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How SouthFront changes the world


SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical project maintained by an independent  team of experts from the four corners of the Earth focusing on international relations issues and crises and working through a number of media platforms with a special emphasis on social networks. We focus on analysis and intelligence of the ongoing crises and the biggest stories from around the world: Ukraine, the war in Middle East, Central Asia issues, protest movements in the Balkans, migration crises, and others. In addition, we provide military operations analysis, the military posture of major world powers, and other important data influencing the growth of tensions between countries and nations. We try to dig out the truth on issues which are barely covered by governments and mainstream media.

Our team is a living proof that ordinary people, volunteers equipped with the newest ideas and technologies, can do what only government- and corporate-linked organizations were able to do in the past.

Wikileaks showed that anyone concerned could make a great contribution to the triumph of the truth. SouthFront, Analysis & Intelligence has shown that anyone can create and disseminate accurate and timely world-changing content.

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Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru
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