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Iran Says Houthis Use Its Military Know-How In Battle Against Saudi Arabia

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Iran has supplied Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) with technical expertise and know-how, a spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said on September 22. However, the general claimed that Yemeni forces “have learned how to produce missiles, drones and weapons in Yemen on their own” and Iran has no military presence in the region. Shekarchi described what Iran is doing across the region as “spiritual and advisory presence”.

“Countries of the resistance front have armies and forces themselves. We provide them with advisory help. In order to share our experience with the people of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, our skilled forces go there and assist them, but this is the people and armies of these countries who stand against the enemies in practice,” the general stated.

Apparently, it was Iranian “spiritual” power which helped the Houthis to regularly pound targets inside Saudi Arabia, including the Kingdom’s capital and key oil infrastructure objects, with missiles and drones, despite the years of Saudi-led air bombing campaigns against Houthi forces and the land and maritime blockade of the areas controlled by them.

Iran also denies reports of weapon and equipment supplies to the Houthis. This means missile components must have appeared in the Houthis’ hands and their missile and combat drone arsenal been expanded thanks to some unrevealed technological breakthrough behind the scenes.

Thus, the military cooperation deal officially signed between the Houthi government and Iran in 2019 was just a formality to highlight the sides’ unity on the frontline in the battle against ‘Zionist plots’ in the region, which became especially obvious in 2020 when the Houthi leadership, alongside with Iran, appeared to be among the most vocal critics of the UAE-Israel and Bahrain-Israel normalization deals. According to them, these developments are a part of the wider Zionist campaign against Middle Eastern nations.

Meanwhile in Syria, sources loyal to the Turkish-backed terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) claim that its members had killed a Russian special forces operator on the contact line near Kafra Nabl in southern Idlib.

According to militants and their supporters, they repelled an attack of pro-government forces there inflicting multiple casualties on the Syrian Army and its allies. Photos showing the equipment of the alleged Russian special forces operator were also released by the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham media wing.

Pro-government sources did not report any notable clashes in the area last night or active operations involving Russian units there. According to them, the incident involving the Russian special forces operator may have happened several weeks (or even months) ago. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their Turkish sponsors probably opted to use the obtained photos as propaganda to create a media victory in September to compensate for the losses and destruction caused by the Russian bombing campaign against the terrorist infrastructure in Idlib.

Details of the incident and the fate of the alleged Russian special forces operator involved in it remain unclear. In general, the Russian Defense Ministry reports all casualties among Russian service members deployed. Further, the militants did not show the body of the supposedly killed fighter. Therefore, if the incident really did take place, the Russian soldier most likely received injures and was then evacuated.

Meanwhile, the Russian Aerospace Forces continued bombing terrorist infrastructure in the Idlib region. Therefore, al-Qaeda and its Turkish sponsors are forced to console themselves with media victories.

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chris chuba

This is what always made sense to me. A handful of Iranian technicians slip into Yemen, examine their facilities and help them to upgrade their own manufacturing.

They might bring in a few prototype components but the idea that Iran was piping in hundreds of thousands of pounds of rockets into Yemen was always absurd. I hope that our Intel guys didn’t really believe the nonsense they were giving out the general public.

Lion Heart

If US sells billions of dollars worth of arms———then surely Iran should have right to sell few millions worth of arms to Huthi to DEFEND themselves


Epstein GUILTY Trump works FOR our SLIMY SATANIC PARASITE ENEMY. That is 911 doing Epstein BLACKMAILING ISIS TERRORIST Beruit NUKING SATANIC SCUMBAG PARASITE P0S zioNUT IsraHELL. So not only an Epstein RAPIST like the Clintons but also a TRAITOR not to Russia but IsraHELL! Our REAL ENEMY! Get it? https://crooksandliars.com/files/primary_image/19/07/trump_epstein.png


Trump is and was always in love with the Jewish parasites.

Ivan Freely

Honestly, Trump only cares for their money. He would walk away once the money dries out.

Jens Holm

If he rold You, he lied. So many here beleive Trump mpre then the americans do. Why dont You make him to president. The world needs it:)

Tommy Jensen

We have also spiritual powers.

Potato Man

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah you guys did a good job with those Wahhabi terrorists. BTW why your soldiers come home and “yeet” themselves to the other “world”…..American have one “hell” of spiritual powers.

cechas vodobenikov

LOL “from the inception of amerika is has been informed by ubiquitous sneeze and hustling”. Walter macDougal more than half amerikans under 40 believe astrology is scientific—a passivity/dependency cult (Adorno) 47-60% of US adults believe in ghosts—atheists mainly….perhaps ghosts can reform your soulless decayed plywood empire? LOL

Icarus Tanović

47-60% OMG…what a stupid nation, Astrology is scientific…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Jens Holm

Thats a bias propaganda of the worst. They do believe in a lot of other things too.´

More then that goes to church in most parts of the country.

Jens Holm

Its a bias propaganda of the worst. They do believe in a lot of other things too.

Jens Holm

Ha ha… Alla send the weapons to support Teheran…


Its time to arm the Houthis to the teeth and to take out the Zio-Nazi house of Saud.

chris chuba

??? You can send all the manuals in the world and it won’t do a bit of good. You need to customize their manufacturing process which requires on the spot consultation. It’s not that hard to smuggle in a couple dozen engineers. Hundreds or even thousands of Africans have illegally crossed into Yemen on their way to the Gulf States to find work. Sneaking shouldn’t be that hard. I dread the idea of the Saudis claiming that manuals are hidden in flour as an excuse to slow walk aid even more.


Some engineers and another guy who carries this. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f90de8ea4c2fc128374597661e60e0a44572c49d07ec457f1c476b0a8c45eae.jpg


Hidden in the bag of flower of course.

chris chuba

If you are in the military I’ll take your word for it but I have two points of contention (not arguing, I’m an engineer, intrinsically curious). 1. How would the Houthis figure out which sacks of grain to search, they have the same problem as the Saudis. 2. Anything I’ve seen that’s complicated requires in person training. The Saudis come to the U.S. to get training on how to fly F16’s (FL shooting proves that) and despite the hype about the technical prowess of the Israelis I bet they got a lot of training on the F35 before they started using them including maintenance. I’m certain that the Houthis and the loyal Yemenis are brilliant but they have the same issues. But yeah, they need documentation along w/Iranian engineers.

Lion Heart

You go to Indian, China….and you will find the answer…..an ordinary farmer modifying existing machines….even mechanic manufacturing items…without any documentation..its becuase lot of people have brain—-and interest in innovation

Icarus Tanović

They mean moral strength, and many, many Zulfiquars.

Jens Holm

They mainly has bad moral and are just the same as their opponents. It should make no sense to kill ao many of each other.

Thats bad moral.

Jens Holm

Iran has no flower for that.

Jens Holm

I know Iran for the moment need a lot of food and has to buy it. Thats what is anout and not 4000 years ago.

Fx 5 years ago by wiki.

From 2011 to 2015, imports accounted for an average 23 percent of wheat consumption, 52 percent of rice, and 71 percent of corn. All told, imports supplied 36.6 percent of Iran’s cereal needs in 2016, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, compared to 18.1 percent in 2005.9. jul. 2019

You just write whatever lie and are not able to relate to facts just being hostile and do no factscheking, because You really dont care.

If they they import 23% of their wheat consumption does it make sense they also send to the Houtis.

As a minimum Houtis also has stolen an lot of corn for bread given to the refugees in Yemen – And not only for own use. They have sold it to the refugees as well – They are not all Houtis ..

Jens Holm

You keep Your standard low very well prefaring the paper from whats inside.

As ysual You are censured away and afraid to make sober repllies. Factchekcing is not You. Ypu by that make the deep dark by Yourself.

And the most funny thing, You also blame others for doing like that.

…And its true. If You are raised to obey You have no oppinion and a spendable object for Your Goverments too. Baaahh Baaahh.

Jens Holm

Is it herassing telling people l construct lies and even blame others for those lies.

ITS BLINFOLDING YOUR SELF. YOU create the deep dark state. By that You again and again conclude wrong and make fatal mistakes .

I just told Iran do not support themselves in flowers and therefor it makes no send they send flkower to Yemen.

Statistics made by Iran and others say they need food too. They dont starve but they certainlky has less and less fat people.

Ypu are the one destroying Your own world as well as You dont rebuoild anything even naming facts as herasments.

I dont careif You wrote 1001 books or its about potatogrowing or what.

Having a nice hair dont makeYou a better driver for cars as well.

I again would like at least one or two links telling I amwrong about food in Iran….

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