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Houthis’ War On Terror In Yemen (Videos, Maps)

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Since the start of the Saudi intervention in Yemen in March 2015, the official Saudi propaganda, Western diplomats and mainstream media outlets have been arguing that the coalition is somehow combating terrorists there.

As a part of this narrative, Saudi Arabia, the United States & Co claim that the Houthis (Ansar Allah) are “Iranian-backed terrorists” that oppose the establishment of a democratic rule in Yemen. What the Saudi kingdom (where people still can be executed for witchcraft) or the United States (where only two political parties are de-facto allowed) know about the real ‘democracy’ is the unanswered question.

The kingdom’s leadership and its allies are especially concerned by Houthi drone and missile strikes on military and infrastructure targets inside Saudi Arabia, and cry foul about the Iranian support to the Yemeni movement. At the same time, the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen as a result of the Saudi-led blockade and the wide-scale Saudi bombing campaign aimed at the destruction of the Yemeni civilian infrastructure that led to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths are considered as something ordinary and justified.

The dramatic growth of ISIS and al-Qaeda influence in Yemen since the start of the Saudi intervention is also the factor mostly ignored by the ‘democratic international community’.

Houthis' War On Terror In Yemen (Videos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image

Therefore, the Houthis labeled by Saudi propaganda as “terrorists” took the situation in their own hands and started conducting operations against ISIS and al-Qaeda in central Yemen. The recent advances of the Houthis allowed them to expand these efforts and further. The most recent Houthi operation against ISIS and al-Qaeda was kicked off in the Yemeni province of al-Bayda in August.

On August 19, the Houthis announced that their forces had liberated 1,000km2 from ISIS and al-Qaeda cells in the district of Wald Rabi of al-Bayda province. According to the Houthi media wing, they neutralized over 250 terrorists, destroyed 12 camps and gatherings of the terrorists, and seized large quantities of weapons and explosive devices.

“Among those killed there were five commanders of ISIS, including the group’s leader [in Wald Rabi’] as well as the security and financial officials,” a spokesman for the Houthi-led Armed Forces, Brig. Gen. Sari said. “We found complete information and evidence confirming that these elements had carried out various operations during the past years in more than one Yemeni region.”

“We also obtained evidence confirming that the Takfiris [terrorists] were coordinating with other elements in Arab and foreign states.”

After August 18, the Houthis continued their offensive on ISIS and al-Qaeda cells in the province. According to them, terrorists receive support from foreign states, first of all Saudi Arabia. Earlier, there were multiple reports that members of Al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula were openly supporting Saudi-led forces in their attacks on the Houthis.

Despite the dominance in the air and support from such factions, the Saudi-led coalition de-facto lost the conflict in Yemen and even failed to capture the country’s capital, Aden.

In these conditions, the MSM-labeled ‘terrorist group’ became the main and the only real anti-terrorism force in Yemen. This situation showcases the cornerstone of the mainstream coverage of the conflict in Yemen and many other conflicts around the world. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength” are no more just quotes from George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, but rather the slogan of the mainstream media around the world.

Houthis' War On Terror In Yemen (Videos, Maps)

Click to see the full-size image


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They should send these boys to Syria,they know how to carry out vermin control.

Jim Allen

We need them in US against our beloved Government.

Davide Herzog

Suck !


Guys guys, form a line.

First help them to overcome the Ziodi/US blockade any way you can, then they’ll pay a visit to your respective beloved governments.

Davide Herzog

We need them in Italy against our beloved regime , puppet of the pedophilians enemies of US democratic government : houtis would love to shot to the enemies of US democratic government ( like jim allen ) .

Traiano Welcome

Ship ’em to israel, there’s a cancer that needs removing in Tel Aviv …


Yes they thrive in the mountains,if the Zionist thugs think Hezbollah are bad wait until they meet those boys.

Rodney Loder

The only UN officially declared genocide this century so far was the Myanmar Rohingya Muslims by San Suu Kai defacto ruler, the maggot Sid Loder’s disciples installed her, and nothing matters what she does all will be forgotten when she’d gone.

Same as Yemen the reason the queers can get away with this criminal insanity is because, the world accepts not what it perceives but rather stupid made up stories about what should be perceived to placate disciplines of the homosexual Sid Loder, and when it’s over when I’m dead the queers will inherit the earth continue using the Holy Ghost that I brought to Earth, mind controlling mostly everyone, as it clearly states their allowed too in their make believe Bible.


You still here, Jihadi Erdogan lover?
Longer beard, still the same. Why are you not in Idlib with your fellows?

Rodney Loder

Trump haters are all the same stupid.samecas Assad teaming up with KSA and PKK after turning the tide of history, Brother Erdogan isn’t interested in capturing Syrian Territory, after June 15, 2016 he reinvented himself, so did the Muslim Brotherhood so did Gadaff’s son things and people change according to location, my first priority is to get Donald Trump re-elected he’s a God send.


Great stuff SF! Thanks

cechas vodobenikov

the Saudi/amerikan/UK immoral cowards consistently lose against under equipped civilized peoples

Icarus Tanović

You just don’t mess with brave true Yemenis. This is real strength of those unbeatable Wahhabis Saudi Arabia export.

Icarus Tanović

Where is melted iron and dusty zion around?


I’m here bitch.

Icarus Tanović

How lo batch you be ma stuff? Rough on rough.

Traiano Welcome

Thought you were bravely fighting Hezbollah at the borders:



How can I fight anyone when our own corrupted government is stopping us? use your head.

Assad must stay

Houthis and their battle skills are in high demand all across the globe hahaha

Traiano Welcome

The Houthi are conveniently using the terrorist groups to obtain their own weapons under embargo.

Unintentionally, by supplying terrorists with weapons the West and Saudi are providing weapons to the Houthi.

This explains one part of the mystery of where the Houthi obtain arms …

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