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How Much Does Canada’s Democracy Cost?


Canada is seeking help from the UAE and the UK to improve its relations with Saudi Arabia, which have escalated over the Canadian government’s criticizm against Riyadh’s crack down on human rights’ activists, Reuters reported on August 7.

On August 5, Saudi Arabia expelled Canada’s ambassador and freezed new trade and investment transactions with the country. On August 6, Saudi state airline Saudia said it is suspending flights to and from Toronto. By August 7, it had become known that Saudi Arabia would no longer buy Canadian wheat and barley.

These actions were taken in response to the critcizim of the arrest of women’s rights and human rights activists in Saudi Arabia voiced on an official level by the Global Affairs Canada on August 3. Critical remarks found no understanding in the Saudi leadership, which described them as “an overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs”.

Just a few days after the Saudi reponse, the Canadian government alredy forgot about its “democratic values” and started seeking a settlement of its diplomatic conflict with the regime arresting civil rights activists.

“The key is to work with allies and friends in the region to cool things down, which can happen quickly,” a source told Reuters commenting on the situation.

How much does Canada’s democracy cost if three days of light sanctions from Saudi Arabia were enough to change the course of its government?



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