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JUNE 2023

How China Banned Soros in 1989 – A Canadian Patriot Press Film

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How China Banned Soros in 1989 - A Canadian Patriot Press Film

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Do you think that both George Soros and China represent threats to your freedom and democratic values?

Do you think that the US government suffered a regime change in 2020, but don’t understand how Anglo-American intelligence agencies orchestrated it?

Did you know that China kicked out George Soros in 1989 and purged his minions of CIA-connected fifth columnists over the ensuing decades?

Why do George Soros and Steve Bannon sound so different on so many points, except when it comes to China which both representatives of the “left” and “right” agree must be put through a regime change in order to preserve “democratic liberal values”?

Originally published by The Canadian Patriot

In this Canadian Patriot Press documentary produced by Jason Dahl, written by Matthew Ehret and narrated by Cynthia Chung, you will be introduced to the deeper reasons for Trump’s overthrow in 2020 and the broader strategic alliance of a US-Russia-China partnership against globalism which Donald Trump was bringing into reality.

Before you find yourself supporting a program of anti-China or anti-Russia hysteria which may quickly slide into a new world war, take a deep breath, re-evaluate what power structure oversaw the murder of eight American presidents during the past two centuries and come to a deeper understanding of the CIA-rebranding and Trilateral Commission takeover of the US government over 50 years ago.

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How China Banned Soros in 1989 - A Canadian Patriot Press Film

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Modern Americans have become extremely malleable creatures.

Despite those powerful founding documents that enshrine freedom, inalienable rights and the general welfare as driving moral principles of law, economics and politics, very few living Americans fully seem to have a living connection to that powerful tradition which saw eight presidents die defending it over the course of the young republic’s life.

As such, today’s modern Americans have been induced to think of politics like a game of left vs right polarization. This view has successfully blinded the majority of its victims from any understanding of the principled forces of history shaping our present crises and additionally has obscured the role of the oligarchical hereditary power structures which the founding fathers understood to be a source of evil shaping the entire human experience.

Yet despite the fact that actual British-directed deep state structures that oversaw the murder of so many presidents, including the recent coup in the USA itself in 2020, left and right mouthpieces from George Soros to Steve Bannon appear to agree that the greatest threat to the rules based order are Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China.

In this Canadian Patriot Press documentary, the essentials of the 2020 overthrow of Donald Trump are introduced which will bring us into a deeper appreciation for George Soros, and Lord Mark Malloch Brown as agents of international oligarchism. We will also be introduced to the origins of Soros’ Quantum hedge fund, and Open Society Foundation, the purpose and goals of the Trilateral Commission which took over the US government in the early 1970s, and an important make-over of the CIA as it morphed into a multi-headed hydra in the form of the National Endowment for Democracy which launched a new age of regime change under the guise of “color revolutions” beginning in 1983.

You will be introduced to Soros’ role in destroying the system of sovereign nation states throughout the 1980s-1990s and you will find out how China, of all nations successfully purged his agents and banned the financial terrorist for life… in 1989.

How did this fight against Soros and other CIA front groups result in China’s capacity to lift billions out of poverty and establish (with Russia and other nations unwilling to be destroyed), a new architecture founded upon cooperation, long term development and leaping over limits to growth?

Most importantly, how did Trump represent a mortal threat to everything Soros represented through his attempts to re-align the USA out of the “British-NATO special relationship” and into a US-Russia-China alliance against globalists from his earliest moments in office until the last days before the 2020 coup.


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How China banned $0r0$ in 1989… And then 12 years later embraced him and the U.$. government with “open arms” after this DEAL (https://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html) that bought their silence in exchange for America’s manufacturing!…

This is why China will never leave $0r0$ or the UN in Manhattan as long as their dual national($) like India occupy a substantial burden of the American economy and there most important homes that they will never leave as long as the PRC wants them in North America!

Last edited 3 months ago by Matt

dumb ass,corps. started moving to China in 79,after the change from R.O.C. to P.R.C in relation to recognition of ONE CHINA policy with the capital Beijing instead of Taiwan


You left out the part about the “fast tracking” that took place after China slow boated the crimes scene back to China to melt down the steel from Ground Zero with the H1-b revolving door that ensued, and the second cottage they have in the “home away from home” ever since they have no compulsion to leave given there two car garabes and 4,000 sq foot ranch hou$e they can’t get in Sichuan or Beijing…

Yeee Hah!….

Last edited 3 months ago by Matt

America is now an occupied country all roads lead to London


USA is occupied for the very long time by the triumvirate of House of Washington, House of London and House of Vatican whose agents are Rotschild and the Jesuits.


Excellent documentary detailing the organisations and individuals behind Western governments George Soros and Co. And the truth behind the events at tianinman Square and the soros C.I.A funded groups involved

jens holm

once Soros let me lick mulatto penis security guard

John Kesich

Anyone who thinks Trump was overthrown in 2020 is delusional. He was installed by Interstate Crosscheck in 2016 and lost popularity after that.

R.I.P. peace & democracy 11-22-1963

Since then the deep state has selected our sock puppets in chief – red or blue as they deemed suited the times.

Boba Lazarević

JFK may indeed have been the last shining light for the US. But he had come to power by rigged elections as well. And prior to him FDR had ran four times in a row.

The Yanks never really cared for democracy that much. And they cared for peace even less.

John Kesich

For all his faults, JFK was the last president to try to stand up to the deep state. If you are not familiar with his “Peace in Our Time” commencement address at American University, check it out on youtube.

R.I.P. peace & democracy 11-22-1963

We’ve only had sock-puppets-in-chief since then.

All those who think Trump was an outsider really need to explain why Donnie isn’t commiserating with JFK and all the other deep state victims.

John Kesich

Anyone who thinks Trump is not part of the deep state is delusional. The DNC and RNC partners in crime have complete control over who appears on their ballots and participates in their debates. The (D) or (R) behind a politician’s name should be interpreted as “deep state approved”.

Trump lost in 2020 and was only installed in 2016 by the RNC Interstate Crosscheck voter disenfranchisement scham which the DNC distracted from with their Russiagate red herring, which had the added benefit of drumming up anti Russian prejudice.

Anyone who disagrees with the above should kindly explain what Trump and Obama are laughing about here (youtu.be/CQYWsWD7jGw?t=236) or why Trump gave this speech (youtu.be/zD8j29PsKfc) instead of slinging mud at someone presenting facts you don’t like.


You lower caste cunntt, China can’t exist without da US. Don’t you get it? Are you stupid? Are you a stupid muzlim?

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