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How Joe Biden Is Slowly Suiciding America’s Economy

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How Joe Biden Is Slowly Suiciding America's Economy

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Written by Eric Zuesse

Starting on 7 April 2023, a rule that Joe Biden’s U.S. Commerce Department issued on 12 October 2022 will be fully in force, outlawing, by U.S. Executive (President Biden’s) fiat, any U.S.-allied country to engage in any commerce (buying or selling) with China that his Administration considers to be (or potentially to be) related to either artificial intelligence or supercomputing. He’s pretending to be the chief executive officer not ONLY for the U.S. Government but for the entire planet — all nations — the leader of the entire world’s government, replacing any authority that the U.N. or any of its agencies might possess, and with authority to replace international law by whatever he presents as being “international rules.” Finally, his Administration’s many assertions that they represent “the rules-based international order” have clear meaning: that phrase means whatever the U.S. regime wants it to mean. Those “rules” replace whatever is, or might be, international laws (which is the U.N.’s supposed — and exclusive — area of authority); and, (unlike whatever authority the Truman-created version of the FDR-planned “United Nations” might have possessed) this “rules-based international order” is backed up by the U.S. military, which constitutes half of the entire world’s military (with 1,649 military bases throughout the world, of which 900 are in foreign countries) and thus — as the physical enforcer of the U.S. regime’s “international rules” — provides to it the enforcement-power that U.S. President Truman refused to allow the U.N. to possess.

On 14 October 2022, the international law firm of Crowell & Moring headlined “New U.S. Restrictions on Transfers to China for Semiconductor and Advanced Computing Uses”, and reported that

Two new rules announced by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) strive to severely inhibit China’s progress in indigenously producing advanced semiconductors. Although advanced semiconductors are widely used for commercial applications, BIS cited serious concerns regarding China’s use of the technology for WMD and military applications, and enabling human rights violations or abuses. BIS’ announcement follows remarks in September by the U.S. National Security Advisor signaling a shift in the U.S. export control strategy from one of maintaining a “relative” advantage over competitors in certain key technologies, to maintaining “as large a lead as possible.” It remains to be seen if U.S. allies key to the semiconductor supply chain will impose similar export restrictions on transfers to China. Following the announcement of the rules, BIS officials have underscored the importance of multilateral adoption of the new currently unilateral controls, describing engagement with allies as a “priority” for BIS.

“WMD” and “human rights violations and abuses” are the U.S. regime’s standard excuses for its aggressions against other countries, either via sanctions or via coups or via invasions (such as was the case in Iraq), but Crowell was also pointing out, to its clients, the real reason: that “BIS’ announcement follows remarks in September by the U.S. National Security Advisor signaling a shift in the U.S. export control strategy from one of maintaining a ‘relative’ advantage over competitors in certain key technologies, to maintaining ‘as large a lead as possible.'”In other words: this action by Biden is intended to cripple China in artificial intelligence and in supercomputing, so as to lock-in for the indefinite future the U.S. regime’s global dominance, which will be necessary in order for the U.S. to replace the U.N. and its international laws, by America’s (and its military’s) “international rules” — such as by forcing the U.S. regime’s ‘allies’ or vassal-nations to comply with them (in this instance, by dropping China as regards supercomputing and AI).

Just as Biden’s America had forced Russia — when Russia demanded from it., on 17 December 2021, a promise that Ukraine on Russia’s border will never be allowed to join America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO — to invade Ukraine in order for Russia to be able to prevent Ukraine from ever being able to join NATO, Biden’s America is also now forcing China to either choose to become another U.S. ‘ally’ or else to become “The West’s” ‘enemy’, and for the entire world to be forced to choose sides between the U.S. regime and its ‘enemies’: China and Russia.

Both in regards to Russia, and in regards to China, the U.S. regime is now forcing any remaining “non-aligned” nation to choose a side in what the U.S. regime views as being already WW III (though not YET a nuclear WW III — that is yet to come).

The non-aligned nations are being forced by the United States into needing to be “either for us or against us.” The coming world will be the U.S. and its ‘allies’ against everybody else. And the U.S. and its ‘allies’ will need to pretend that the aggressors here are China and Russia, instead of the U.S. This will be the ‘democracies’ versus the ‘dictatorships’.

The Crowell advisory also pointed out that only starting on 7 April 2023 will the full force of this new means of aggression against China be felt:

Temporary General License

To avoid disruptions of the IC supply chain, BIS has also announced a temporary general license (TGL), effective October 21, 2022 through April 7, 2023, allowing exports, reexports, or retransfers from abroad to or within China by companies not headquartered in an U.S. arms embargoed or sanctioned cy to allow for activity in China involving advanced IC and computer parts now covered by the new controls. The TGL does not authorize transactions with end users or ultimate consignees in China, nor does it allow activities with Entity Listed parties.

Right now, the firms that have relationships with Chinese firms regarding supercomputing and artificial intelligence are either preparing to do without China, or else to do without America, in those fields. So: if a firm will be writing-off China, then here is what they will be writing off:

On 29 August 2022, I headlined “Why RussChina Will Probably Be the Dominant Nation Beyond the Year 2100” and opened by pointing out, about China,

China is already a serious contender to become the world’s dominant nation because of its Governmental system and because that system has produced by far a larger number of highly intelligent and well-educated people than any other nation has. China’s most-basic asset is its having the world’s largest population; and, to this, its Governmental system has increased (added to) the effectiveness of that population, so as to make China already the world’s #1 nation regarding human resources.

Regarding China’s “Governmental system,” I linked there to a recent study titled “China is Fast Outpacing U.S. STEM PhD Growth” by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University. In other words: China’s graduate levels of education in Science, Technology, Mathemnatics, and Engineering, already is “fast outpacing” America’s.

Regarding China’s “increased (added to) the effectiveness of that population” I linked to PISA, the global high-school test-results-based comparisons of pre-college education, or “Program for International Student Assessment” and linked there to an article about that from Big Think dot com, titled “China’s schoolkids beat American students in all academic categories”.

Regarding China’s being “the world’s #1 nation” for “human resources,” I linked directly to that PISA study, because it proves that China’s high school students are dreams that America’s colleges and universities can only hope to be bringing here to become, as adults, assets to this nation instead of to any other nation (such as China).

America is living off of what FDR, and, before him, Lincoln, and before him, America’s Founders, did. Truman and his successors have, by now, already wasted it. Biden wants to force the rest of the world not to notice. But, by cutting off China (the world’s leader in human resources) and Russia (the world’s leader in physical resources), he is destroying his nation, forever.

(That last link is to a news-site whose leading contributor — the one having the largest number of high-viewers-per-page articles there — until recently was myself, but the site’s owner was recently threatened by an agent for the U.S. regime and so cancelled me, as a result of which, my articles have been removed from there, so that his business will not be destroyed by any such agent.So, as-of today, here is what is showing at that URL. And here it was before that. And here is why it was done.)

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.


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USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

Slowly but surely.

It is not so obvious because they managed to “FUCK EU!” with Ukraine war and EU, China and the rest of the world with covid.

Ghost of 3rd

Well then Putin basically killed Rússia and put salt on it 🤣🤣 by the way ..

Situation in ukraine: another day another base smashed, this time goat fuckers got raped, love it 🥰 twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1610936951644864513?s=20&t=82KF-KmGDvqyaFuAzRPWrA


I really insist you go to bed, take your fentanyl boosters with you or I tell your mother.


In other words, the US is now openly declaring to be the one and only hegemonic global power, which in its ultimate dictatorship feels to define the rules against which the rest of the world should adhere to… or be destroyed by US military power projected from out of its bases around the world.

This seems to be 1984 put in practice… however such a rule is in no way anything related to a democracy the US pretends to be, as the various nations worldwide haven’t voted for any of this..


The forces of evil, the “elites” of America and its vassals, are very deceitful, evil and thieving. Unfortunately for them, they are very unlucky. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


The forces of evil, the masters of America, have lost their minds. I believe that the endless chronic and catastrophic defeats abroad, as well as the half-failure of the internal war against their own populations (poison vaccinations) have shaken their poor minds. By now, any initiative goes wrong for them. They have no more hope. They must die.


Joe is a puppet, the fucking Jews ruin the USA.

Joseph Day

It’s always the Jews, ever since they assassinated jesus

Tommy Jensen

The false jews. Fixed it for you.

Buford T Justice

Give it a rest , Adolf . a lot of non Jews involved in this , as evil as any . Not every neocon / neo lib is Jewish .

Last edited 2 months ago by Buford T Justice
Tommy Jensen

Not really. The Democrats just want their KKK and cotton fields back.

Isser Harel

This guy isn’t even who he’s pretending to be, he’s an actor named Struan Roger who has been impersonating Biden since before the election debates started in 2020. Not only did the election get stolen from Trump but it was given to an imposter : a b grade unknown actor who slightly resembled the man he replaced


And here in West Europe the economy is also in free fall prices on food stuffs double from last year many products unavailable at leading UK and EU stores gas petrol and cooking oil prices going through the roof and the value of the British pound and EU euro similar to that of Germany during the 1920s and all because the politicians in Washington D/C london and Brussels are owned by Jews and the Jewish international bankers


The cadaver-in-chief, like Slumville proper, will be boxed and buried this year.


Whites will suffer while us blacks will inherit this world


If the whites are gone, who’s going to invent things or create new technologies (the Chinese are probably smarter). I’m sure with them gone, everything is going to revert back to primeval.

Hey Bloodclat did you just cross over my post code, bang bang bang…..where’s my beeetch, gonna whip that ass…..dunga dunga dunga….

Yeah it’ll be a much better world….hmmm

Tommy Jensen

Every true American must fight 1776 every day until the last libtard is gone.


SLOWLY?… And why doesn’t the Russian Federation help expedite that “constipation” with a resignation enema from the UN wh0reH0u$e for all it’$ member$ betrayal as signatories to the international rules of conduct they keep wantonly betraying???…

Go ahead Vladimir. LEAD by example… For your people and the rest of World’s prosperity in open and free market(s) that set the price NOT Central Banks… What are you waiting for???… China and India???… They aren’t going to lead with honor and integrity and here is the proof that you already were aware of https://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html

Last edited 2 months ago by Matt
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