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Houthis Vow To Carry Out More Strikes In Response To Saudi Blockade (Map Update)

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Houthis Vow To Carry Out More Strikes In Response To Saudi Blockade (Map Update)

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The Supreme Political Council of Ansar Allah (more widely known as the Houthis) threatened Saudi Arabia with more strikes and ‘major operations’ if the Kingdom continues its blockade imposed on Yemen.

According to pro-Houthi sources, the threats came amid the continued detention of oil ships en route to Yemen. The lack of fuel, food and vital supplies contributes to the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the country.

The Houthi side says that the fuel crisis in Yemen inflicts a heavy blow on the lives of the ordinary people in Yemen. The Saudi blockade continues amid the de-facto silence of the international community. So, the Houthis say that they are not going to step back and will fight against the Kingdom and further.

Houthis Vow To Carry Out More Strikes In Response To Saudi Blockade (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen:

  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah [the Houthis]) reported 110 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours;
  • On February 2, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Baqim area;
  • On February 2, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Sarwah area;
  • On February 2, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Rabuah area;
  • On February 2, Saudi-led forces attacked Ansar Allah (Houthi) positions in the Khanjar camp area.


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Johnny B. Allan

The Saudis or the coalition will never lift any siege and if the houthis escalate further it will only push them to eliminate them completely.

Hadi’s forces and the Southern separatists have the upper hand against these weak-ass fools. They have no political hand or will power against the anyone. Keep crying of poverty. You will face your death either way. You have indeed fall into the grip of an iron hand

Concrete Mike

Look at you. Cheering the saudi barbarians on!! Why are you so infatuated with the fat perfumed princes i wonder?

Yall had 6 years and you failed, miserably might i add.

All you can do is make civilians suffer with the blockade. Wich will not endear the saudis in the eyes of the yemeni people!

Your an animal, no one cheers for saudi ever, unless your a political hack .

Your pathetic.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

Thank God thats not true. The Israel/USA/Saudi alliance is losing this war, but there is no point arguing on a point that cant be proven until a final victory or at least the expulsion of the Zionist forces from Yemen. The supporters of God will say one thing and the Zionists and their enablers will say otherwise. May God quickly make it clear to all of us who is right. The poorest of humanity with their faith and fortitude or the Zionist/ Saudis / the 1% with their dirty ways and wealth of the world

Potato Man

LMFAO, that goy gay French shit,
“On Tuesday, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee blasted President Emmanuel Macron after the French leader suggested that Saudi Arabia should also become a signatory of the agreement.”
Macron fuk face really like to get raped by Zion and Wahhabi.

No change to clauses or membership if Iran is to return to nuclear deal, says President Rouhani.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

The prophecy of al Mahdi (as) and the end days is unambigious about describing the fire that comes from Yemen to engulf the region. AnsarAllah is that fire and largely are winning every battle and winning the war. Who remembers one of the earliest battles when they wiped out a mercenary army from Blackwater.
Not only are they manufacturing and stockpiling advanced weapons like loitering drones and advanced missiles, but they have captured from the saudi’s enough resources for several armies.
They have so many good qualities . I like how they are respectful to their POWs and let many of them go

Rodney Loder

The international community is silent because the World View of the homosexual Sid Loder ( deceased 1983 ) is Western Orthodoxy, of course se it wasn’t really his World View he didn’t have one, wasn’t interested, it was the Jew Freemason economic lobby doing the thinking, the reason it’s still dominate today is because the reality it created using the Power of God (swt) usurped from my being (by continual torture and humiliation) was used to liquidate all my associates and endorsements.

However the satanic Jew Freemason World View couldn’t annihilate the only philosophically and literally true Religion Salafism led by Ahmed ibn. Hanbal and ibn.Taymiyyah, the reason the maggots couldn’t get rid of Salafism is because biology began what we have become and Paradise is a biological entity, Salafists are the only people on Earth that know the truth, al-Wahabb was never one of us.

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