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HTS Attacked Civilians In Northern Idlib Town For Not Paying “Taxes” (Videos)

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) launched on November 7 a large attack against civilians and local fighters in the town of Kafar Takharim in northern Idlib after they refused to pay Islamic taxes.

Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition outlet, reported that the crisis began earlier this week when HTS’s government attempted to collect Zakat [an Islamic tax] from the locals of Kafar Takharim, who had just harvested their olive farms.

Civilians rejected to pay the terrorist group, that hysterically increased its taxes over the last few years, and kicked its representatives and security forces out of Kafar Takharim.

HTS’ gave the locals a 48-hours to pay Zakat for the olive harvest or face a military attack. The Turkish-backed al-Sham Legion, which used to control the town, and a local Islamic council reached agreements with the terrorist group, justifying an attack on the town.

According to Enab Baladi, HTS launched the attack in the early morning, targeting the town with heavy weapons, which lead to casualties.

“Clashes are taking place in the town’s outskirt, HTS is using 14[.5] mm and 23 mm anti-aircraft guns as well as mortar shells, this resulted in two causalities and injured many displaced [civilians,” the outlet quoted sources inside the town as saying.

From its side, HTS claimed that its security forces are attacking “corrupters” in Kafar Takharim, accusing some of the locals of opening fire at two of its commanders.

Many towns in Greater Idlib witnessed protests in support  of people from Kafr Takharim. However, the situation is not expected to escalate in any other part of the region. Most civilians fear the terrorist group’s iron fist.

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Western outrage appearing in three……. two…… one……, well, who am I kidding, there is never going to be any Western outrage over this. Only ever whenever Assad does something.


These are Trukey’s terrorists. Oh my—– and Russia still supporting Erdogan at Idlib, Afrin and North Syria, ! WOW !

Mustafa Mehmet

For once just zipped.. say something intelligent f.. king idiot go and jump ?

Mustafa Mehmet

assad tige force and Russia and they are mercenary start attacking..what they waiting for whatever will be will be enough is enough just get rid of the bloodsucking terrorist bastard

Concrete Mike

I agree with you, but our governments insist on protecting hts and their white helmets scum bags.

Its these motherfuckers that are keeping then refugees from returning home, HTS has to go as they cant be negotiated/reasoned with.

Tommy Jensen

If civilians are harvesting values and refuses to pay, they must feel the consequences. We Americans cant pay every little bill for toiletpaper in Syria and be nanny for everybody.
If Syrians want security and freedom they must also contribute and do something by themselves!

Lee Vanderheiden

History has it that it has been Assad’s army with Russian air support that rid Syria of its terrorists, contrary to what we hear in MSM. History has it Al Qaeda was a paid mercenary force by Western interests in toppling Assad to enter into Syria.


Talk about a late penalty !!

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