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JUNE 2023

How It All Went Wrong: The Global Response to COVID-19

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How It All Went Wrong: The Global Response to COVID-19

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Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark.

The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response was never likely to hand down a rosy report with gobbets of praise.  Organised by the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus last May, the panel’s gloomy assessment was grim: the COVID-19 pandemic could have been avoided.

Almost nothing in the main report could be seen as remarkable in these jaded times.  It reads like a sharp vision of looking backwards, a history of folly and stumbles.  The protagonist, SARS-CoV-2, proved wily, moving more rapidly than surveillance could detect it, ducking the monitors and seducing the examiners.  The rest of the actors in the show proved, to varying degrees, to be inept, indifferent and even callous.

Such attitudes were shared in a climate of prior warning.  Humanity has already faced events of mass viral mortality.  That there would eventually be a pandemic of this scale was being discussed well ahead of the novel coronavirus march.  But governments, planners and policy makers seemed unmoved.  When action took place, it was tardy.  “Although public health officials, infectious disease experts, and previous international commissions and reviews had warned of potential pandemics and urged robust preparations since the first outbreak of SARS, COVID-19 still took large parts of the world by surprise.”

The WHO itself is not spared a few chastising blows by the panel members.  The organisation’s Emergency Committee should have, they argued, declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern a week earlier than it did: on January 22, at its first meeting, rather than January 30, by which time there were already 98 cases in 18 countries outside China.  Not doing so also caused critical delays in mustering a global response.  “The meeting of the WHO IHR Emergency Committee called to discuss the outbreak on 22-23 January was split on whether to recommend that the outbreak be declared a PHEIC.”

A central theme emerges: communication.  And it is rather unsatisfactory.  “It is glaringly obvious that February 2020 was a lost month,” the report states.  Various Asian countries speedily responded, introducing intense testing and tracking regimes. But the WHO remained tentative.  Evidence was weighed, balanced, and considered.  Standard and sober as this was, the WHO did not consider convincing material that would prove to be beneficial.  One was the importance of wearing masks.

The result: a pandemic that busily infected 150 million people, killed over three million people, and exposed deep inequalities.  (Pandemics remain, historically, the great unmaskers.)  “Division and inequality between and within countries have been exacerbated, and the impact has been severe on people who are already marginalized and disadvantaged.”

The report, and its authors, are stern in mood. “If travel restrictions,” former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and panel co-chair combatively insists, “had been imposed more quickly, more widely, again that would have been a serious inhibition on the rapid transmission of the disease that remains the same today.”  Clark, for all the merit of that assertion, ignores the logistical nightmares, hub routes, transit points and freedom of movement principles of such blocs as the European Union.

Not all actors in the COVID-19 disaster show receive a lashing.  The conduct of clinicians within the last two weeks of December 2019 and January 2020 receives a nod of approval.  They showed “diligence” in noticing “clusters of unusual pneumonia”.  They sent samples for screening and “escalated their concerns about this cluster of unexplained disease to local health authorities.”

The panel also makes an assortment of recommendations.  They call “for an all-out-effort to reach the world’s population with vaccines within a year and set in place the infrastructure needed for at least 5 billion booster doses annually.”  They urge the application of “non-pharmaceutical public health measures systematically and rigorously in every country at the scale the epidemiological situation requires.”  High income countries should commit “at least one billion vaccine doses no later than 1 September 2021 and more than two billion doses by mid-2022” through the GAVI COVAX Advance Market Commitment.

The conventional model behind the making of vaccines is also challenged, with the panel insisting on establishing “a truly global end-to-end platform for vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, and essential supplies”.  Rather than leaving innovation to the market, vaccines and related products should be seen as public goods.  Unequal access to such products could be overcome through technology transfer, voluntary licensing and financing of regional manufacturing capacity.

Other suggestions point to a broader, health surveillance system that will not be hostage to national interests and clunky sovereignty.  “The emergence of COVID-19,” the report notes, “was characterized by a mix of some early and rapid action, but also by delay, hesitation, and denial”.  From this, an epidemic grew; from that, a pandemic.  To that end, it was suggested that “surveillance and alert systems at national, regional and global levels must be redesigned”, all should be “able to function at near-instantaneous speed.”  The WHO should be given greater powers and a higher budget.  Its officials should be permitted access with minimal notice.  Many governments are unlikely to agree.

Of some interest is the suggested Global Health Threats Council.  Stacked with former presidents and prime ministers of various high-, middle- and low-income countries, it would perform the role of moralising guardian, taking governments to task for not preparing for, or responding to, the public health emergencies as designated by health specialists.  Such a body, however, risks becoming a toothless entity with a megaphone.

The panel’s report has a title that sounds much like previous inquiries drawn from despair and destined to be lost: COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic.  It will be filed in the vault of aspirations along with those noble wars that went wrong with criminal stupidity, the victory by Christmas that never took place, and efforts of failed solidarity in sharing scientific discoveries.  “They are trying to grab a moment that everyone knows will pass pretty fast,” suggested Stephen Morrison of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.  Global public health responses, sporadic, erratic and politically divided, will do everything to impair any such realisation.  Nationalism continues to throb and disrupt.  However well contained the novel coronavirus is, another threat to public health will be lurking.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge.  He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne.  Email: bkampmark@gmail.com


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In September of 2019, the Jews’ grift-machine began to unravel in its REPO market area. That is the same area that came unwound in 2007 and led to the 2008 economic collapse. By November of 2019, it was clear the Jews were losing control of the collapse. The expectation by us that are Jew-wise and understand these things, was that they Jews would resource to a scapegoat to cover over the already collapsing economy.

One of the thing on my list was that Jews might turn to propagandizing one of the annual virus outbreaks in China. Bingo, bingo!

Since at least 2009 the Jews have propagandized a fake virus outbreak, a virus-boogeyman, every 18 months or so. I didn’t understand why until 2020.

Don’t believe the hype! It’s a Jew sequel.

Gentleman Jim

Vile History Of US Human Experimentation and biological warfare. It is now certain that US and Zionist bio-warfare labs produced the Covid and it backfired.

Fog of War

Nothing failed in the scamdemic as everything went along as planned.

To truly understand these events one must understand that ZioAmerica was funding the Wuhan ” research ” lab to the tune of $700,000 . Simply put, China allowed a publicly antagonistic nation to influence / control research and supply ” test materials ” to a bio research lab on its own soil. This leaves us with two obvious conclusions. One, China is in on the Covid scam, or two they are stupid as rocks and got setup royally by zioAmerica.

Now Biden has given 90 days for the ” truth ” to be found out. We all know what the result will be and the 90 days is just the countdown to something big.

Let’s not forget that the US has a debt to China that can never be paid back, nor has the US ever intended to pay it back. Nor does the US plan on relinquishing its dominant position without a fight. I predict China will be blamed for the virus and will be given a ridiculous ” bill ” by Western nations, which China of course will refuse to pay. At that point sanctions will be placed on China, possibly even including an embargo. US ships will c continue to encroach on Chinese claimed waters and China might even be removed from the UN security council . If China reacts militarily to any if these actions it will be attacked by multiple nations, possibly under an UN umbrella.

However, just like WW1 and WW2 this is just another scripted theater.

Last edited 2 years ago by Fog of War

They were dumb as rocks. This virus was released at the Wuhan military games to attack China and used as cover this lab. That was extremely foolish to host such event in a city where there is a biolab. They knew that a biowarfare attack was imminent and they thought they could prevent it. Fateful mistake. Now the whole world is turning against China on the grounds that circumstancial evidences point to the Wuhan lab as being the most probable origin of the pandemics.

And yes this event is scripted. China was getting too strong too quickly and something ought to be done, according to them. The wild card here is Russia. Western nations are going to try to drive a wedge between China and Russia at a time when the relationship between both countries is at all time high. If Russia leaves China totally helpless against western nations, she might get a little reprieve at least in short time. However, that also means that Russia loses a crucial ally, and they’ll turn on her afterwards. Putin is well aware of this situation and continued strenghtening ties to China. However will Russia step in if China gets attacked? Well, Putin declared he would even preemptively strike anyone that dares to attack Russia and one of her allies. This whole covid affair is certainly getting dangerous. Now I understand China decided to blame this pandemic on a natural cause.

Florian Geyer

I have a friend who is a chemist who is and has been very involved in antidotes for chemical and bio weapons.

Its obvious that such research requires access to such chemical and bioweapons in order to produce an antidote.

This was confirmed.


The Chinese are smart. They know the value of the Jews’ grift-money they are receiving from the West, especially the dollar, is essentially zero. As such, the Chinese have gone about converting as fast as possible the Jews’ grift-money in to things of value. Things like factories, education, infrastructure, friends and allies, and, dare I say it, a formidable military.

The joke, if one can see humor in it, is that the Jews, in plundering us, have created and risen up a grand enemy; Two, counting Russia.

Many unfortunately do not understand that the US Tyranny is done; That the PLAN all along was to plunder and destroy America by way of the US Tyranny. The Jews, having plundered to the bone the US Tyranny occupied American country and people, are now shifting back to plundering and destroying Europe–One indicator of this is the shift in Jew Hollywood back to Europe since about 2014.

The Jews will utilize their US Tyranny wardog puppet in one last war, the destruction and occupation of Iran.* The US Tyranny, and underlying America, will then be broken up in to parts (further balkanization), the military gutted, especially the nuclear capabilities (Watch for the mothballing of the ICBMs) and various fascist tyrannies, governments, installed over the parts and people.

Oh, my poor, poor country.

*Occupation of Iran’s energy fields.

Florian Geyer

Local warlords empowered by ‘royalty’ has always been a method to control ‘The Great Unwashed’.


Wuhan lab is completely irrelevant. Virus was made in Fort Detrick or some other of dozens US military biolab worldwide. The it was deliberately released in Wuhan to accuse China.


Edit: *theN it was deliberately released in Wuhan to accuse China.

Florian Geyer

The US also has financial interest in UK Porton Down.


Coincidentally I read a Daily Mail where they state Russia blamed Porton Down for the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic back in march 2020.

Florian Geyer

I fear that you are 100% correct and that the next stages of the UN soap opera will be aligned with the global scamdemic de facto Martial Law that could easily be enhanced by a hot or cold war against China.

The US/UK attempts to plunder Russian lands have all failed for centuries and Biden is about to inject several trillions more of phony dollars into the US economy.

China’s de facto loan to the US by buying US Treasuries could easily be defaulted on, with the addition of ALL other Chinese assets in the US.

If there was a hot war, the NATO stooges would likely seize all Chinese assets as well. Venezuela 2’0.

The problem for the US and Nato though is the fact that that cabal of countries no longer makes , or has the structural ability to make the supplies necessary to fight wars on a grand scale.

It could be that the US /UK would entice India to make war on China, with the promise from the US that India could keep the spoils. Such a pact would negate much of the Chinese advantage of manpower, I would think.

On a more positive note, most of such US adventures have failed against a determined resistance.


Russia + China are too strong together today against the “peace coalition”.

Raptar Driver

There was never any pandemic. The clever bastards just renamed influenza A & B as a new virus. It’s just slight of hand, But the majority of the population in the world are fools and love to be deceived. Enjoy your experimental poisonous vaccines!


No joke. Most of the people enjoy, love, to be deceived. The fear, uncertainty, dread, distraction, and seizing of their Liberty is entertaining to them. The also enjoy parading around their subjugation to the Jews and their various tyrannies. It’s sickening to watch. Just sickening.


Only total and complete fools still believe that virus does not exist or whatever idiocy. I mean I love good conspiracy theory now and then but you people are just insane: “There was never any pandemic”?! Jesus!

Raptar Driver

Okay smart guy show me the isolated virus. And if you can do that then show me that this virus causes disease. This is the gold standard and it is not been met. You are a complete fool!


It was clear in January of 2020 that the Jews were going to utilize one of their virus-boogeymen to cover over our collapsing economy plundered to the bone by them. Having tracked for many years the Jews’ plundering of our economies, observed how the Jews responded to various economic and financial shocks from the 2008 economic collapse, and noted the Jews’ sesquiannual (18 months) or so virus-boogeymen, I made some predictions.

1) That the most vulnerable economies would be the first propagandized as “suffering.” Like Italy, Spain, the UK, and the USA. Bingo.

2) That economies most vulnerable to a legitimate pandemic because of poverty, population densities, and proximity and connections to China would not “suffer,” so would be ignored. Like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. Bingo.

3) That the Jews would propagandize most deaths as occurring in the old. Children* and those in poor health are the most vulnerable to viral diseases. But the Jews’ have always steered the threat of their virus-boogeymen towards the old. That’s because the old die more often and often behind closed doors–what better people to utilize to fake their real cause of death. Bingo.

*Children have immature, under developed immune systems, hence the often heard term, “snot-nosed children.”


i don’t use that filthy mask all the day, just few minutes (a day) when i walk in my job or enter a shop, it may be the yellow submarine’s George Harrison character is right when he say “it’s all on mind” because fear is a powerful weapon against us, so don’t be afraid and live your live


Covid explains that those in the angloshere are incompetent sheep that admire fascism

USA destroys russia

Yuri go drink Putin’s urine

Lone Ranger

Does anyone remember a few years back all the freak accidents and suicided bankers and scientists? Must have been in the hundreds. Interestingly nobody connects the dots… They knew the plan back than and wanted to warn people and they paid with their lives for that. Does anybody remember foreign agents sampling Human DNA in Russia a couple of years ago? They were caught red handed and President Putin saud they will do what it takes to avert the threat… Same story. The big mistake was not to neutralize every pedonazi transhumanist satanic globonazi in time. But I guess its never too late…

john wooh

If every Nation “takes care” of its “elites, Banksters….,” it will be garden Eden again on this planet.

Last edited 2 years ago by john wooh

… The result: a pandemic that busily infected 150 million people, killed over three million people… The statement is misleading. Maybe there were 3 million of people, dead and COVID POSITIVE,but many of them were terminal cancer patients or having health issues (at least 92%,according to scientific literature). PCR tests were prone to high number of false positive results (called asymptomatic) and combined with flawed computer models lead to lockdowns, that I am sure we will see, caused more harm that Covid itself.


More people died of covid then three million, most governments actually significantly lowered the real numbers, not increased them. Most people in the world do have some health issues, no one is perfectly 100% healthy. Lockdowns caused more harms than Covid? That’s just nonsense.


They were rare. But many of the deaths were attributed as “Covid positive”, because PCR gave positive result. Please check data, it is not difficult. Beware of the phrase “Covid positive” It is misleading.


in 2018 1.5 million people died because of TBC…the last years nobody cared about this people that die because of resperation problems…..it like TBC disappeared..

USA destroys china

Chinese eat batshit. USA will win this war and conquer bat eating Chinese @$$holes


you are definitely the dumbest troll ever

Christian J. Chuba

U.S. Intel agencies sprang into action in March. By then we had several narratives going blaming China and destroying the World Health Organization, all of it based on lies. ‘They covered it up’, there response was perhaps a week slower than it should have been but Tom Cotton spun a yarn as if it was months long, way back in November.

They silenced whistle blowers, the one guy took down a post a day after they reported the virus to WHO. Our Intel agencies know how to get our country to hate others.


It’s not very hard to manipulate pindos. The art was perfected since Bernays put the scientific foundations. The laziness to use their own mind for critical thinking, and not ingesting brainlessly massmerdia propaganda, and social media crap was instilled for decades by their khazarian masters. But also the reverse is true, pindos never managed to inspire so much hatred throughout the world than today.


Stop calling Americans for “fatties”.

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