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‘How does this serve US interests?’ Gabbard slams decision to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons tech

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Originally appeared at RT
Tulsi Gabbard has slammed the US for allowing firms to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear tech despite its history of exporting extremism which inspires Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Al-Qaeda, which she says the Kingdom supports.

The Hawaiian congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate took aim at the Kingdom’s history of extremism in a Twitter video that criticized Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s secret authorizations, to six US companies, allowing for the sale of nuclear power technology and assistance to Saudi Arabia, as Reuters revealed last week. Gabbard said the move is “both mind-blowing and inexplicable.”

Saudi Arabia is the “primary exporter of jihadist ideology, Wahhabi Salafist ideology that is the motivation and inspiration for terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda – groups that the Saudis both directly and indirectly support,” Gabbard said.

The kingdom has been tied to Al-Qaeda and extremism in the past, with 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers coming from Saudi Arabia, according to the CIA. In 2015, one of the alleged hijackers, Zacarias Moussaoui, claimed several members of the Saudi royal family had been listed as Al-Qaeda donors in the database he worked on under orders of Osama bin Laden, US media reported.

WikiLeaks cables from the US State Department from 2009 revealed“donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” In a 2014 email, published by WikiLeaks, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saudi Arabia was “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” It has also supplied weapons to IS in Syria.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly planning to create at least two nuclear power plants, but many are concerned that’s a precursor to developing nuclear weapons, which would further destabilize the region. It was also reported, last year, that Israel was selling Saudi Arabia nuclear secrets.

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Saudis don’t want to kill anyone, just the prince wants to wear a small nuke as bling-bling




I agree. This guy is not into flattening whole cities, he likes things more up close and personal, like chopping people up into tiny bits.


To give him his full due – Crown Pretender MsB likes to do both; use military warplanes to remotely flatten Yemeni UNESCO heritage sites, cities, towns, and their inhabitants from on-high (as side note: Saudi’s have long been regional heritage destroyers in irrational attempt to obliterate pre-Sunni era historical sites), and to engage at the individual level, be it via the judicial flailing and beheading of political activists inside KSA, torturing, extorting and occasional killing of own al-Saud family-clan power rivals, or the foriegn territory execution operation against Khashoggi, as strategically revealed and leveraged into a major international media spectacle by ‘ole opportunistic Erdogan in Turkey.

Jens Holm

Yeerrrrh, Houtis, Qaida and Irans all are very nice people 24/7.

Har to see this area should be one country at all. They could stop now and all could go home and let anyone go to that side, they prefare.

I looked it up the other day, because there has been war since I remember, and I am not new. When was there ever one country ??? I even see 3-5 emirates.

Gamel Abdell Nasser was there too and before that partly britts and others.


and then nothing happened. khashoggi is out of sight and thus out of mind!

Jens Holm

Evil ones might give him and low armed uranian grenade for his bedroom.

Saddam Hussein

Gabbard is just another Zionist puppet, you cant go into the Democratic or Republican party unless youre owned and controlled by the Zionists. Both parties are beyond hope.


you’re one whiny feck!


Is he? Gabbard may not be one yet but if she is to have any chance of making an impact she will have to become one.


Don’t count on it, she’s calling deep state out. Standing upright.

Concrete Mike

Whiny or not he is still correct. But with friends like CFR and AIPAC, it matters not who is in office, as policy has been outsourced to these abominable institutions.


Worse in her case as she is also a member of the CFR

Concrete Mike

Well then, I’ll just appoint myself president A la Guiadò.

To think that usa is infested with lawyers, and not 1, not even 1 is willing to defend the constitution. Its quite clear the usa.governement has outsource many things in order to circumvent the constitution. These fools are going to get us all killed.

Jens Holm

Every You dont understand is evil, infame and western and zionists. By thats You dont understand very much.

You not even try to copy our good parts.


kushner, the son in law, needs mohammed bin salman for his israeli plan and mbs, i suspect, set the price at nuclear technology for future use – and donny the dunce, trusts the son in law, or rather ivanka, and thus the cookie crumbles – now if the corrupt and criminally insane junta in washington feel free to sell nuclear tech to saudi, there should be no stop from selling ditto tech to iran. iran is in better need of nukes, think squatters and then think saudi – wouldn’t you feel better with a few nukes in your belt, to meet the incessant threat that the warmongering squatters exude.

the squatters need to be evicted and kicked all the way to hell (moronistan ??)

the squatters run the DEPALESTINATION-program = an ethnical cleansing program – like hitler wanted germany judenfrei, netanyahu wants palestine palestinenfrei (not a joke)

the squatters run a LEBENSRAUM-program stealing land on the west bank and lately the golan heights

the squatters run CONCENTRATION CAMP GAZA where the indigenous people, the palestinians, are slowly exterminated.

the squatters have found gas under the seabed outside of palestine and plan to sell the gas to europe – the gas belongs to palestine and can’t be sold to anyone without a prior agreement with palestine.

anything else, yes, evict the squatters for ever from palestine and any and all rights they once might have had is long since forfeited and gone.

a new DIASPORA for the squatters so join BDS-movement now!


Excellent analysis.

Jens Holm

Thats a copy paste ofcommon oppinion having some biased usual sense only.


That’s a copy paste of Google translate – and it reads as nonsense.

Jens Holm

Its 6 private companies and not the State or the President. Those control what to export and what not.

So You forget, that USA until now for many years has not allowed Saudis and others just to build something like that.

I do miss You give Obama and the others before him credit for that.


go bury yourself in the dung heap

Jens Holm

USA as many other countries in the west are strong because of private companies which re on the stockmarket.

Those are not runned by some president or a parlament, but we do try to have control. Those companies are not even owned by americans.

So Your blappering and blappering about “americans” almost everytime has to be added, what USA control as well as companies control a lot themselves.

Main parts of the USA companies in nuclear productions maight not even be in USA, but of course You dont care, because You dont see that, because Your own mainkly lousy companies are runned by Your Goverments in Dictator mode, where Your Presidents, Warmongols and Emirs have the 100% control – and often dont do fine.

We and I see exact the same for the wusshed for SDFs. You not even understand, what they would like too. Even so, You fight hard against it and make those initiatives to the badest of our way as well as insisting being kept in dark.

As long as You not even have a language for, how we live and produce in western Capitalistic ecnomies and also dont see the chinese sekular part, You dont know, what You talk about.

I am sure USA NEVER would allow SAudis to produce any nukes. ANY. Your are just taken around by Your nose by Your own leaders and eat as sheep and goats do.

If it was about trees, You would know nothing about, what our roots are made for, and only know, we mainly just live by sunshibe, where we have more of it.

I even have met emmigrants here in Denmark, which think all we have are stolen from You, even they come here, because they had bothing to steal – or less.

Those even dont want to shake hands and being educated of women in school and having female, leaders, bacause they keep their own half part of their kind even more stupid, then they are.

One thing is You prefare to be kept in the ark by Yourself, but You hardly can blame most of the rest of the world for Your culture and religion, which say so.

If anything, we are and has been figting against it since it arrived partly by good copycatting. We just dontsee the use of the bad parts of it. I am total sekular, but are in a Christian area. The bad parts of that religion is kept out as most important too and replaced with equal rights for all.

The newest part of that is cleaning their dark areas making pedofili more possible. The only way is to make the church and the rest more open, so we can debate about it and see and reduce it. One thing is civilians do it – they /we always has- But its much worse, when we go to places, which we are learned to trust.


Tulsi for President!

Jens Holm

In which country. They today can choose among 13 candidates and even a friend from Achmed the Terrorist.


She is a member of the CFR…it will be the same foreign policy with the same military industrial complex in control.

John Whitehot

I did not know until today, when i’ve read it on RT, that the US exported nuclear weapon grade techology to Saudia.
At this point, it would probably be a necessary step for world peace to provide Iran with the same technology, or at least that nuclear tier 1 and 2 countries (Russia and China) become guarantors of peace in ME by including in their nuclear doctrines the authorization to strike countries which would launch nuclear weapons on Iran.

And I’m not even starting to discuss what would mean if Saudia developed nuclear weapons, given its ties to wahabist terrorism. This would be one of the worst nightmares for every single european countries, which would come under nuclear blackmail from the Saudis, if any of their requests aren’t met.


But, John, the UK has a very ‘democratic’ Parliament, that is world renown for its negotiating skills.

What gould possible go wrong if our trusted friends in Saudi Arabia were able to build a few nuclear bombs ? :)

With the help of a few thousand overpaid experts from Western Nations naturally.

Jens Holm

But they are not. It probatly better then making rain all over growing palms and babans.

If ….

Jens Holm

USA dont export weapons as written. If so we had more with A and B bombs then we see.

But nuclear powerplants are exported in the different USA company versions.

John Whitehot

“USA dont export weapons as written”

Nobody talked about weapons, but about weapon grade technology.

In english, it means objects that allow the production of nuclear weapons.

chris chuba

“How does this serve U.S. interests”
-It pressures Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon out of self-preservation which then allows the U.S. to accuse them of being aggressors.

Quenten Bruce

So its all about the trading of arms and munitions, which this move will race along. The oil merely supports that economy.
The only question is what can you do about it or think can be done about it? What is the finest cause of this that can be actionable by a small community of people?

Lazy Gamer

Some form of dominance must be preserved hence, transfer of nuclear tech. This is in the context of Syria, and Yemen. It is the ultimate arms sale! Anyways, SA can always count on Pakistan so why not make money out of it too? lol Anyways, these presents prime targets when war engulfs the region. Also easy to dispatch something when it becomes expendable or even necessary in the future.So we now have a sort of Mexican stand off in the Middle East with Israel, Iran, and SA.

Where it can go wrong. the monarchy is overthrown and fanatics get a hold of tech. Fanatics have people within these nuclear centers and they get tech, while buying materials at the black market. SA goes irrational. Project caliphate suddenly accelerates worldwide. I hope the US factors in religion which encourages irrationality. Hell, i think a lot would be willing to die for 72 virgins. lol


“Where it can go wrong”…….. ……………………………..SA goes irrational”.
SA is irrational, it is the home of Wahhabi Sunni Islam, they have been exporting their “Project Caliphate” for the last 50 years. Last year they opened 650 Wahhabi schools in Bangladesh alone. Look at England, Germany, France, the mosques and schools are majority Wahhabi financed.
Mexican standoff is an illusion, they have their ‘Caliphate’ agenda, and are steady on it for generations. They are not playing games.


So, it’s got nothing to do with Iran?


it’s got everything to do with iran – the squatters can’t fulfill their greatest ambitions with iran in the vicinity – so you find a gullible and vain idiot, like mohammed bin salman, to do the heavy lifting vis a vis iran and the squatters get away scot free – holier than you!

and remember that when the son in law’s property company almost went under, almost ended up in foreclosure and the company was short a cool 1 billion bucks, whereon kushner, son in law, hops a jet to doha, qatar and exhorts a cool billion from the qataris, or kushner would allow mohammed bin salman to continue the attack on qatar. within a couple of weeks qatar (through a canadian subsidiary) paid 1 billion dollars upfront to the company which safeguarded its survival.


Saudi Arabia is “the primary exporter of jihadist ideology, Wahhabi Salafist ideology that is the motivation and inspiration for terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda – groups that the Saudis both directly and indirectly support”, Gabbard said.

Finally an American politician who knows the different Islamic players are, and speaks it.
Aloha Tulsi Gabbard, you woman, will be the next President.


ofcourse not – won’t happen! gabbard is right as rain and so so so wrong. remember how they squashed sanders but allowed donny the dunce to slip through the fingers (a costly mistake). they are prepapred for any and all eventualities although biden’s sleazy ways may have put a small spaniard in the works and likely disqualified him for the race, but you never know how far they are prepared to go (and then you wonder who ‘they’ are – the deepest of the deep state of course).


We acknowledge the vast power of the “DARKNESS” facing the people within the US and by extension the people of the whole world.
Underestimating that power as you say is truly unwise.
However, there is also “LIGHT”, and it too has vast power.
Underestimating its ability and power is equally unwise.

BDS, certainly do support it.
Why because each and every small step helps us attain the “Moonlight Mile”.


a humongous vetarans demonstration in washington dc of say 1 to 2 million battle hardened veterans could set things right and bring back the powers from the criminally insane and corrupt cabal in washington and from tel aviv and aipac.

true powers should be exercised by americans for americans and not by the squatters on palestinian land.

Jens Holm

Very pessimitic.You should learn from the Israelians and could improve at lot very easy even You represent the bad parts of Your semites and this close cousin well.

Maybee You all shoul start all over building a big ship.

Astrid Watanabe

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”


“The darkness overcomes it not”. :))

Jens Holm

I hope not.

Jens Holm

It must be about powerplants only. Saudis has no tech for anything else.

If I was a Saudi, I would prefare a supplement and partly replacement by solar power and maybee some small corners of windmills as well.

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