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How To Bring Russia To Its Knees. Simply Acquire Her (amazing turn in the sanction war)

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How To Bring Russia To Its Knees. Simply Acquire Her (amazing turn in the sanction war)

IMAGE: Luke MacGregor / Bloomberg

The biggest Russian glass factory AO “Kavminsteklo” has halted glass bottle deliveries to the Republic of Crimea in order to fulfill US sanctions. This may force Crimean wine producers to halt their work for a period from 2 to 6 months because another large glass bottle producer – “Rusjam” – has no capabilities to secure deliveries for all Crimean wine producers.

Aleksandrs Pavlovs, a recently appointed top manager, of “Kavminsteklo” is from the Baltics (Latvia). He’s well known for his anti-Russian sentiments. Pavlovs, who has spent most of its carrier in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sphere, got his new appointment in early April. Previously, he worked in Minsk, Belarus as a country manager of Danone Russia.

Almost immediately, Pavlovs told AO “Kavminsteklo” employees that the company is freezing any cooperation with Crimean businesses in the framework of the imposed “US sanctions”. He also told his new workers to keep the reason of this decision in secret because it may cause a negative reaction from the Russian government.

However, far from all Pavlovs’ new employees appeared to be persons without principles. Some of them leaked details of this situation to the media. Despite this, the bottle deliveries to Crimea were stopped. No Russian authorities or officials have reacted to this situation so far.

It should be noted that a tourist season is starting in Crimea soon. The tourism makes a notable part of the republic’s annual budget.

The risk posed by the decision of “Kavminsteklo” to halt bottle deliveries to Crimea was addressed by the head of the association of winegrowers and wine-makers “Sevastopol” in a letter to a member of Russia’s Parliament (Duma), Dmitry Belik. This very letter states that “Kavminsteklo” and “Rusjam” are de-facto monopolists in Crimea and described the situation as “critical”. However, issues related to bottle deliveries have appeared just recently.

Russia’s news website RBC conducted a brief research into the situation with “Kavminsteklo”. According to the RBC data, until 2015, “Kavminsteklo” was a part of the international concern “Saint-Gobain”. In 2015, the concern’s business section “Verallia”, which includes “Kavminsteklo”, was sold to the consortium of the US fund “Apollo Global Management” and the French state investment bank “BPI Finance”. At that moment, “Verallia” was the third biggest glass package producer around the world. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is among strategic investors of “Apollo Global Management”.

One of the biggest Russian glass container producers, which has roots from the Soviet times, is controlled by the Western capital. Nonetheless, “Kavminsteklo” legally is a Russian company that makes billions by exploiting Russian soil and is patronized by officials of various levels. The very same company immediately halted deliveries to its core clients by a decision of the newly-appointed top manager. No formal reasons were publicly provided. De-facto the decision was made by a political-motivated request of the third party.

In any another large country around the world – the US, EU states, China or India – this would not be possible. However, all seems to be possible in Russia.

Similar approaches were used against Russian strategic enterprises, especially defense enterprises, in the 1990s. Such enterprises were gained via an illegal takeover or bought for a mere song by investors affiliated with Western sponsors. Then, they were intentionally led to a bankruptcy or stopped deliveries to internal Russian clients using various justifications. These approaches allowed to eliminate a notable part of the post-Soviet industrial potential. It seems that concerned parties have decided to repeat this successful case of combating Russia.

Today is April 25. The problem with bottle deliveries has been delivering for a third week in a row. Russian authorities have undertaken no measures against the legal entity or its top manager.

In a much more debatable situation, US authorities pushed for a detention of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer and deputy chair. The Huawei top manager was arrested in Canada’s Vancouver on December 1 under the US request. She remains detained. Multiple Russian citizens also remain detained in the US under various pretexts. If one takes into account the US behavior, Russian authorities must detain Pavlovs immediately over his deliberate attempt to damage Russia’s state interests.


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Doesn’t make sense. Film at 11.

Toronto Tonto

Just stop the flow of vodka and bath salts done .

Concrete Mike

Shut up and go play some golf scumbag


Sounds to me like any business that works against the country it’s located in while following the dictates of a foreign country (as in this case), should be expelled or forced to sell (at a reasonable price) to the country where it was doing business.


Jews everywhere are conspirators, cheaters, thieves and child butchers.


Government’s inaction shows how weak and defensive attitude Russia poses to US sanctions.


This isn’t abnormal as same goes for Rusal refusing to work or Sberbank refusing to work in Crimea because majority of their business is not located in Russia but they at least keep money within Russia. In turn though, this should mean development of a glass plant in Crimea to create jobs as well as produce the necessary bottles for their needs.

As for this kind of action, I agree, authorities should act on this. I imagine they are waiting for enough info to come out as well as their own investigations to be done (not everything has to be thrown out into the media as if twitter diplomacy is a thing). But at same time too, this kind of stuff does happen where companies refuse to sell to each other or to other states within the west too.


You know what would work? Try a petition against the company. Recently a petition was held against a chinese company building a water bottle plant in Lake Baikal region. After it got enough attention, the plants development was frozen. So I imagine if this gets enough attention, then they will be forced to act on this as well. Sad that it comes to this but this is rather standard issue now – where authorities are to be told by popular opinion rather than anything else. Too many things going on, hard to concentrate on one bottling plant.

Tudor Miron

You are a bit late with your assumtions – electric power deficit is over for a couple of years now.


Russia is able to move a mountain in the time it takes the West to move an ant hill.

Regulations in the West seem to be intended to employ the previously unemployable village idiots as inspectors, and so by, inflate the costs of all construction projects.

Such projects then need more funding from the zionist banks, and its a lose lose for the taxpayer.

Miguel Redondo

“In turn though, this should mean development of a glass plant in Crimea to create jobs as well as produce the necessary bottles for their needs.”
It is a good idea , yes , but one has to make some considerations. Crimea , once sewered from the electric power grid in Ukraine has a heavy problem with electric energy consumption because they lacked until now from power plants on the own soil. They are now solving this problem by trying to connect to the russian grid via the Kerch-bridge and building own power plants. But that is time consuming. You dont build powerplants for millions of people plus the necessary industries in a weekend. So the problem of building a glass-bottle factory is not the issue until one has not solved the energy problem. To heat up many tonnes of glass , sand etc to 950º C is not an easy undertaking if you dont have a good powerline connected to your factory. You can try it with coal directly yes , but then you need also this infrastructure to bring it by rail.


The sanctions need to be self defeating by making alternatives available so that people don’t want to do business with the sanctioning entity because it’s to problematic and can do business without the hassle with normal companies and governments And then when the US government has trouble with it’s own economy because it’s strangling it’s own tax base it will figure out that it’s Ziocon Jew world order sanctions stupidity is a failure.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I have a $10 spot that says Pavlovs is a Jew. The solution to this is simple. Nationalize the company, seize the assets of all related “concerns,” and send these “businessmen” to prison on charges of treason for obeying US “law.”


Apollo Global Management.
Chairman and founder Leon Black Jewish.
Co-founder and Managing Director Joshua Harris Jewish.
Co-founder and senior Managing Director Marc Rowan Jewish.

So yes you are right, but these guys have been stealing from ordinary Americans for many years.
New York is the real Jewish State, Israel is just its bastard child.


Actually the Shylocks have been in a bit of a feeding frenzy lately, they stole billions from Sears, bankrupting them.


Nationalization is unnecessarily complex and likely a burden – traditional and far simpler state response is either an extensive and detailed tax audit of company and CEO, or an inquiry into hazards of market monopoly in an industrial sector – both internal revenue service and anti-trust laws have long been a powerful political tool deployed by the state within market economies.


They shoukd throw him in prison for 20 years – immediately!


Aaa.. no i see! That bloody treasonous bastards planned in advance and get him self to baltic state! Fkin unbelievable!


Apollo has a history of crooked deals and stealing from workers, and of course the head shylock Leon Black is Jewish.


Tudor Miron

5th column hard at work. Their time is ending soon, they just don’t realize it yet.


Nostradamus hits again


I think those in power do realize the jig is up, but their slaves blissfully wallow.

Albert Pike

Are you may be not a little bit to optimistic with: ‘Their time is ending soon’? Or do you believe in In ‘Q’, or Trump, or what? Where do you get your optimism from – I for sure would need some too, so where do you take ist from? What do you see what I can’t see…

John Whitehot

same exact thought.
some times, like in this case, there’s not even an attempt to hide the blatancy of the propagandistic content and filocabalistic livor.

other times, it’s more hidden.

in any case, there seem to be a particular source, that simply can’t help him/herself – from now on i’ll call it “Dr Strangelove”, because it reminds me of the wonderfully played nazi scientist, who struggled to keep his arm from nazi-saluting.

This article appears to be in line with the style of that author.

Tudor Miron

Well said John.

Olie H

I hope so. Scum like this Pavlovs betrayed Russia in 1917…. not “oppressed masses” of peasants and workers, but rich and educated ‘elite’ (mostly educated in France/GB). Kerensky was a traitor almost as much as Lenin.


Are couple of traditional options available within market economies for state response to such issues – either an extensive and detailed tax audit of company and CEO, or an inquiry into economic hazards of market monopoly in a given industrial sector – both internal revenue service and anti-trust laws have long been powerful political tools deployed by the state within market economies.


The company that owns Kavminsteklo Apollo Management is headquartered in New York and is owned by Jews.
The idea that the law would be used against Apollo in New York is preposterous.


Irrespective of location of any transnational parent company – the direct-regional management are subject to local laws and their operational end of the company can be sanctioned accordingly.


No, US law supersedes all other laws, according to the USA. Apollo would sue in New York, and the American courts would start seizing bank accounts and assets of anybody not American.
Just look at what the US did to Rusal. The law is whatever the USA decides is the law.


So, in the meantime, are workers dis-employed? What good does it do for regular folks who need to pay for food and rent?


In a transnational economic sanctions war – in this instance instigated against Russia by the US and its proxy-client Ukrainian regime – many jobs are invariably lost in the fallout.


I think the issue at the end of day is requiring access to US Dollars, and the same goes for other major businesses as well. They unfortunately need to comply with demands otherwise they will lose a lot of money. I’m not making apologies for them, they know they are stuck between a rock and a hard place so anyone can see they will be eventually forced to choose, so why haven’t they made a decision sooner? Because they are still making lots of money sitting on the fence. Probably more-so than if they left all together.

Russia will go along with this and no doubt replace in due course, but in the meantime I think Russia is getting more benefit from biting it’s tongue and playing the sanctions game smartly as if the country, as a whole, depends on it.

Xoli Xoli

Russian are full of pride and quick on decision making and this may cause serious downfall.Look how Erdogan and Brazil who is brick state has pull out.

Xoli Xoli

Just like in Syria the terrorists which Russia is supposed to attack are protected by his fake friend headchopper Erdogan and SDF.


Fire him for losing the Crimean business his company used to have before he stopped it.


it will be sorted – deliveries will resume shortly. just a question whether to direct the company to sell its wares to crimea, regardless of ownership or kick him out and expropriate the company at a very basic value. easy as pie!

MeMad Max

The only way to fight weaponized capitalism is with weaponized capitalism … better get on it russkies….


i’ve got a sense that this moron has just sealed his fate.

John Hanson

This is treason, much like everything else the ‘creative class’ in Russia does.

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