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Houthis Use New Armed Drone To Target Riyadh Refinery

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Houthis Use New Armed Drone To Target Riyadh Refinery

Click to see full-size image, Via Google Maps

On July 18, the Yemeni Air Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced in an official statement that it had tested a new armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) named “Samad-2”. According to the statement, a key oil facility of the Saudi Aramco oil company in the Saudi capital of Riyadh was successfully bombed with the new UAV during the test.

The Yemeni Air Force didn’t reveal any information about the new Samad-2 UAV, which apparently has a range of over 700km. It’s unknown yet if Samad-2 is a suicide UAV, like the locally-made “Qasef-1,” or if it is armed with projectiles.

Minutes after the Yemeni Air Force statement, Saudi Aramco announced through its official Twitter account that its fire protection crews and Saudi Civil Defense have successfully controlled a “minor fire” at the Riyadh Refinery.

The Saudi company claimed that the fire was a result of an “operational incident.” However, Yemeni sources believe that the Yemeni UAV caused the fire, especially that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF) didn’t manage to intercept the UAV.

This new attack will likely provoke a heavy response from the Saudi-led coalition, which may step up its aerial operations against the Houthis in northern Yemen or even resume its ground attack on the coastal Yemeni city of al-Hudaydah.

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Concrete Mike

Coastal attack is kaput.

Richard M

Give the Wahhabi Orcs a taste of their own medicine! Time to start mass producing these Samad-2 UAVs! Turn the Wahhabi oil facilities into smoldering rubble! :D

S Melanson

‘Resume the ground attack on Hodeidah…’

I do not think so. I posted an assessment of the situation south of the airport where coalition forces retreated 5km south of the airport and took up defensive positions. Below is my assessment:

While the Coalition state the offensive on the Port was paused to allow time for negotiation, this is a cover to save face for the failure of the offensive. It has been nearly three weeks since the coalition declared a ‘pause’ in the offensive and the coalition has been silent on the status of the front line south of the airport.

On June 26, the Houthis announced the coalition forces attacking the airport had been successfully cut off and either they were to surrender or be destroyed – this was ignored by the MSM. Soon after, the coalition announced the ‘pause’. A sea operation was initiated by the coalition in the vicinity of the cut off forces but was repelled – I believe this was an attempt to extract by sea after failure of ground forces to relieve the coalition forces south of the airport. There were sporadic reports of some wounded getting evacuated by boat. It is noteworthy that no reporting on any breakout attempt which means attempts must have failed.

It is my belief that the coalition forces cut off south of the airport no longer represent an effective fighting force due to lack of supply and an untenable defensive position – this situation resulted in degradation of forces cohesion as well as increasing troop losses due to taking Houthi fire. Saudi military leaders have recently conceded that desertion is a growing problem which tells me what happened in the final days in the pocket – the remaining coalition troops/mercenaries began to surrender or desert en masse.

The offensive was not paused as if the coaltion had a choice. The coalition could not continue the offensive because the main coalition assault force has been destroyed.


That all makes good sense.

Joe Kerr

The ability of Houthi drones to evade the KSA’s $multi-billion U.S. supplied air defences is a pleasant surprise. A heavier pay(back)load would be even better.

John Mason

Those defense missiles are for high altitude, Houthis must be flying them below the 3000m mark.

You can call me Al

“U.S. supplied” – enough said.


The Houthis keep putting a heavy value on symbolic targets while being outnumbered on the immediate battle. Are they really so foolish to think that this will generate anything besides a ground invasion?

Joe Kerr

The ground attack of the coalition of curs stalled south of Hudaida airport 3 weeks ago, as its supply lines have repeatedly been cut to shreds by Houthi missiles. Try to keep up to date, dumbo. Perhaps you can send your moo sad helpers a flyer.


If the Houthis can stop KSA selling oil, they will defeat KSA,USA and Israel.
So I wish them every success.


The Houthis Should Get all the support from Iran… they are Fighting an Important War for them…..Houthis will Drain Wahhabistan in this War… With a Coup d’Etat & Jewish House of Saud Bin Salman losing his Head as End Result….


The Houthi’s are engaged in asymmetrical warfare with KSA – not large conventional battlefield warfare. The Houthi/Yemeni Republican Guard ballistic and drone targeting of sites inside of KSA is psychological warfare – the unpredictability of attacks places high pressure on the Saudi interception efforts and creates public perception the state cannot adequately protect it own borders or population. As for your suggestion ‘this will generate..a ground invasion’ – what exactly do you think the Saudi and Emirates mechanized units are already doing inside of Yemen, along with their rent-an-infantry Sudanese and Academi mercenaries?


Everywhere you look, US aggression is being defeated by free men.
Liberty equality fraternity, and death to the American oppressors.


told u so—-no hudayda no winni winni for them jew slaves…..should have watched some nam docus lol pathetic saudi jew slaves including their sudanese nigga mercs and south american columbian sons of whores mercs-

You can call me Al

It’s coming home. it’s coming home !!!!

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