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JULY 2020

How Americans Are Being Lied To: Virginia State Senator Richard Black Debunks MSM Lie about Battle for Aleppo


Virginia State Senator Richard Black speaks about the reality on the ground in Syria’s Aleppo and debunks the lies in the main stream media.



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  • Peter Jennings

    Let’s hope when america comes to its senses and stops its policy of waging aggressive war through proxy groups, that they will see there way to offering Syria and its people enough reparation so they may rebuild their destroyed neighbourhoods and rebuild their shattered lives.
    Also britain, isreal, qatar, turkey, saudi, and all other warmongers involved, get to pay their fair share too.

    All nato people have been lied to and extorted by nato high command and the corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians who run them. This treason, ongoing now since the 1980’s, has cost millions of lives.

  • Ronald

    An American Senator , with honor , displayed by telling the truth .
    The crack in the dam of lies .

    Americans are about to get the truth .

    • binky354

      Americans get the truth? But are they listening?

    • Ted

      He is a state senator. Which is about the same power level in U.S. government as my postman. But at least he knows the truth. Which if you are keeping count this makes it fourteen. As stated are Americans listening? I would go one further, they simply don’t care to know. Hell even the one’s that make the policy know very little, I guess when you lie for a living those lines between truth get real blurry!

  • Eric

    We’ve been been told these lies for decades. Like the so called Contra “freedom fighters” who were nothing but CIA funded death squads. Same situation in Syria, except in this case, the US and their cronies are backing far more dangerous groups.