nusra.

concrete mike

December 16 2016, now that was a great day!

Icarus Tanović


A clown like you

Just like the Taliban…extremist Sunnis trying hard to get support from yanquis.

A clown like you

More support* Also, extremist Sunnis get support (in form of money) from Qatar, SA, Turkey, and UAE mainly…the US/NATO/Zion sends trainers and intel, not money, from time to time weapons as well.


Dont laugh too much at Russia, without german help Russia couldn’t even get oil hahahhahahaha


Right, they only liberated europe from nazi swine. Speaking of nazis, you are a zionist degenerate with multiple passports. Shouldn’t you be out shopping for diapers?



Most people here laugh at sheer idiocy of your ideologically driven Russophobia. Because, in the real world, the Germans desperately want Russian oil and natural gas resources. It is the simplest force of basic market economics. German demand and Russian supply. Based on: the largest and closest proximity supplier, the shortest pipe-transit investment routes, and the most stable and reliable long term trading partner. Game, set and match for a German-Russian resources link up. Of course, the ideologically driven Neo-Cons will throw their usual, and predictable, childish Russophobe tantrums, but that is just denial in the face of market reality. Best grow up and deal with it.

Last edited 11 months ago by GoldStandard

Terrific. The US is now hoping these jihadis with a new haircut and a shoe shine are just what Syria needs. And by gosh we’re going to help them keep the killing going because that’s what America does now.


Whether called al-Quieda, al-Nusra, HTS, or whatever rebrand comes next, the whole exercise shows the US War on Terror was a fraud (just old fashioned Empire conquest dressed up for the masses). The US captured and turned armed insurrectionist Islamist’s during the Iraq occupation, and then handled and sponsored them to form Islamist factions against the neighboring Syrian state from 2012. Now that is state sponsored terrorism.


We know the “war on terror” was kicked into high gear after 11/9 2001 which was a cabalistic ritual “false flag”. This is why the zionists and wahhabi trash were in town during those days. To “watch the show”.

Try the documentary, Donald Trump, 9/11, Case Closed. Correct version is just under one hour.

Roddney Loder.

They have to rebrand as recruitment is drying up especially from the East, what their doing is relying more and more on mercenaries from the African Maghreb, $ are something HTS has plenty of. Brothe Erdogan is being propositioned by Biden but if that goes ahead it will cost the US dearly but will take years to work itself into default while pushing Russia and China into an openly anti Jew maggot (israel) posture by forcing the Jew maggots to declare in favour of the US and consequently openly promote Taiwanese and Ukrainians traitorous.

There is only one quick fix, support the realism everyone knows about, support Terry Loder as Jesus Christ.

Djibril Al Kamylles

Hélp them please, they are our last hope to break assad and isis

Djibril Al Kamylles

Keep out the good work they feel they are doomed its why they attack so much, in thé Sky with thé Angèls they already lose

Djibril Al Kamylles

And turkish mafia please get ride of Erdogan


Is there a constant supply of new recruits or is russia not interested to finish the terrorists just like the US. I mean Assas is probably not a fan of russia or iran telling him what to do. The moment he has won he will probably stop listening zu them. Thats perhaps why they do not hurry to finish the job.



“What is Aleppo”?

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