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Houthis Vow To Respond To US Terrorist Designation

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Houthis Vow To Respond To US Terrorist Designation

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (more widely known as the Houthis) has declared that it is ready to respond to any US move to designate it as a terrorist organization.

“America is the source of terrorism,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council twitted on January 11. “The Trump administration’s policy and actions are terrorist. We reserve the right to respond to any designation issued by the Trump administration or any administration.”

The statement came in response to the declaration of intention to designate the Houthis a terrorist group by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The outcoming Trump administration also intended to designate three Houthi leaders – Abdul Malik al-Houthi, Abd al-Khaliq Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and Abdullah Yahya al Hakim – as “Specially Designated Global Terrorists.”

The interesting thing is that the United States in fact aims to designate the Houthis for their resistance to the Saudi intervention in Yemen and missile and drone strikes on Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Washington prefers to ignore the fact that all actions of the Houthis are retaliation to the Saudi intervention and the extensive bombing campaign against civilian and infrastructure targets in Yemen.

Meanwhile in Yemen:

  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 204 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours;
  • On January 10, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Zahir area;
  • On January 10, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Maheliyah area;
  • On January 11, clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued in the Nakhla area east of Madghal;
  • On January 10, an IED exploded in Al-Arish district. No casualties were reported;


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Kenny Jones ™

Attack their ships in the coast of Aden


Source: Xinhua| 2021-01-10 “130 airstrikes target IS positions in Syrian desert” DAMASCUS, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) — More than 130 airstrikes have targeted the positions of the Islamic State (IS) in the Syrian desert over the past 48 hours, a war monitor reported on Saturday. The intensified airstrikes were carried out by Russian warplanes against the positions of the IS militants in the Syrian desert in eastern Syria as the latter attacked and captured several Syrian military sites, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The UK-based watchdog group said the IS militants later withdrew from the sites they had advanced to, fearing the airstrikes. During the battles over the past 48 hours, 19 government soldiers were killed as well as 12 IS militants, said the Observatory. After losing key areas across Syria, the IS group stationed in several parts of the Syrian desert and has carried out countless attacks on Syrian government forces. Since March, 1,170 soldiers and pro-government fighters have been killed during IS attacks in the desert as well as 633 IS militants. Enditem http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2021-01/10/c_139654885.htm


Fake stats,thats like trying to make out russia are on the teorrists side,doesn’t make any sense!


“American Threatens Economic War Against India Over Defence Ties With Russia(S-400): Delhi Says It Won’t Be Moved By Coercion” The United States has sought to increase the market share of Western arms manufacturers and shut Russia out of international arms markets by threatening potential clients for high end Russian weapons systems with sanctions. The S-400…….are prized for their extremely powerful sensor suites, their versatility and their formidable electronic warfare countermeasures. https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/american-threatens-economic-war-against-india-over-defence-ties-with-russia-delhi-says-wont-be-moved-by-coercion

Arch Bungle

I thought India was supposed to be America’s Big Ally against China. Looks like even Uncle Sam’s allies are his enemies …


Turkey is an old NATO allay and still sanctioned by US…Than why not India, whose good relations with US are recent and limited.

Furkan Sahin

because the United States does not want the Houthis to become stronger and go to war against Israel as they do not want Libya to become stronger with Gaddafi Yemen also has many people there are 30 million and they also have oil of course the United States must say that they are terrorist organization Houthier are good at war they have good tactics and have a lot of experience who can not lose against Saudi Arabia even though Saudi has over 200 warplanes but it does not work for them anyway..


yeah the saudi palns are flewn by jewish pilots from palestine or english pilots or americans as mercenaries. they saudi’s couldn’t hack it however hard they tried.

Furkan Sahin

Saudi warplanes also have Saudi people pilot but not all but some of them are from other country as you have mentioned yes I agree


If people are courageous and determined, they are invincible even against much stronger enemy

Furkan Sahin

yes right I think Houthier is brave and has balls to fight against big army

Furkan Sahin

I think Houthier are brave to fight against large army but they want to take their own country first then they are brave afterwards

Ashok Varma

Educated Indians hate the US as they were brought up in the anti-colonial era. US is threat to humanity and basic decency. Even Modi who came to power, thanks to the CIA, is now distancing India and creating stronger links with Russia and Iran.

Ashok Varma

US has no allies, it is bully and a racist thug that extorts money from weaker nations, mostly corrupt Arab regimes or eastern European vassals like Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Most of the world now ignores the US as it is becoming irrelevant.


Yet another reason not to praise Trump. Not that Biden is much different here


a number of anchored mines at the bottom of the bab al mandab, to be released electronically, floating towards the surface when one or more of the disunited states of exceptional morons’ hangar ships pass into the red sea or out – one of the weakest spots of those ships is the bottom – it would sink in minutes.

Jim Allen

Carriers aren’t terribly hard to damage, but they’re very hard to sink. If you’ve ever been on one, it becomes clear with their water tight compartments, redundant firefighting systems, two to each of the four main engineering spaces, damage control teams, and armor in the critical areas. The ships size with water tight compartments throughout, the ship can take incredible damage, flooded compartments, and remain afloat while damage control plugs holes, pumps out compartments, restarts systems, etc. Knocking out all four engines at once is a challenge, and emergency power is considerable. All ships are vulnerable to detonation of explosives from beneath. Torpedoes weren’t meant to strike the ship, they’re made to detonate as they pass under using a magnetic detonator under the keel. The early versions of magnetic detonators performed , failing to detonate the explosive, the destroyer escort see”s the torpedoes wake after it passes under it’s target, it then sucks to be the submarine. Unless Japanese, their torpedoes had no wake. Compressed air, leaves a wake, high pressure Oxygen doesn’t. US lost one Attack carrier, (Yorktown) had to finish it off though. Others sustained heavy damage, but didnt sink. The escort carriers took a beating. The Japanese carriers weren’t easy to sink, British carriers had armored flight decks, extra hard to sink. But not the one the idiots put an Aluminium superstructure on. One Exocet, and done. Aluminium burns, generates Oxygen when it burns, like Magnesium. US guided missile frigates, are cheap unarmored non-upgradeable old junk. They attract container ships, too, and the odd Su-27.


a damaged hangarship is useless and will have to be brought to the nearest friendly drydock (newport news?) for repairs and will be out of order for years. a number of competently released mines of today could easily sink one of the yankee-twats yesterday’s behemoths.

Potato Man

What is the meaning of “terrorists” anymore, “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” So the Zion in Palestinian that have been killing women and kids, and openly supporting ISIL, Daesh and let’s not forget who said the world should accept ISIL state. <- They are not terrorists they are god people. MEK – Well known terrorist group which are more like a cult – they are not terrorists in "west" eyes, same as all terrorists groups in Syria, Iraq but when those "Freedom fighters" do their jobs in EU they call them…. terrorists. They never blame Zion or Wahhbi Sunnis for aiding terrorists because their hands are full of blood of poor civilians.

But yeah…Houthis which have been attacking the root of terrorists founder KSA are now terrorists – to "west" again… it is funny – the meaning of terrorists change to your enemy. Even the fuking Trump supporters are now "domestic terrorists" <- Said Biden (Americans who support the other party are domestic terrorists). Not heroes alike in Iran – Iraq – HK – Belarus….okay.

Ashok Varma

These sanctions and designations are an exercise in futility and a symbol of impotence and defeat. Tiny Cuba has been under every designation under the sun since 1958 and is thriving. Iran is under sanctions since 1979 and has become the regional superpower. Hezbollah has earned various honors too and has become on the strongest political and military forces in the world. Half of Russia and Chinese companies are under sanctions and the insane US is threatening India with sanctions too.

US is just an impotent embarrassment.

Al Balog

Countries and states that I can think of that have been sanctioned by the US. Might be missing some others:

• Russia • China • Iran • Syria • Iraq • Donbass Republics • Crimea • Yemen (Houthis) • Lebanon (Hezbollah) • Sudan • Turkmenistan • North Korea • Venezuela • Cuba • Nicaragua • Germany (NordStream 2) • Turkey • Ukraine (recently for election interference)

Rodney Loder

China will throw Houties under the bus asap, Chinese hates any kind of grovelling to any kind of thinking the doesn’t put profit first last and in the middle, China will win outright in next 10 years and China would love to team up with maggot Jew and homosexual Sid Loder formally of of Mitchelton Brisbane, the maggots named the local park after Sid, the Sid Loder Park because he donated me Jesus Christ to be the Redeemer of Israel, how do you like that wasn’t even born in 1948.

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