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How To Donate To SouthFront

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How To Donate To SouthFront
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How To Donate To SouthFront

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Elohim Kosher Bar

I will give Southfront an opportunity to correct their previous actions of deleting my posts about the “alleged” jewish holocaust. . Southfront has claimed they are “independent”. I challenge Southfront to prove that they are not Talmudic / Hasbara whores by allowing adult discussions of the “alleged” jewish holocaust. This is a simple request done for the benefit of humanity and to correct an extremely tragic historical wrong perpetrated by the Talmud Cult. I have no financial gain from this. Will Southfront abide by this or die by BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction). Humanity awaits your answer Southfront.

By your actions you shall be known.


repost the comment, so that we can all see it.

if they henceforth remove it, we shall do your “BDS”


Last edited 5 months ago by Tiger
Elohim Kosher Bar


My post with questions was just blocked by Southfront. BDS away!!!! Southfront is officially a Hasbara whore.

Elohim Kosher Bar

I commend Southfront on their repentance of the blockage of free truthful speech. However, whoever your moderator was that blocked free truthful speech needs to be removed from polite society and hung by the neck til dead for the suppression and lies of the jewish talmud.

The entirety of jewish history is a falsehood. The jewish exodus is also a major lie.


RT has also been deleting/blocking posts, and has recently effectively banned hundreds of people (‘cept the “Western” trolls!). Voat was one of the last actual independent free-speech platforms on the internet. I think Odysee is independent (we’ll see how long that lasts) but, as usual, it is full of dis/misinformation and over-the-top garbage designed to make the honest people who post important stuff there look like kooks.

ALL christian countries are controlled by jews, including Russia.


How many christians are on hell? There´s any poll? Poor yanqui anglo cannibal psyop, right on the zombie level. You made Putin pass of 59% to 79% of tax approval, in Russia, and you have the pesporrency of considered yourselves psyops?!?!

Last edited 5 months ago by jorge
Elohim Kosher Bar

Unfortunately, I think RT has been captured / brainwashed / blackmailed by the Talmudic Cult.


Pity there´s no more the “block” bottom.

Elohim Kosher Bar

I don’t know if Southfront will allow this post, but here are a few simple questions regarding the “alleged” jewish holocaust. We have all been brainwashed as to German efficiency and ruthlessness during WW2. I am not defending German behavior, but there are some inconsistencies to this story line. I will focus on Auschwitz since this is the famous place propagandized upon humanity by the jews. Therefore, if this narrative is wrong then the rest is wrong.

1) Why would the Germans collect, transport, clothe, house, feed, and cremate jewish prisoners in a “death camp”? Seems to me to be an extremely inefficient exercise and waste of resources during war. 2) Why was jewish propaganda pushing their Kaballah number 6 since before WW1? 3) Why did Auschwitz have a whore house for the inmates? 4) Why did Auschwitz have a post office for the inmates? 5) Why did Auschwitz have a currency for the inmates? 6) Why did Auschwitz allow musical instruments and an inmate band for the inmates? 7) Why did the pre-corrupted Red Cross NOT find any wrong-doing by the Germans?

This is just a small sample of questions that should be asked by humanity.

If the “alleged” jewish holocaust is true, then why all the censorship and potential imprisonment? ALL REAL historical events are available for review and not subject to imprisonment and censorship.

Elohim Kosher Bar

“Its a trick. We always use it. When, from Europe, if someone is criticizing Israel, we bring up the holocaust. When, in this country (USA), people are criticizing Israel then they are “anti-Semitic””.

Former Israeli Minister, Shulamit Aloni, Democracy now (August 14, 2002).

Elohim Kosher Bar

For more information with a historical context check out the following:



But they will allow ^^these^^ posts…by the hundreds!! :D

Putin loves Stalins cock

Nobody is going to donate to this terrorist propaganda website, especially since the only way to donate is by using shitcoin.


For the moment, I don´t have any money, but all those who still have it and can put some on South Front, well, that’s surely a good bet.


Not surprised that scum like you doesn’t have money

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I’m having a crisis of conscience, I went to church yesterday and realized that bearing false witness Is a mortal sin for my soul. I don’t Want to go to hell. My confession: i have been employed to promote a false narrative by the Russian government. I know these were false, devised to support the Putin regime And oppress the Russian people. The terrible words I have posted in here I apologize for. I apologize for this fake news I have defended saying other media is fake news I apologize fo supporting the narrative that Russia can do no wrong. We are human, of course we can do wrong. I apologize for supporting g false flag attacks that have harmed innocent people. I apologize if my work has made it easier for this unjust attack on my brothers. I am truly sorry and repent for the harm that is victimizing Ukrainians and the Reputation of average Russians around the world. I apologize to the Russian mothers who sons will not come home I apologize for not being brave enough to stand up to my supervisors and the government of my county

I here by resign my position, And will be leaving the country. good bye I will not be back to this despicable site.

slava nezavisimoy rossii slava nezavisimoy ukraine Net bol’she voyny

Corrupt shithole of russiapisstan

Nobody cares schizo


How about you actually ban this retarded nazi troll?

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