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How CIA-supplied Missiles Ended Up In Hands Of ISIS – Report

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On December 14, Conflict Armament Research (CAR) organization released a detailed report that revealed details how ISIS had obtained “substantial quantities” of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) manufactured for the CIA and supplied by it to the Syrian opposition armed group.

CAR’s team inspected a 9M113 ATGM container that was captured from ISIS by the Iraq Army in February 2016. The investigation proved that the Soviet-designed missile was actually made by the Bulgarian arms manufacturer Vazovski machine-building plant (VMZ), which is owned by another Bulgarian trade company called SAGE Consulting.

How CIA-supplied Missiles Ended Up In Hands Of ISIS - Report

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According to the report, in 2014 the CIA used “Kiesler Police Supply”, a small American company base in Indiana, as a front to purchase 600 9M113 missiles from SAGE in order to supply them later to what the US called “moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in Syria.

CAR team was able to determine that the 9113 missile container it inspected in Iraq was bought by CIA from SAGE on December 15, 2015. The incident took place only 59 days before the Iraqi Army captured it in Ramadi city. This shocking fact meant that ISIS units in Iraq were able to obtain the US-supplied missiles as soon as they were handed over to the FSA groups in Syria.

Bulgarian-made 9M113 missiles with a serial-number close to the one captured in Iraq was spotted with Jaysh al-Nasir, a US-backed FSA group allied to al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Jaysh al-Nasir is based in Idlib governorate in northern Syria that is totally isolated from the ISIS-held areas. This means that ISIS could only get these advance missiles if Jaysh al-Nasir smuggled them to it.

How CIA-supplied Missiles Ended Up In Hands Of ISIS - Report

Click to see the full-size image

How CIA-supplied Missiles Ended Up In Hands Of ISIS - Report

Click to see the full-size image

Many news outlets noted that US President Donald Trump ended the Obama-era FSA-armament program allowing to provide supplies to several FSA groups including Jaysh al-Nasir in July. However, the Syrian pro-opposition outlet Enab Baladi reported that the US Military Operation Center in Turkey, named by Turks “MOM”, resumed its support for Jaysh al-Nasir in Idlib governorate on October 8.

Several Syrian pro-government activists and experts have repeatedly warned since day one that CIA-supplied weapons will end up in the hands of the terrorists. Dozens of facts have been presented since 2014 of how ISIS and HTS didn’t only got US-supplied Bulgarian-made 9M113 ATGMs from the FSA, but even US-made TOW ATGMs. However, the US government and the CIA appear to be more interested in destabilizing the situation in Syria than fighting terrorism.

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The Missiles got to the rebels because the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ wants it that way. You know it, I know it to, so we might as well admit it.

Jens Holm

You just ignore facts which are the best by the usual ones made in some dirty propaganda basements.

Ypu are in a complex Yourself and wil never solve anything as long as You only believe in selfmade lies of the worst kind. Why the f….k dont You use the facts. Are they not bad enough according to, what You want.

I can only see You think You think You make Yourself more colean by making others more dirty then they already are. Better to clean Your own house. Thay never happens in the Middle East.

As I child I learned arabs never washed themselves. I know now now most do like everybosy else. So its about washing Your brains incl. culture and religion my history book were correct.

You show it very welll.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure you trying to say something, but you sound completely incoherent.


Boy, are you interested in the facts? How about the fact that these weapons were captured from the ISIS?

For the time I’m in SF board, I never saw you say something useful. You just come to the board, start from the upper comment and write your drivel without reading the original comment.

This time I want to know about your “capable” thoughts. Please enlighten us.

I’ll sit quite so you can solve this for us with your “un-washed” brain and facts. What are these “ignored” facts?

Cheryl Brandon

These are the U$A BOYS/ASSETS so, we expect them to train/arm and provide air cover as they were known to be doing throughout 2011- 2016.


I blame Putin.

Mahmoud HAm

Why??? Because Putin should have bombed US Occupation Army in Syria????


I was hoping I would not be taken too seriously!!!


But comrade Tovarish *takes out Tokarev* how can you say that?


Just what are trying to say?

Makes no sense

Brother Ma

Every comment you make makes me think you more a fool.you have a problem processing facts.

You now have the honour of being the first person i have ever blocked anywhere on the internet.

I love scandinavia and wanted to visit. Yet ,if there are a lot of people like you there i am happy to never see your faces.


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Cheryl Brandon

It was all willfully done!

Jens Holm

Confirms, what most people have guessed. I thought Obama stopped the traffic and it did not go on in anything like the Trumpet time.


It is hard to me to see any difference between a democrat or a republican president with respect USA external military behavior. I think most of the people in the World would agree that there is not difference at all.


I just don’t buy whatsoever comes out from those salves potus mouth/s..!


You thought wrong – and evidently fail to understand the basis of how modern western politics and bureaucracies actually function. The long term US foreign policy position toward the existing Syrian state has been hostile for decades – long indicated in Pentagon white papers. Since early-mid 2000’s the preferred objective of US foreign policy toward Syria has been ‘regime change’ and the Pentagon has been tasked with researching and implementing actual strategies for achieving this. The CIA initially sought a simple strategy, try and sponsor an upper echelon of the SAA leadership to lead a coup, but they found no takers and it failed dismally. With their preferred strategy off the table, the Pentagon concluded that a far more difficult strategy was their only way forward. This was to identify, encourage and support all available militant Syrian opposition factions, and thus US agencies began in particular engaging with the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the primary, historical, internal opponents of the existing Syrian secular state. Post 2011, once the Pentagon started financing and weaponizing a range of militant Syrian opposition factions, a vast bureaucratic driven machine was set in motion. Involving negotiated contracts, hardware manufacturers and suppliers, financial institutions, transit and logistics companies, oversight CIA agents and private contractors – all spanning three continents. This sort of large scale project is never simply shut down with a single political announcement. When Obama politically declared one particular Pentagon weapons supply project a failure, inefficient and untenable, that was just one project being officially closed under one operational name, to one particular set of Syrian factional militants. But in reality, with the bureaucratic supply-chain online, other agency programs were always running parallel and new programs can simply be added, under new operational names, supplying different or re-branded Syrian militant factions. The long term US foreign policy position of hostility toward the existing Syrian state has not changed – and the Pentagon’s task remains to facilitate ‘regime change’ options, this certainly did not end with a particular weapons supply project being politically cancelled by Obama. The US does not station CIA field agents, liaisons, and third party contractors, all over southern Turkey without good reason – their role is to facilitate and disseminate ongoing munitions and weapons supplies into Syria to opposition militants – it takes a vast influx of these for non state militants to fight a state armed force for seven years.

Róbert Pagáčik

Kiesler Police supply …. why does it sound so bad to me …. a company called police supply buying 600 AT-Konkurs rockets ?


Arming police with assault rifles didn’t stop the crime, so they are lifting up a notch. :)

Graeme Rymill

Minor technical point: the SouthFront article repeatedly refers to the 9M113 Konkurs. The CAR report is clear that the weapon is a 9M111 missile. The 9M111 missile is the Fagot not the Konkurs. The photo above of the brown missile launch tube also has 9M111 printed on the tube.


I used to think American intel services were just amoral but now I am convinced they and their benefactors are morally reprehensible, they are repugnant and disgusting. How can you support and arm the same kind of people who murdered 3000 of our countrymen and women on 9/11? Well that’s easy for me to answer nowadays either US intel services knew about the plot on 9/11 and let it happen or they played an active role in the plot. These are not Patriotic Americans these traitors who serve the Zionist/Globalist Cabal whom occupy my government.

northerntruthseeker .

When will people ever realize that these weapons were absolutely sent by the US to their fraud “ISIS” forces… What happened here is the US got caught and has to now find an “excuse” to explain how these “terrorists” got these weapons!

The real laugher is how people still do not get it that the US is ISIS!

Cheryl Brandon


Cheryl Brandon

This si why the USA not be at any peace talks but at the ICC answering WAR CRIMES charges.

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