How ISIS Was Able To Reach Northern Hama From Eastern Salamiyah Pocket?


On October 10, the Syrian Arab Army destroyed a group of ISIS members that was trying to reach the ISIS-held area in northern Hama from an area controlled by ISIS east of Salamiyah. Government troops killed ISIS members and destroyed their vehicle.

On October 9, ISIS units sneaked into northern Hama and captured a dozen of villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) there.

Many readers asked how the terrorists were able to pass through Syrian army troops in the area. Pro-US and pro-opposition media outlets even accused the Syrian government of coopreating with ISIS.

Indeed, frontlines in many parts of Syria are very formal and the maps providing a look at the areas controlled by opposing sides cannot show all factson the ground. Pro-government forces as well as ISIS and other terrorist groups don’t have enough manpower to set up check points in all areas controlled by they. So, mobile groups using cross country vehicles can operate in the enemy-held area if they has some luck.

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly announced that mobile groups of terrorists conduct successfull raids deep inside the government-held territory from the US-controlled area of at-Tanf. This is possible because of the aforementioned reasons.

This situation also creates additional difficulties for anti-terror forces that have to conribute signficant efforts to keep security in the liberated areas.

How ISIS Was Able To Reach Northern Hama From Eastern Salamiyah Pocket?

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Photos showing a destroyed vehicle and weapons seized from the ISIS terrorists:

How ISIS Was Able To Reach Northern Hama From Eastern Salamiyah Pocket?

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How ISIS Was Able To Reach Northern Hama From Eastern Salamiyah Pocket?

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How ISIS Was Able To Reach Northern Hama From Eastern Salamiyah Pocket?

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  • Wahid Algiers

    The more it is important to purge pockets very very clean unless no terrorists rests, not under a stone and not behind a tree.

    • Bru

      Yes but without going into a war against the US-Israeli-NATO invaders-aggressors?
      They invaded ( from their own sponsored terrorists) and have been illegally occupying Al-Tanf to block this important road between Syria and Irak, and to give a safe heaven to hundreds of ISIS terrorists and give them intelligence on how to avoid Syrian positions attack civilians, like did against the Christian village of Al Qarayatan to murder the Christian natives this month.
      Each time the Syrians have tried to liberate this Al Tang, they were bombed and murdered by the, illegally breaching Syrian airspace, planes of the Not Atlantic Terrorist Organization!

      • Wahid Algiers

        It is too early now to go in a war with the aggressors of USrahell. Maybe the leave al-Tanf by the own will, it is useless to them. On the eastern side it depends on the kurds, if the conflict will get a war against them and USrahell advisers and air force. But without the Russians it will be lost game.

  • Jordan Katz

    That’s one mangled pick-up…

    • Barba_Papa

      So the RuAf finally managed to do what Top Gear couldn’t? Finally cripple a Toyota pickup truck.

  • Zainab Ali

    evict the yankees frm syria asap

  • Hrky75

    I’d suggest people to google and read about Yugoslavia in WW2. You had almost identical situation where a guerilla forces (partisans) were occupying large area of land and then after Axis offensives slip out of encirclements and establish themselves on new territory. Mind you they were operating in a mountainous country, smaller then Syria and against 20+ Wermacht divisions. ISIL fights in a flat desert mainly against Syrian government militias and only occasionally against pros. And then they usually don’t slip in large numbers.

    • Kennethllindsy

      True, ISIS has learned how to disperse forces and conduct raids now that they squandered thousands of troops at Mosul & Raqqa.

    • goingbrokes

      Syrian desert has many hilly regions, so not completely flat.

  • Ivanus59

    Now that IS has their attention, SAA should launch a limited attack against HTS, grab a village or two, kill some Al Qaeda/FSA scum. Nothing major, just take this small opportunity to inflict pain on them, :]

    • electron

      Triple suicide bombing just reported in Damask. 90% likelihood, it is HTS revenge for strikes on its masses. Most likely, RuAF will not respond…

  • Solomon Krupacek

    how was able meresyev to reach comrades without legs? and in winter.

  • TheSecular

    Assad’s Sense of Humor might’ve been a reason why this happened.
    imo, the ISIS fighters in East Hama made a deal with the the government to leave the pocket to join HTS
    but instead it’s (doubtful) possible that assad wanted to troll his biggest enemies and used ISIS to do just that.
    the north hama offensive was without a doubt one of the best trolls in the syrian civil war by far,
    Regardless who green lighted this offensive rather if it was the syrian army indirectly or just ISIS alone.
    you gotta admit, This one was a good laugh.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Something that they are leaving out I have explained in previous comments here is they used some very old tactics of escaping encirclement. They split up and then met at meeting points to form 3 combat groups 2 small the third one large to engage the 2 main checkpoints and the third to slip by in the confusion. The others would have been able to retreat and with small losses but objective achieved, isn’t as difficult to do this always happened during WW2 a lot.

      Truth be told it does sound funnier when it seems like he trolled them, Can’t Mossad the Assad !!

  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    I dont know why these questions continue to be formulated knowing everyone without the slightest doubt, that the evil, lying, treacherous American black hand is behind everything bad in Syria.
    It is time for Syria and all its allies to confront reality and face evil without fear of whoever it is, fighting it with all and all its strength no matter the consequences, as do the brave.
    That would be the only way and exit according to my humble opinion.

  • Lupus

    Thanks for explaining South Front!

  • John Marks

    Need a couple of Kalibrs on al-Tanf and al-Zuqf a.s.a.p. – all by “mistake”, of course.