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How about a Resolution for the Total Absurdity that the EU Has Become?

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How about a Resolution for the Total Absurdity that the EU Has Become?

Written by Kalina Androlova; Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The EU continues to confidently stride towards its inevitable end! The European Parliament approved a resolution to combat the propaganda of third countries, including Russia. To put it bluntly – the main goal is Russia.

Of course, Poland is again the instrument which is used for introducing this or that absurd task of the European Parliament, and then the puppets vote on command. The report on combating propaganda, dubbed “Strategic communications of the EU to counteract propaganda of third parties” mainly talks about Russia, was already approved on 10th of October by the Committee on Foreign affairs of the European Parliament.

The operation was prepared by Polish MP Anna Fotyga. According to her “The Russian Federation uses a wide range of instruments, including multilingual television channels, special foundations, news agencies, social media and internet trolls to attack Western values ​​and the unity of Europe …”

The arguments are so ridiculous, cheap and talentless, that is shameful for the European Parliament to stand behind such a description. The guardians of “democracy” and “freedom of speech” actually voted to ban freedom of speech. The resolution specifically mentions television Russia Today and the news agency Sputnik.

Pay particular attention to the importer of the idea – Anna Fotyga. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland. The USA is very keen to control several high profile ministries in the countries of Eastern Europe, which they treat as protectorates. The important ministries are the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, and if applicable – the Ministry of Energy. Anna Fotyga is well-chosen agent of influence, who is not shy to raise an issue, which even at its core is ridiculous, undemocratic and absolutely discriminatory.

But with ideological manipulations we always have a thesis with invented emotional decorative assessments, on the plane of good-evil, and which urge the manipulated to choose the “best”. Such is the technology. For example: choose between democracy and dictatorship, between free market or state planning, and so on. But the real world is not black and white. In the real world there is successful free market and successful state planing in certain degrees.

The current so called democracy in the Western world gives the impression of a highly controlled society. And this resolution against the media of third parties (Russia) is actually an act against the right of people to knowledge, based on different perspectives and sources. Currently the media in the “democratic world” are creating false alternatives that all speak the same “truth” which can properly be called propaganda. These are the news with distorted facts and a heightened emotional degree, which aim to set a bias.

During the debate before the vote on the resolution, the Euro MP from Latvia, Tatyana Zhdanoka stated that the European Parliament is crossing the Red Line, discussing such a theme: “I think that the text we are discussing, crossed the red line. We have previously taken resolutions which have criticized Russia and Russian people, but such an insulting text in both form and content – this is something new for the European Parliament.”

According to the Latvian Euro MP, the resolution contradicts the principle of media freedom. At the same time, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Federica Mogherini said that EU policy concerning the counter propaganda “aims to enhance media pluralism in the east and south …” The absurdity of the bureaucrats of the European Parliament has become uncontrollable and downright dangerous. The false regime fabulously presented to the peoples of Europe as the best possible, starts to crumble not because of external pressure, but under the weight of its own invalidity. The hegemonial factor ever more clearly and obviously uses the EU as a tool in the battle to preserve its dominance, and to solve its problems with Russia. Europe is really becoming a laughingstock!

On energy, the German business struggles though difficult economic illogical pressure from the US, but in the media the lack of discipline is complete. Since the big German capital is not affected by the resolutions of the European Parliament against Russian media, Poland was able to sneak by with cheap tricks. If the big German capital is not affected in its pockets, it doesn’t say anything. But if they stopped “Nord Stream”, then it would say something. “South Stream” they stopped, because Germany does not care about it. And the countries who care, the United States gave them a sign to “shoot themselves”. And they did.

Have you noticed that when something highly improper has to be said, there is always Poland or Lithuania or our own Plevneliev to say it?! The proposals always come from these countries. First, they easily wind them up. Second, for a quarter century a ton of funds are invested in the network to build a society in those countries, whose elite is anti Russian. Such a public profile requires care, control of the media, universities, agents in management circles and so on. This is the soft war with Russia, again with others hands and on foreign terrain. In general the technology is familiar. Every day we breathe it, live it ,tolerate censorship, idiotic media in which roam grant motivated political scientists who live in a perpetual “hellish struggle with Russians and communists” (the villains from a long time ago, that are still the villains now, as they are immortal).

The Russian side considers the resolution against Russian media to be a discrimination and violation of international norms. But what international norms are there when in Syria there is a war in which hundreds of thousands died, but the US still does not want to terminate it. What standards can be talked about to the people who invented the Islamic State?! They gave them arms, gave it life, gave it a plan, give it a purpose. For a while now, everything is out of the norm. The global rule of the US crossed the red line. In this scheme, the EU is simply a corrupt pawn committing suicide, nudged by US interests.

The EU is stubbornly moving towards the abyss that it created itself. The EU degrades, and the Brussels bureaucrats are satisfied with a dull eclecticism of steps – sometimes backward, sometimes forward, sometimes moving around in circles, all against Russia. So the US solves two problems simultaneously: the disintegration of Europe and directing its remnants to battle against Russia. Between Europe and Russia there should be no peace. Such a friendship would be a threat to the supremacy of the United States in the world that is increasingly destabilized. But instigating Europe against Russia will not solve America’s problems. The US has its own internal problems that can not be solved with the destruction of other countries with color revolutions, hybrid wars, hatred against Russia with media control, or with chaos in the Middle East and so on. So America should best turn inward, and leave the Poles to think for themselves.

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john mason

Everything has a limit, Russia has a limit, soon Russia has to retaliate and cut off the gas to the EU and Baltic states. That will bring on a war that the EU created and instigated by the US. A price has to be paid and the biggest perpetrator is the US. Russia will now take its’ business towards Asia, Africa and South America. With all the sanctions against Russia it shows that Russia does not need Europe but Europe needs Russia.


Unless they manage to get the gas from another source…

Hello Qatar/Turkey pipeline.

Valhalla rising

Dont worry we will take the EU down.The sanctions will be lifted.Dont overreact.

Cliff Roesli

.. point is who is the owner on the EU .. that is the question and the answer .. certainly not the people ..


Hard to believe but the post war idea for a United Europe came from the CIA. EU is originally a CIA project. I wonder what the purpose was…?


Full Spectrum Global Dominance.


Europe uses mass immigration , mass communications , foundations , financial terrorism , propaganda to bully smaller european nations to rerun refendums , into accepting loss of sovereignty and Eu hegemony.

Screw EU


Well, the Third Reich was apparently more democratic than its successor, the Fourth Reich, because the Third Reich had at least popular support in its fight against the Soviet Union.
The Fourth Reich has none of that, as evidenced by the Dutch referendum and the French Republicans’ presidential primary elections.

Thus, the Fourth Reich endeavours to steal even more money from its citizens in order to flood them with its thousand-times-repeated lies…

Anyway, I hope that Federica Mogherini finally gets it right.
Indeed, we need some healthy counter-propaganda and some enhancement in the media plurality at least here in the east because we are under a constant and grossly unbalanced barrage of brainwashing transatlantic propaganda, most notably from public broadcasting coprorations.

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