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How Low Can You Go? Ukrainian MP Calls Russian Ambassador’s Murderer a ‘Hero’ Read

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This is an example of “political leaders” that the Obama adminsitration supports in Ukraine.

How Low Can You Go? Ukrainian MP Calls Russian Ambassador's Murderer a 'Hero'  Read

© Sputnik/ Stringer

Originally appeared at Sputniknews

On Monday, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was killed by a terrorist gunman in Ankara. The ambassador’s murder has met with condemnation from politicians worldwide. But in Kiev, some lawmakers are actually celebrating the killing. Among them is Volodymyr Parasiuk, who called the ambassador’s murderer a ‘hero’.

On December 19, the Russian ambassador was murdered by a terrorist gunman at the opening of an art gallery exhibition in Ankara; he was reportedly shot in the back nine times. Three others were injured in the attack, and the gunman, 22-year-old Mevlut Mert Altintas, was killed by Turkish security forces shortly thereafter.

Karlov’s murder was met with shock and condemnation from around the world, with leaders and diplomats worldwide offering words of support to Moscow.  Even countries with which Russia has had difficult relations in the past have condemned the killing.

However, in every orchard there are a few bad apples, and for some, even Karlov’s reprehensible murder seemed to be no exception.

Volodymyr Parasyuk, a Ukrainian nationalist lawmaker, who was suspected of committing war crimes in Kiev’s war in the Donbass before being elected to the country’s parliament in 2014, decided to try and make a name for himself by praising the murder and calling Karlov’s killer a ‘hero’.

In a post on his Facebook page, Parasyuk posted a photo of Altintas from immediately after Karlov’s murder, along with the phrase “when a man is ready, at the cost of his own life, to take extreme measures for the sake of an idea, for the sake of truth, then it can be said with confidence that he is a hero.”

Getting into a heated argument with some of his readers, Parasyuk kept insisting that Karlov’s killer was “a hero to his people.” Users countered, pointing out that Turkish social media is now filled with anything but flattering words toward Altintas.

Users also slammed Parasyuk for his stupidity, pointing out that every other European government has condemned the terrorist act. Some called the Ukrainian lawmaker’s remarks a manifestation of extremism in its own right.

Amazingly, even users who sympathize with Parasyuk and his radical ideas told him that “killing an unarmed ambassador is not an act of heroism, but a terrorist attack.” Others also pointed to the killer’s alleged sympathies for the jihadists in Syria, and asked whether Parasyuk thought that maybe “the guys who crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were also heroes” in the lawmaker’s eyes.

Others simply pointed out that as a politician serving in the country’s parliament, Parasyuk should engage in trying to solve Ukraine’s many social, political, and economic problems, instead of trying to whip up scandal.

Some Ukrainian media sources, which had at first eagerly jumped to report on Parasyuk’s remarks, soon began deleting their articles, apparently understanding that the matter was embarrassing to the country’s image, and deciding it was unworthy of coverage.

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Interesting times, hehe, yeah an real curse.

Do notice this, and this is The reason for me to talk about false flags, where this killing was intended to be about, Islam.

Do notice, the onslaught on Islam and Iran suddenly, everybody whines about “evil islam” and somehow this meme is becomes an “law of the nature” regarding debating religious issues this days and ISIS is the “prof” of how “evil Islam” is.

Like the attach on the bar, where tree stones in one bag was filled, guns, gays and Muslims.
How uh…… convenient, even when it was another lousy false flag.

And this, German attach is guided into by comments/hasbaratnjiks to be about “evil Islam” and Iran.
Yeah, not a word about ISIS/CIA/Mossad.
Etc, etc, etc.
Dont insult me with delusional drivel, this was an provo to create hate, period, both, and how do the debate go, huh, and how, by whom.
And they lie about the Abramic religious where they dont know nor is willing to admit, that Islam and Christianity is exactly the same, thats why in churches in the eastern lands have an Georgian cross ( 7 arrows) and the Half moon underneath.

The Norce and the Nobel, piss price, period the Chines one as an Yankee boosted NGO, we all know that, why dont the Chines leaders ask our stinking rotten Nazi-Brende our totally corrupt FM about.
His support to the Neo Nazis and Jihadist in Ukraine is going.
The firebombing of Libya, where the brave Norce burned children alive, and have done illegal wars for 25 years incl Afghanistan.
Ups, but no, instead I am forced to watch this freaks drool in real time.
The Norce died an millennium ago, the Vikings never even existed, the Norce is like the History of Israel just hogwash, and nothing else.
Hypocrisy is the Norce “best” asset,(like sports where the norce skiers have systematically doped them self since Lilly-hammer 30 years ago and do even to day, but whines about Russians, on top of it) lying rotten scums, with no morale left what so ever, that died decades ago, and now, pfhy, Yankeestan whores and mouth pieces and thats it.
And run as an SoreAss open asylum, where PC-ism is an religion.
Yeah, what Norway.
When their name is from an Finnish price, Nor.


Joseph Scott

Exactly. The plan, as you have correctly surmised, is to use Islam to create a worldwide security crisis, under which they can unite the world.


Yes many in the west have not been so happy since the Russian airliner
was blown up over Sinai .

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