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How YouTube Uses Its Algorithms To Get Rid Of ‘Alternative Media’


On April 19, SouthFront drew attention to the recent attacks on the project and strange things observed on YoutTube.

The Jimmy Dore Show has recently released a vide on the topic. It’s entitled “YouTube Admits Not Notifying Subscribers & Screwing With Algorithms” and clearly explains how YouTube uses its algorithms to get rid of ‘alternative media’ and to promote the mainstream narrative.

Don’t believe YouTube, don’t wait for notifications. Check updates on SouthFront and other YouTube channels by yourself.



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  • Paul James

    Thats too funny – a few mins after I wrote the following your article shows up – great job South Front! https://southfront.org/how-youtube-uses-its-algorithms-to-get-rid-of-alternative-media/

    I am curious what you think people – I have posted provoking content like the following: https://www.facebook.com/notes/paul-james/public-service-announcement-about-your-enslavement/866672440191139/ It has been posted to groups with 100k members, 1M+ members and the document got 4 shares, 14 reads! When I look at the groups – I see the post but question is – what do others see? How much of our important content is being blocked is what I am wondering… Since my original page and feed was cut in 2013 that had 4700 subscribers my entire fascist book page and feed has been severely crippled .. i guess this bark is to say that it appears to me that meaningful content is likely being manipulated more than can possibly know for we do not know what we would be seeing if we were playing fare free speech platform! I see the same BS going on twitter as the recent Google whistle blower exposed!

    • Freespirit

      Use TOR BROWSER and use the button ( top left corner of TOR. which allows you to change IP addresses.

      Some IPS, especially Germany IPS. are blocking content with strange, literally, unbelievable excuses.

      I sometime have to change 4 or more IPS before I get the full, or ANY, content of a particular site I want to view

      We have to, now work much harder, to get what we want

  • 5commando

    Videos of targeted users are filtered & merely relegated, so that people can hardly see their videos! .There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!!

    • Merijn

      The ZioNazi Way… Kick Everything they Have Created out of the Door….or Create Good Substitutes and Alternatives

  • John Brown

    Stop crying about it and start doing something about it instead. Give out alternative video sharing links on your website permanently, just like everyone needs to stop using the racist supremacist Jewish SWIFT and the federal reserve racist supremacist Jewish dollar. I have to say this site is dumb in not starting to transition away from You Tube a long time ago. What did South Front expect to happen?????

  • BL

    It’s called Jewtube for a reason.

  • Merijn

    We need some Algorithms to get Rid of YouTube… Time for a Good Replacement….

  • IMHO

    I have noticed the censorship for a while now.
    RIGHT NOW if I search “North Korea” on Bing and on Youtube the only stories that appear are from Main Stream and other pro U.S. liberal news sources.
    If I want news from Southfront or Russia Insider I have to type their names in myself.
    On a side note: RT is starting to look like controlled opposition to me now. Despite the good articles and interviews they have provided, they have been harping a lot on Racism, Gun Control, Animal Rights, Discrimination and other liberal attack points used in the U.S. by liberal progressives for decades now. Look out Russia because it is Media like that who have destroyed morality and liberty in our society.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Here is an entire news article on the subject of pressureship to force sites or individuals or organisations to change their narrative. https://dailystormer.name/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Screen-Shot-2018-04-20-at-1.20.55-AM.png