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JUNE 2023

How Did The “Three Little Piglets” Prepare For The “Wolf”: Russia, U.S., China’s Response To COVID-19

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How Did The "Three Little Piglets" Prepare For The "Wolf": Russia, U.S., China's Response To COVID-19

Image by BioWorld MedTech. Click to see full-size image

COVID-19, or as it has colloquially come to be known as coronavirus began on December 31st, 2019, when China notified the World Health Organization of a rise in pneumonia cases with an unknown cause.

On January 3rd, China reported a total of 44 suspected patients, after, two days earlier, having closed the Huanan seafood market, suspected to be the source of the mystery disease, as some of the patients presenting with the pneumonia-like illness were dealers or vendors at the market. On January 7th, China identified a new coronavirus as cause of the outbreak.

Since then, the media hysteria and chaotic actions of governments around the world have put the globe into state of a constant crisis. Governments are imposing lockdowns and limit freedoms of their citizens. The situation is further fueled by the economic crisis and the dramatic fall of oil prices. MSM media outlets release daily reports counting confirmed COVID-19 cases and associated deaths (that are in fact less than from the seasonal influenza illnesses).

Every day more and more critical voices surface in the public sphere questioning the scale of the ‘COVID-19′ threat painted by MSM and the relevance of draconian measures imposed by some governments that damage interests of their citizens and their countries’ economies.

How Did The "Three Little Piglets" Prepare For The "Wolf": Russia, U.S., China's Response To COVID-19

Situation as of March 30 morning. Click to see the full-size image

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause varying levels of disease, from common colds to severe fatal diseases. Usually found in animals, some can infect humans and transmit between humans. Both SARS and MERS are caused by a coronavirus.

The first death to COVID-19 happened on January 9th, in China. Since then, other patients prior to the announcement have been tracked, with some saying it originated in November 2019, while others even going further back to September 2019.

As of March 30th, there have been upwards of 724,000 cases worldwide, and 34,000 have died, while 152,000 have recovered.

The results of the 2018-2019 influenza season in the United States for comparison (35,520,883 cases and 34,157 deaths):

How Did The "Three Little Piglets" Prepare For The "Wolf": Russia, U.S., China's Response To COVID-19

Click to see the full-size image

Since it began, the most affected countries became the US, Italy, both surpassing China’s total COVID-19 cases, and Spain on its way to do so in days, or as early as of March 31st.

As of March 25th, Hubei province, where the virus originated released its lockdown, with only Wuhan, the central city, remains in quarantine until April 8th.

On March 28th, some travel restrictions to Wuhan were also lifted, allowing people limited travel, after the entire province was almost entirely closed for almost two months.

As of March 30th, China has 81,470 cases, and 3,304 deaths reported. Active are less than 2,500 cases, with everybody else recovered.

In order to counter the adverse economic effects, China’s central bank cut an interest rate on loans to banks by the largest margin in five years and injected 50 billion yuan (US$7 billion) into the financial system to help the world’s second-largest economy weather the coronavirus impact.

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) said it launched a 50-billion-yuan reverse repurchase operation on Monday and lowered the seven-day reverse repurchase rate from 2.40% to 2.20%.

It was the “largest cut since 2015 and takes the 7-day reverse repo rate to its lowest on record”, said Julian Evans-Pritchard, senior China economist at Capital Economics.

“By offering funds at a lower rate, the PBoC will be able to keep market interbank rates low even as the liquidity from the RRR (reserve requirement ratio) cuts is absorbed by the banking system,” he said.

Economists predict China’s GDP may shrink 10% in the first quarter of this year, the worst contraction since 1976. With Europe and America wrestling with their own epidemics, demand for China’s manufactured goods has collapsed—aside from masks and medical equipment and supplies.

China was where COVID-19 originated, and it expectedly caught it unaware, but at the same time, a larger fallout was limited, since prompt and harsh measures on lockdown were undertaken.

In comparison, the US, appeared to have entirely underestimated the possibly spread of the infection, and, instead of undertaking serious measures to prepare, spent its time attempting to blame China for the virus, trying to rename it to “Wuhan Virus”, “Chinese Virus” and what not.

There is a wide list of what the US is currently undertaking in fighting the spread, and assisting its citizens in the fight against COVID-19.

There are lockdowns in most of the states, and the situation is the most adverse in New York State, with the biggest share of the country’s cases being registered there.

As of March 30th, the US has upwards of 140,000 cases, and nearly 2,500 deaths. If the tendency of its growth continues, it could potentially double the total cases in Italy, which was, up until recently the most affected country.

At the same time, it’s important to note that the death rate from the COVID-19 in the US is very low, especially if one compares it to those in Italy.

It will likely double China’s numbers in a matter of days.

The initial measure in order to preserve the economy was this: US President Donald Trump signed a $8.3 billion coronavirus aid package.

Trump initially sought only $2 billion to fight the virus, but Congress quadrupling that amount in its version of the bill.

According to CNBC, more than $3 billion will go to vaccine research, development, and therapeutics. Around $2.2 billion will go to preparedness and prevention efforts, and $1 billion will be used to purchase medical supplies and support Community Health Centers.

The spending measure also includes language that opens remote telehealth services to people on Medicare, or US adults over the age of 65.

The key thing to take away is that people on Medicare are, more or less, taken care of – those without health insurances are not so fortunate.

On March 27th, Trump signed a $2.2 trillion economic rescue bill to help lift the economy, alongside his calls that everything should be back to normal by April 12th, so that people can go to church on Easter, and also back to work.

The signing took place after the Democratic-led House of Representatives approved the sweeping package by a voice vote earlier in the day, despite a procedural challenge from Republican Representative Thomas Massie, who wanted a formal recorded vote.

The bill is the largest rescue package in US history. Addressing the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the legislation offers direct payments to most Americans and special financing for big and small businesses.

“This is a pandemic that we haven’t even seen for over 100 years in our country. It’s really such a tragedy. So we had to take important action that puts families first and workers first and that’s what we did,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

“Next, we’ll go from emergency mitigation to recovery,” Pelosi said.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the newly approved federal funding for states would not be enough to cover the need in New York, where hospitals are already being overwhelmed with patients.

“The congressional action, in my opinion, simply failed to address the governmental need,” Cuomo told reporters.

New York estimates it will lose $10bn to $15bn in revenue because of the economic slowdown. The state would receive $5bn from the federal rescue bill passed by Congress but only for COVID-19 response, not lost revenue, Cuomo said.

And still, the lockdown and so on, shows what’s the biggest interest for most governors and, even, the Trump Administration: economic stability, and profit. They try to contain the current hysteria over the outbreak in an effort to secure the US economy and avoid imposing too much restrictions.

The situation is very different in Russia. The country still has a very low number of confirmed cases, most of them are in Moscow.

As of the midday of March 30, there were only 1,836 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Russia and 10 deaths only. A majority of them are people of older age and with system problems with the health.

There were 302 new Covid-19 cases across Russia and 212 cases in Moscow over the past 24 hours. Moscow authorities say that 102 of the new COVID-19 patients were between the ages of 18 and 40.

On March 29 evening, Moscow was put on mandatory lockdown, from March 30, residents of the city will be only allowed to leave their homes in cases of absolute necessity. Under the rules, people would be allowed to only leave home for medical emergencies or to buy groceries or medication and only from the nearest shops and pharmacies. People can still leave the capital, and go to work (if this is needed). People go leave the 100m radius from their home.

The authorities also plan to introduce a “smart control system,” after which residents won’t be allowed to leave their homes without permits. Russia is one of the countries that have almost been not affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Such a decision caused a large wave of criticism from the public as it violates the Russian Constitution. Many saw it as a kind of political move to strengthen the power of the circles that include such persons as Moscow major Sergey Sobyanin that includes such controversial persons as Herman Gref (CEO of Sberbank of Russia), Elvira Nabiullina (President of the Central Bank of Russia). This circle is well known for its pro-Western, neo-liberal views and ties with the global elites.

Modern “liberalism” (often called “neo-liberalism”) is the ideology of serving to global financial monopolies and market speculators in general. The goal of such “liberals” is to increase their personal level of consumption with the minimal possible intellectual and physical work, using the margin simplification of modern communications and IT technologies, for satisfying their selfish, mainly bodily, desires covering them under the guise of post-modern sophistry. Thus, they swallow public resources undermining the steadily development of the humanity.

Such weakly justified actions may lead to an increase of social tensions in the area of Moscow city, and if such approaches are employed in other regions – across the entire coutnry.

The senator, head of the Federation Council committee on constitutional law and state building, Andrei Klishas, said that the regional authorities did not have the right to impose such restrictions in accordance with the Constitution.

Nonetheless, the government tolerates these violations made under the pretext of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 30th, the Russian government approved amendments to tighten liability for quarantine violations, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said.

“Now our main task is to work ahead of the curve, to minimize the spread of the virus,” he said at a meeting with deputy prime ministers.

In total, 13 measures were introduced in fighting COVID-19 and its adverse economic effects, but mostly to support people’s well-being.

  1. Nationwide paid leave starting week commencing March 28
  2. The vote on constitutional changes has been postponed from April 22 until further notice
  3. All social benefits are to be extended automatically; no documentation required
  4. All families that qualify for maternity benefits are to get an additional 5,000 rubles (ca. $63) monthly for each child under 3 for the next three months starting from April, 2020.
  5. All employees on sick leave will not have their pay reduced below the minimum wage – this provision will last through 2020
  6. The new maximum unemployment benefit pay will be set at 12,130 rubles (ca. $154)
  7. All private loans and mortgage payments are to be frozen for borrowers who provide evidence of a more than 30% decline in the ability to repay (failure of business, salary-related issues, etc.)
  8. Concerning businesses suffering through the COVID-19 outbreak, the new measures are as follows:
  • Small and midsize businesses: tax payments – aside from value added tax – are to be postponed for six months.
  • Microbusinesses: an additional postponing of insurance payments for six months.
  1. A six-month delay in loan payments for all small and midsize businesses
  2. Additional measures for strengthening small businesses are to be introduced
  3. A six-month moratorium on bankruptcy claims for businesses operating in areas hardest hit by the outbreak
  4. Dividend tax rate is to indefinitely be increased to 15 percent in case of money taken out of the country
  5. Returns on each personal investment, including bank deposits and stocks exceeding the total sum of 1 million rubles (ca. $12,600), are to indefinitely be taxed 13%.

Experts warn that the large-scale lockdown across Russia and the lack of measures needed to contain the negative economic impact of such a decision will cause the damage to the economy, especially small and medium business.

Furthermore, these developments come amid the global economic crisis, the Saudi attack on Russia’s oil producers, and the remained sanction pressure from the US and the EU. In this conditions, the current Russian response to the COVID-19 situation looks questionable and raises questions regarding what goals are pursued by such moves.


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Charles Homer

Here are some interesting comments from scientists who do not promote the current COVID-19 narrative:


The world’s politicians and media are not presenting us with a balanced viewpoint of the seriousness of the current pandemic, voicing only the narrative that the 2019 – 2020 version of the novel coronavirus is unprecedented and extremely deadly.

Jens Holm

I disagree a lot. We do see different oppinions because there are different oppinions how to make the best counterattacks.

We also see the bad examples, which shoud be in jail right away.

Denmark has changed strategy by that. I can not speak for the rest of the countries. I see several TV channels from several countries. They all debate, where I am.

The main problme is to do the right thing right now. Its difficult. But doing nothing among several good ways to go is murder against the ones, which got hit.

Its well known from many things, that can You take them, when they start and are slow, its a good thing. In long distance and timefx like missiles), You have time, but You might not know, where they will go, so You need a high capasity


A great write up Charles, thanks for the link.

klove and light

2017 influenza deaths USA 45760 2016 43200 2015 48640 2008 52852 2002 66584 1998 95323 1990 93656 1970 88570 1960 105574

Jens Holm

Yes, we have to subtract nirmal influenza attacks as well as old people dies more often then the Young ones.

We see the same in warfare telling the enemy lost a lot of soldiers. But most of them are not dead. They are wounded, prisoners and some ran away …


USA will just watch and let its old, sick and poor die .

Russia will hide everything , burry lts dead into mass graves and try to convince everyone that they are a great country.

China will do whatever it does best. Create new viruses, watch it spread , then close its borders and sell fake tests and faulty masks to the world.

Tudor Miron

Trolls like you will keep spreading lies.


Nope, just truth you can not handle.

Tudor Miron

Handle? Lol.

Jens Holm

f You were in my country, You should be repatriated.

A start will be to learn factschecking is not below You bed blanket:(


I am not interested in yr country Jens. Thanks for letting us know though.

Jens Holm

You cant relate to facts.


Your facts, Mr Pollyanna..

Jens Holm

Not at all. Its about knowledge learned in the hard way by reading aboutr things and checking them up by internet durting many years. Even before Internet, I was like that.

As long as You dnt use facts as base for Your knowledge, Your will get wrong resualt and act agfter them.

Thats what You do.

The facts of mine is the facts of the world. All in the whole world can read most of them for free.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect and very infected. Parts migh be true.



Jens Holm

The UNited States has different oppinions and many wont do, at You insinuate. The New York Major dont say that at all.


The sytem in US is based on throwing people into the water and watch from a distance to see which can swim and survive. The people who can not swim are bottom dwellers , and they are only helped by the ones who can barely swim ( social workers) while this chain is mainly financed by fund raisers , ie rich people (aka swimmers) on guilt trip.

Thats the reason Trump says , ” Go and work , , no curfew in NY ”. That is hardcore capitalism and it looks nothing like your small cosy Danish state.

Jens Holm

I know USA quite well. And Yes USA is not like Denmark at all.

We compensate our hard core Capitalisme by income tax paying for a lot people can use for free. Thats makes us relative homogen and USA is very much split up in 2-3 main groups.

You are not correct about the swim thing. The middle- and upperclass is not like that at all. They have strong family relations and save money to take care of themselves and their families by education.

The swim part therefore is limitied, but I also see they fllow their family system too much even there are at least some help for something else.

Very break and do exact what the family do. Low incommers makes low incommers. It more like those Yougsters has no choise changing those bad relations then try to swim having no idea about, what it is.

Therefore many “drown”.

I learned more about it a few years ago, when I was ill and had to stay home for a period. I found the old “judge Judy” and saw maybee more then 100 of those rality shows. Of course it is made for TV, but I saw the patterns much better.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

are you talking about influenza deaths? or low mortality rate coronavirus deaths?


How is that fake country Turkey doing? Still hiding the real figures?


Not bad. What about yours stateless confused boy ?


And türds spermdrinkers give them alcohol and let them die LOL


You are not so brilliant, are you ? Yo lil triggered polish clown.


Say the türd that was räpëd by RuAF.


Definitely not brilliant. LOL


Say the türd that claims türdish is the mother of all languages,LOL


I did not such a thing , pollack. Quit lying to save yr ignorant azz.


Maybe you don’t but your low race of inbreds and cüm buckets like your beloved attatürd yes,LOL


Low race ? Like germans called pollacks ?


You türds are the whörës of the world,lol. Look at how uygur spermdrinkers are the whörës of China and how Russia is killing türds and yet you drink their sperm,LOL


n total, the Soviets killed tens of thousands of Polish prisoners of war. Many of them, like General Józef Olszyna-Wilczyński, captured, interrogated and shot on 22 September, were killed during the 1939 campaign.[21][22] On 24 September, 1939, the Soviets killed 42 staff and patients of a Polish military hospital in the village of Grabowiec, near Zamość.[23] The Soviets also executed all the Polish officers they captured after the Battle of Szack, on 28 September.[24]


Your lovely russians and what they had done to you. Someone spoke about being a russian whore and drinking russian sperm ?


And how it feels to you to drink russian sperm after how they räpëd 300.000 cüm bückets in the caucasus? :) your ancestors are too ashamed of you,but hey,we all know that turks are a race of spermdrinkers after all they couldn’t even protect their muslim brothers in Spain and let them to be slaughtered and sent back to ottotürd lands. :)


Nothing suprising here. They are also pushing virus test kits with 30% accuracy ( even flipping a coin gives you 50% accuracy , LOL ) to The World , together with sub standard protection masks. They are the sickness theirselves.

Jens Holm

I am afraid that not the point. China do fight much of that very hard. They cant sell theor things to us if even more products are not to be trusted.

Its liberalisme in its worst.


US quietly remove China KN95 from its 6 mask standard approved list. China made respirator/ ventilator are not approved. The world is now told Chinese standard is not accepted by FDA.

But West msm not report yanks just snatch 60M plane load of mask in China that bound for France by paying double price. France paid just $3M for 1B mask order that is sold in Amazon for $5 each. NY has ordered 17,000 Chinese ventilators, after US gov distributed ventilators mostly failed.

Spain & Czech complaint China test kits is defective with only 20% accuracy. But they not said its rapid “anti-body” test kits purchase from non approved supplier. A 80% accuracy rapid “nucleic” test kit is what used for common testing. Antibody test kits only enhanced testing of 20% advanced/ recovered patients already develop antibody.

Brussels recall 6M China made masks deem as defective not meeting CE standard, not fit their face with proper 95% filter. Yet they not report France has placed 1B mask order, already send 5 chartered planes to carry 6M masks each. Armed guards are deployed to avoid been snatched.

Italy MSM complaint Russia medical aids are 80% useless junks, with their soldiers spying in Nato land. They not report Italy President received Chinese & Russian team personally, with their flags replacing EU’s as USNato not response to its SOS call.

So who are behind all these smearing campaign? They are US NSA global paid hit man & MSM, like HK & Taiwan msm. “Let not a crisis goes to waste”, Trumps team said, while they received China & Russia aids.


Nothing can replace a good pangolin meal.


China is a totalitarian communist country, it is clear that they did not say everything about the Covid-19 cases, including the number of people infected, the origin of the virus, about experiment they did in 2015 with this virus. https://www.facebook.com/salviniofficial/videos/2752303571489985/

Jens Holm

I dont think You should fill any of that in here at all.

We all know the chinese hoped it would go away and they therefore also could hide it. We also know some doktor there were accusesed for giving untrue information.

So look at the future and respekt they were able to lock down their part of it – as we know and hope now.

Arch Bungle

China owes nobody any stats or any transparency at all. Given 200 years of the West and Japan taking a big fat shit on China, people should not expect anything from the Chinese.

Occupy Schagen

I will give the official figures from The Netherlands, replacing those in the Table: March 30 morning. New cases: +587, Total Deaths: 884, New Deaths: 93 We do not get reported the total of cases because we do not test (because of lack of test) we count only people in hospitals and IC-beds. new people in hospital: +507, total in IC-beds 1052, which means almost 100% full current capacity we had at start of epidemic 550 IC beds we estimate to need 2400 end this week.

Shia man

Even France is not counting its citizens that die from covid-19 at home as official deaths from the virus.

Jens Holm

Its a very good system. Actually we dont need to know. Testing is to find and stopp limited attacks.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We have done same kind of no registration: Go home and isolate Yourself if You dont feel well.

If its very bad You can use a hospital.

The goodpart is, that 98% actially dont need a doctor but just some help for shopping and washing clothe.

Its the same here in Denmark. We have lacks of test and the testers actually do more improtant things. Its promised we soon should be able to test up to 5.000 a day. We dont have the testkids – yet.

Shia man

It seems a lot of propaganda trolls are working hard on this thread


Exactly . These propaganda trolls are also voting theirselves just to appear in higher rows of the thread , so that everyone can see what they are selling.

Do you happen to know any of them by chance ?


you imagine yourself to be that, the truth is that you are useful idiots. Check out Bezmenov and what he told about the fate off useful idiots?


”They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much.”

Yuri Bezmenov

So where does above statements of bezmenov put you and all Russian bootlickers here posting from west in these threads ?


lol, you are funny. i live in a imperial vassal state? I have a red passport that gives me unlimited access to the world. You just revealed you are daft, see the Bezmenov intervju where he explain the fate off thoseleftist in the US if the Sovjets had won? You made my day tbh, i have not been called a Putinbot since i deleted my twitter acc, btw im a memewar vet, 4chan pol moron that had fun in the 2016 (s)election trolling libturds in the US. You need to assume less and read more. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d517aa53f11ff3071e4766b5c57628a0287f77e44d61887c7057c8689d6f44e.jpg


I asked you what you were and you explained yourself quite well, thanks. But I still think that you failed to understand who is who . Anyhow take good care.


have a good day and stay safe.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

should be a meme about everybody losing their freaking minds joker scene on corona if yer making em


i will pass the word along to a few “makers” i know?


lol, i mistook you for that senser dude! sorry? i think perhaps i need glasses.. https://media3.giphy.com/media/SQw5QMnHus42k/giphy.gif


It seems like they are getting desperate, their narrative is failing to impress even dumbass amerikans.. Let us find solace and peace with the thought that God has the last word and these useful idots and zi0nist scum will face him too. Per Russian Orthodox


Well, scums, the never ending shit showeling is ramped up to warp speed, and of course, everything is blamed on the eh…. Chines, uh… because of been commies, right, scums. But, I dont bother to elobrate that bollocks further, just saying when our never ever lying JudenPress writes an aritcle about Iran, witch is just repeating the Yankike idiot propaganda, and of course its the Muuhulas fault, and the MSM didnt bother to say anything about sactions, wars etc, and in the comentary fields the mantra is, we hope they all die, yeah, its not even hate speache, right, had it been about ISISrael, they would have screamed them self hoarsh, and in Norway, the MSM is somewhere between ZH and BreitFart, flooded with “friends of ISISrael”, and the same pack of scums are here to. When thats said, I have even read ISISraeli people whom I would say is infront of the curve, its an sad thing when we can agree on this, but never the problems they create on others, etc.

Then we have the facts, scums, this is whats called an Psy-op, and the reason for label this as an hoax is because, not that it makes some people sick, corona or the CONvid 19 is genuine, but thats all, from then on the entire senario is false, period, this problem was in Russia, already in the atum, like it was in the Imperial banana republic, long before it “surfaced” in China, and then the rest is history, and this so called epidemic have used the anual flu to hype this to new levels, the numbers are fudged, etc, and how, I link to an site where its explained, and so far I can judge sounds reasonable based upon whats dripping from the “scums of this earth” about the range of this eh…. epidemic. Read this morons and learn. So you will understand how they made this happen with fudging the stats, and to create an lock down of the entire mofo earth. https://thefreedomarticles.com/insider-exposes-covid-19-coronavirus-scam/ I dont waist time denating bloody idiots, either you get it or dont, I dont care, because this eh… epidemic is an cover for an new world order, and spare me the 5G nonsense and so on, this is the real deal. Next time I will educate you idiots with what is coming, but I will give you an hint.

Riots for the basics, its begining and you can bet your ass on it will not be televised, and the austeritys, where the rich will be richer, of course so they can invest, another spectaculare idiotic messurment because the cash is stolen from our tax mooney, and why hostpitales are down is equally bloody obvious, when the polticians have sold their souls to the elite and given them billions in tax releasings every f…. year for decades and it dont matter the squatt if the Gov is left/right at all, in Norway they have plundered the pensioners and taken mooney witch would go to health, soscial sec and thrown it at the elite, and the same insane amount of mooney have gone to feed the so called refugees, the wars, the vaccine scam, the corpoRats whom dont even pay tax, etc, but the real deal isnt here yet, it comes, if the situation isnt reversed, the world will explode, I give it an week or two, and everything will change. WE the people need an reset, WE have been and will bleed, and millions will die, and wars wil continue. And sooner or later, and this time I would bett on sooner, the lines will cross, either they go totalisatian, or we the people sould arm us with touches and gallows, that, to take and remove the parasits. DO notice I didnt mention spesific nations, its an class war, morons, the 1% against us all. Wake up.


PS. again, go and watch the hostpitals or whever they claim the epidemic is “exploding” for your self and document that with videos, I have seen several already, and they are really telling, because this epidemic is indeed hyped to levels where you have to be an idiot to think is true, its not.

Jens Holm

A lot of information. I have several comments. 1) Russia is not hit hard, because it has few contacts to the rest of the world 2) The USA health care system mainly is in the 52 states even they are neighbors asn in some matters should be u nited in one.

Thats why we see tha many versions, where the Trump above everything is bad. Tempting to compare with Europe.

We also has a lot of contact among each other as well as to USA. Even so we see the results for COVI is very differrent from sountry to country. The lack is the politicians send different messages and the doctors too even many should know better.

Influenza is a normal thing even thos one is a nasty one. The basics are the same. You avoid all got hit opr at least all gets hit at the same time, when You spread out and fx wash hands, mouths and other body contact.

Ignoring that is what has happend in fx Italy, Spain and partly GB.

3) I thik its more aznd more wtong to name things as “Neo liberalisme”. Some country never has had that at all or in sectors only. Its againt the state is all over and decside things.

Its rather old and we have learned the limited successes as well as many fiascos and kompensate for that. My Goverment does it every day. EU does it even too mich every day.

If anything the EU are back to some social security be the state and parlaments are vital and very needed. That will say back to old in a new context.

I know a lot about it, because I partly is against it.

Liberalisme is fine to me as long as things become more effective, but the profit of it has to be shared and continue. BY that we dont divide our countries in social classes, which fx is very well descriebed by Karl Marx and others.

I finally will add, that Sanders do see those needed changes well. But people there will choose Biden for no vital change or even Trump for even more far out.

THERE IS NO GLOBAL CRISIS ACCORDING OIL. Cheep oil from Russia and the rest will help all to regain faster from the Corona Influenza. So thank You for that Saudis and Russia.

The looser wil be we delay in using fx windpower and solar electricity even it pays off very well every day right here with no smog and most of the cloud being white.


LOL you are still speaking about EU as if it is one.

Italy confiscates the ventilators destined for Greece France confiscates masks going to Italy. Health workers disappear and leave the elders to death in Spain , army is collecting the dead bodies now. The examples are endless.

If they are doing these to each other , just imagine what they will do to others.

EU was a pipe dream for the gullible like you , old man. Corona scratched the thin vener on top and now everyone can see that it is still the same selfish , colonial and egoist Europe lying underneath Nothing changed since 200 years.The ugly, rotten core is still there.

Jens Holm

Syria is one country hip hip

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly China has no patent in this. We have to stop it and fake products, where we can.

Jens Holm

I have forgotten nothing and know their bad sides as well. I dont think I am biased in that.

None can see in all corners of all companies all the time. We have seen examples of headchopping.

Godfree Roberts

“China was where COVID-19 originated,”??

No evolutionary virologist would support this claim. We will not know where the virus originated until the US releases details of its Patient Zero–which it refuses to do.



https://www.infowars.com/15-times-infowars-predicted-a-bioweapon-release-would-turn-into-worldwide-tyranny/ 2


Even here you regurgitate West msm lies?

US quietly remove China KN95 from its 6 mask standard approved list. China made respirator/ ventilator are not approved. The world is now told Chinese standard is not accepted by FDA.

But West msm not report yanks just snatch 60M plane load of mask in China that bound for France by paying double price. France paid just $3M for 1B mask order that is sold in Amazon for $5 each. NY has ordered 17,000 Chinese ventilators, after US gov distributed ventilators mostly failed.

Spain & Czech complaint China test kits is defective with only 20% accuracy. But they not said its rapid “anti-body” test kits purchase from non approved supplier. A 80% accuracy rapid “nucleic” test kit is what used for common testing. Antibody test kits only enhanced testing of 20% advanced/ recovered patients already develop antibody.

Brussels recall 6M China made masks deem as defective not meeting CE standard, not fit their face with proper 95% filter. Yet they not report France has placed 1B mask order, already send 5 chartered planes to carry 6M masks each. Armed guards are deployed to avoid been snatched.

Italy MSM complaint Russia medical aids are 80% useless junks, with their soldiers spying in Nato land. They not report Italy President received Chinese & Russian team personally, with their flags replacing EU’s as USNato not response to its SOS call.

So who are behind all these smearing campaign? They are US NSA global paid hit man & MSM, like HK & Taiwan msm. “Let not a crisis goes to waste”, Trumps team said, while they received China & Russia aids.


I think this Jennifer is a Anti-China Taiwanese or HK troll work for CIA. She posted lot of fake news.


What is 200k infections 5k deaths vs US every year flu season 30M infections, 30~60k deaths?

Its not difficult for US to intermix COVID & flu deaths as fear porn to justify its $2.2T $printing bailout.

Total death of each USNato states include Italy per week is unchanged according to A Swiss Dr compilation, i.e. most reported deaths are “WITH” not “BY” COVID. Infact, NY see a slight drop in total deaths. https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

Outbreak will continue to justify next $6T bailout of stock mkt bubble. ZUS Corps have taken $5.7T bank loan & plough 97% profits into stock buyback scam & bonus payout since 2008.

Thereafter, its the $80B/day FED printing since last year to fill up cash dried banks. Fund institutions borrow heavily to buy bonds taking advantage loan vs bond rate different.

All these are on top $800B/yr QE $printing in bond buy back scam since Obama started 2008.

While Republican & Democrats pretend fighting, unanimously they support FED unlimited QE to fill the gawd chosen ones’ pockets in Wall Street & London.

These chosen ones funds have already cash out $7T in global stock crash through Trumps info insider trade.

Their $T paper gold scam has reach limit with no real physical gold.

Their $T oil futures gear towards Goldman Sach’s always accurate oil price “predicttion” of $20~$10.

Yet the next biggest coming one is their control over $T global commodities trading and future. Severe global food shortage will be created using COVID crisis to make the largest kill.

China 1.4B people has only $14.8T GDP. These 14M kiki , 0.2% global population, control $150T.

They control USNato, FED Petrol$ printing, Finance, all Central Banks, commodities, oil, food, trades, property, shipping, & Fortune 1000 with $15T revenue.

Their Top 3 investment funds like Black Stone exceed $5T each. 6 kiki control 90% MSM. 5 kiki out of 6 Russia oligarchs that control all resources.

Every 10yrs they plunder the World once with created global crisis. In 1918, Rockefeller spread similar pneumonia virus infecting 1B, killing 100M. In 2002 Rockefeller mooted “Lock Steps” and SARS started….


Let not a US made crisis goes to waste, Pompee will said.

Most West renowned epidemiologists criticized China lockdown approach as failed policy, with politicians attacking as human rts violation since beginning.

Now all are duplicating Chinese strategy from lockdown (USNato called Sheltering), widespread testing (USNato called SK style testing), special built hospitals, mask wearing, ventilator, chloroquine trial on early stage, fighting over masks & toilet papers …

How dare you “Sickman of Asia” leading & aiding West in a crisis when they are all messing up with “all men are for themselves”. Chinese are rubbing salts on these West politicians wound.


This will be a very interesting year. USNato-India bioterrorism on China has backfired. West-India is in great dilemma.

China has contained it in 2mths, eliminating USNato excuse to print $6T QE & pulling entire China supply chain out to India, destroy it rise permanently.

So West has to pretend serious outbreak justify $6T QE to save its stock bubbles and collapsing economy, but paralyzing ownself in lockdown will allow China to extend its aids softpower & deepen supply chain.

Not to do, wall street bubble will still collapse West economy, allow China to strengthen its global position.

Now, China with most complete ready supply chain with outbreak contain, is in best position to aid & supply the world esp in medical. This will spread its softpower globally while USNato watch desperately, and extend its supply chain wider and deeper.

Seeing China as most secured one stop clustered supply chain, many producers impact by US-EU-Jp-SK supply chain disruption are shifting orders and procurement to China quickly. This will cement China mfg and supply hub status.

Currently China is responsible for 14% global mfg GDP, it will increase to 50% in shorter time before projected 2030. Thanks to ZUSNato-India backfired bioterrorism.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

in this climate of horsehit and propaganda if somebody got their head filled with bullets but had coronavirus they would list coronvirus as cause of death

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

if you die from gunshot wounds and have coronavirus, guess what the cause of death will be listed as

Arch Bungle

China owes nobody anything at all. Given 200 years of the West and Japan taking a big fat shit on China, people should not expect anything from the Chinese. Take it a payback for the Opium Wars.

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