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How Do You Get 10k Followers on Instagram?

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How Do You Get 10k Followers on Instagram?


So many people want to become Instagram influencers, or at least have a significant number of followers to view their posts and media content. Some Instagram users might want to start by purchasing likes to their posts. If you read any Stormlikes review and learn about their services, then you can see why purchasing likes is useful for gaining followers.

However, there are other ways to increase your follower account and gain prominent recognition on Instagram too. You just have to learn about the various techniques and strategies that are involved in growing your account. If you can set a goal to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram, then you will have influencer status after it is achieved.

Now is the time to get started. Below are the top eight tips for getting 10,000 followers on Instagram.

1) Brand Consistency

People like to follow someone who has a consistent brand or image to portray. In other words, they want to follow someone who posts content related to a particular niche. You cannot post up random photographs of different things and expect to capture the interests of everyone. That is a common myth, and it does not work on Instagram.

The secret to getting real followers on Instagram is brand consistency. If you can remember this tip, then your followers will become loyal to your channel. They will know what kind of content to expect from you and will look forward to seeing it.

2) Repost Other Users’ Content

If you cannot always produce quality content for your account, then you can repost the content of other Instagram users instead. Be careful when doing this because you must give credit to the user who posted the content initially or else your account will get flagged. Furthermore, you are now required to ask permission to repost someone else’s content.

We recommend that you form relationships with other Instagram users in your niche. Then you can both repost each other’s content when you need to do so. It’ll be easier to request permission to repost someone’s content if you already have a good relationship with them.

That is why forming relationships with these users can make it easier to keep the content flowing on your account. It will make your followers happy because they want to see content consistently on your account. That is what keeps them subscribed to it.

3) Interact with Influencers

Research the influencers of your niche and try to interact with them. Influencers are users who already have more than 10,000 followers, so they know what it takes to grow a channel. You could gain insightful knowledge and advice from these influencers that will help you grow your channel faster.

For example, if you’re thinking about how to grow a photography account on Instagram, you could reach out to those influencers in the photography niche.

Of course, if you’re in the mood to spend money to promote your channel, then you can pay an influencer to recommend your posts to their followers. Since these are loyal followers who trust the influencer’s recommendations, they will likely visit your channel and want to follow you too.

4) Purchase Followers

The fast track way to 10,000 Instagram followers is to purchase them. When you buy Instagram followers, you can choose how many you want to purchase. A lot of vendors will offer you the option to choose anywhere from 100 followers to over 1,000 followers. Some of them even let you choose a custom number of followers to purchase.

You could purchase the entire 10,000 Instagram followers upfront. However, it might look a little suspicious if you suddenly go from 0 to 10,000 within a matter of days. That is why we recommend that you purchase 100 followers to start and then proceed to obtain additional followers every couple of days until you reach 10,000 followers.

5) Focus on the Trends in Your Niche

Pay attention to any specific trends in your niche. For example, if you have an Instagram account that revolves around the political niche, then you could post up photographs of political clothing or bumper stickers related to a current politician in the news.

Since your target audience will be searching for stories related to this trend, you can easily capture their attention if you post content that is relevant to it. You can find the latest trends on Instagram or any other news website feed.

6) Don’t Be a Salesperson

You might have started an Instagram account because you want to sell products or services. Either that or you might have a dream of becoming a paid influencer after you reach 10,000 followers.

That all sounds great, but it cannot be your primary focus. People don’t follow other Instagram users who try to sell them things all the time. They follow users who post valuable content that is interesting and creative. That is what you need to do.

Therefore, do not post up sales advertisements or anything that directly pushes a product or service onto someone.

7) Comment on Popular Posts

People can see your Instagram handle when you comment on posts. If you follow other Instagram users or prominent people in your niche, then you should make comments on their posts to get noticed. Other users will eventually start to see you more and will be curious to check out your profile by clicking on your handle.

Do not spam your comments on these posts. Try to write something that sounds natural and relevant to the content that was posted. That way, it appears as if you genuinely had a valid contribution to make with your comment instead of merely trying to gain attention with it.

8) Change Your Content

Do not keep posting similar content because that will feel repetitive to your viewers. It is better to experiment with different types of content to see what resonates with people in your niche.

Instagram gives you access to analytical tools that can help you see which demographics respond the most to each post. Research the analytics of your most popular posts and make more content that caters to those demographics.


It may seem like it will take forever before you reach 10,000 Instagram followers. After all, the first 10,000 followers are usually the most difficult to get. But if you follow the eight tips that are outlined above, then you should be on your way to getting 10,000 followers in a record amount of time.

Once you reach 10,000 followers on your Instagram account, you’ll notice more people finding your account on their own and following it. Then you won’t have to try as hard to get additional followers.

But if you want to become an influencer, then it never hurts to add more followers to your account. You can become an influencer with 10,000 followers, but the bigtime influencers need even more followers. It all depends on how much of an influencer you wish to become.

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I have 300 followers and haven’t posted single thing yet. Instagram is pile of bollocks but if one needs it than you have to put up with all those silly rules and invest your time…

Jens Holm

Make a competition with free beer. Then even hardcore muslims will join:)



Lazy Gamer

I cant believe people are delusional to self proclaim themselves as influencers. lol Only the most gullible would gravitate around another person and only the most self centered would think he is an influencer. lol It is not the person. It is the idea. It is not the numbers. It is the method of persuasion. These people are merely mouthpieces of psy ops or regurgitators of talking points. They wouldnt know anything about influencing.

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