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How Many “Last Hospitals” Russia-led Airstrikes Destroyed in Aleppo?

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Some calculations about the number of ‘last hospitals’ bombed and destroyed by Russian-led airstrikes in Aleppo city.

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Everything the MSM says about Syria is a lie.


Every hospital hit is 1 to many, no matter which side bombs them


True but news should still be accurate!


Yes, but war situations rarely make it easy reporting. Eastern aleppo hasnt been visited by neutral journalists for a while. I cant trust the civilians who are reporting pro rebel news, but i cant trust regime journalist neither. This site also made claims which were later retracted. Thats why i like to try to get a picture from all sorts of media and dont trust any1 of them alone.


No one says you should! But remember the lies from the mainstream they killed millions. Have a look at the voices of Syria episodes http://www.globalresearch.ca/voices-from-syria-reports-from-inside-syria/5510539 that are people not connected with the regime they tell a story! Have a look at Tim Anderson’s book the Dirty war on Syria it tells a story! Yes your right ! You need to a picture from all sorts of media but don’t expect it from corporate media it has its tentacles everywhere!

john mason

If you don’t believe in any of the media, then you need to go their and see for yourself. You can then report it and HOPE that some will believe you. Similar to UFO sightings, abductions, unless you witness one you won’t believe and if you report it, then you are a nut case.

Malice In Wonderland

It’s pretty hard to take the media seriously when it claimed back on June 10 this year that “air-strikes destroyed the last hospital in Aleppo”. Since then there have been over 20 reports claiming the exact same thing.

Surely it begs the question how many of these “last hospitals” there are and how they keep spontaneously regenerating in a ruined city every few weeks when supposedly no supplies are allowed in.

Something just doesn’t add up… and given the fact that both the USA and the UK have form when it comes to telling monumental lies in order to justify their constant intervention in the Middle East, I’m not about to start giving them the benefit of doubt now.

Jens Holm

You forget, that hospitals to start with often are big building systemes above as well as under ground. So when its bombed, it will loose specialized facilities and being reduced until everything is gone.

Between that You can rebuild whatever You can by reconstructors and by whats left inclding doctor, nurces ambulances a.s.o.

Therefore the name “hospital” are reduced. Its still a hospital if You have a table, can give some opium and cut a destroid leg it still a hospital compared to have nowhere and nothing.

Too mee many writers here are very dirty in their sick minds. The exact same people are asking for bigger and better bombs telling us to ignore liars about hospitals.


“This site also made claims which were later retracted.” – Feel free to show an example. We will be glad to improve the quality of our coverage. In other case, we will be pushed to describe your comment as a provocation and to delete it.


I have seen photos of multiple ATGM positions set on the top of hospitals before. There are no rules anymore. It is just a matter of whether or not somebody needs to take that position, attack that position, hold that position or not. We are back to WW I and nobody seems to realize it. It is a mess.

John Whitehot

actually, all evidence points to jihadists doing everything they can to make hospitals targets. Emplacing ATGMs is one of their tactics. This war has always been like this, the “rebels”, unable to win militarly and even less to get support of the Syrian population have played the card of causing outrage against Assad in order to make western direct intervention more likely. With Lybia, it worked, but it must be said that Gadafi was not Assad, and he was easily fooled into killing civilians and commiting atrocities. In Syria, it’s not going to work, lest alone with russian involvement. But, it’s clear that some saudi, western, or possibly jewish mind advices the ragheads on what moves they should do.



Igor Ochocinszk

According to MSM Aleppo and terrorist held Greater Idlib has the most and the best medical infrastructure on the globe, and by far!

chris chuba

The frustrating thing about the reporting in Syria, is that it looks like the Syrian govt is giving western reporters pretty close to full access to the areas they control. So if CNN or newspapers want to discover things for themselves, nothing stops them from traveling to Syria and viewing things from govt held territory. They could watch the siege of Aleppo and see the areas as they are captured by govt forces and see how many civilians are their and how they react for themselves.

If people know otherwise let me know but I have not heard of any cases where the Syrian govt has put onerous restrictions on western media. It looks more like western media doesn’t care and would rather be spoon fed youtube clips from the White Helmets.

Bill Rood

Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett have no problem getting access to W. Aleppo, but Eva reported that the machismos of corporate media prefer to stay in hotels in Damascus.



Rüdiger Preiss

Dear Southfront, here you are pointing the finger on inaccurate western media and by all means I am not a defender of them. BUT wouldn’t it be crucial for you to be EXTRA careful not to make mistakes yourself? Your hospital #3’s time stamp is 19th November 2016, but you have recorded it as “July 19, 2016” (see image)? Aslo, you are listing quite a few news / twitter reports on the “last hospital” from 19th November – why count each of them as a separate hospital? And isn’t there a bit of a difference between tweets and actual news? This isn’t helpful … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4881eb592db11f21c7fd518a76fc1453b1e2516287d8d699b8e9cd5176f75b36.jpg


The problem is that Twitter “activists” make up stuff as they see fit or don’t include the source of their information. So it’s only legitimate to count each as individual “news”. You also should know that many people make no difference anymore between “news” from social media and regular news sites. There’s also an ongoing war about interpretational sovereignty. The result? The MSM complains about “fake news” as if they have the monopoly on news. The “fake news argument” is just an attempt to restrict free speech.

Rüdiger Preiss

I appreciate the response and I totally agree with your statement about MSM, but your reply only covers a part of my concern. There are clearly inaccuracies in this video, in particular the date stamp ‘July 19, 2016’ not corresponding with what SF have edited. I think if you want to impeach the MSM reporting it is crucial to be extra accurate.

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