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Houthis’ UCAV Struck Military Base In Southern Saudi Arabia. Coalition’s Advance In Western Yemen Collapses

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Houthis' UCAV Struck Military Base In Southern Saudi Arabia. Coalition's Advance In Western Yemen Collapses

The Houthis’ Qasef-1 multirole UAV

A Qasef-1 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) of the Houthis has struck a military base in the Saudi southwestern region of Asir, the Yemeni news agency Saba reported on August 4 citing a military source.

According to pro-Houthi sources, the attack has caused a notable explosion and a significant death toll in the base. However, these claims have not been confirmed by photo/video evidence or a statement of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition.

The new attack of the Houthis comes amid growing frictions within the coalition causing a collapse of the Saudi-UAE-backed advance on the western Yemeni port city of al-Hudaydah, which is still in the hands of the Houthis.

Recently, a leader of the UAE-backed Southern Movement, Hassan Baoum, called on his fighters to withdraw from the areas outside southern Yemen. According to local sources, at least a part of Southern Movement fighters has already withdrawn from the frontlines. The Southern Movement is a pro-separatist group, which is seeking to establish a de-facto independent state in southern Yemen.

This group is actively competing with the Saudi-backed government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, which is using the southern Yemeni city of Aden as its “capital”.

The tensions between the Southern Movement and the Hadi government as well as a conflict for influence between Saudi Arabia and the UAE are one of the reasons of the coalition’s inability to deliver a decisive blow to the Houthis on a battleground.

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Nice if you can hit them with 1 thousand more.


Who was MF that has started Invision on Yemen for his power. He gonna be a great great evil Dajal of this world.

You can call me Al

So good to hear / read. Go Houthis and eliminate them all.

Promitheas Apollonious

and not because they are completely worthless as fighters, no matter what toys they have.

S Melanson

You got it. The best mercenaries will shun the coalition and its incompetent leaders as only the most desperate will join the coalition ranks. And they will be more trouble then they are worth.

I posted above the implications of failure in Yemen. I posted over a month ago that if the offensive on Hodeidah proved disastrous, and it has, the Crown Prince will have gambled away the House of Saud. South Yemen is next, and their weakness exposed, the days of the House of Saud are numbered.

Promitheas Apollonious

yep read it.

S Melanson

Now that the complete failure of the coalition offensive can no longer be hidden, the collapse of the offensive will be blamed on internal division within the coalition. The collapse however, will be much more far-reaching then the failed offensive on Hodeidah. South Yemen is about to become the place of battle.

The Houthis have successfully and very convincingly defended their lands in North Yemen. They are to be congratulated for not only their stunning victory over the arrogant and overconfident Coalition, but also their perseverance in the face of coalition war crimes causing extreme deprivation. Much like the Germans erred in thinking the Russians were a paper army that would quickly collapse, so to did the coalition see the Houthis as paper soldiers that would whither under a rain of Coalition bombs. But it has become apparent for all to see that is is the Coalition that is collapsing in the face of steely Houthi resistance and the ineptitude of their corrupt and incompetent leadership.

But the most important lesson here is the power of holding the moral high ground. The human spirit has always resisted subjugation and holds at its core a strong sense of justice. The soldier that beleves their cause is just is far more formidible then the soldiers that fight for a cause they do not believe in. This holds true regardless of how numerous or well equipped as the ranks of the just swell and the ranks of the unjust wither away.

The Houthis won to the surprise of the world community. But those that already understood the lesson were not surprised at all. If anything, it is surprising that elites have failed to learn from repeated mistakes, thinking that adjustments to their plans will somehow bring victory. It hasn’t brought victory and in Yemen, the gross miscalculations are about to blow up in their faces as the corrupt regimes are is danger of collapse now that their weakness has been exposed.

The Coalition failed to take North Yemen. South Yemen will now slip through their fingers. The House of Saud will finally fall as Yemen has sealed their fate.

Promitheas Apollonious

very good analysis bravo.

S Melanson

Thanks. I feel like the ball is still up in the air in Syria and where will it fall…

Dare to take a chance ;). Any predictions on Syria?

Ariel Cohen

The failure of the ZioNazi plan to dismember Syria will inevitably lead to a direct attack on Iran. It’s already in the final planning stage and only needs a “casus belli” / false flag event. .

S Melanson

So they are really going to do it….

Ariel Cohen

It will be a huge fiasco. Iran is certainly not Iraq. They can cause some serious pain to any attacker. The recent article on this scenario by The Saker was very informative

S Melanson

It seems almost desperate. If the monarchies are teetering, maybe a war with Iran will be the distraction. But it will be far more than that. I was planning on reading Saker on Iran so will do that.

Tommy Jensen

Its Iran´s $42 Trillion oil/gas reserves that are target and have been the target for decades.
Its unrealistic that US will invade Iran. China and Russia and India have too much influence to that question.

Brother Ma

Zionatoyakkeestanis definitely desperate. Chna will be new Hegemon as will Russia.Once Usa is eclipsed,Israel and Arabian States ,are all dead ducks and they know it. No-one will want or need them or their oil! China and Russia will not lift a finger for them.
India and Persia will also rise.


I do not believe they will directly attack Iran. Unless they’ve utterly lost any semblance of reason. The whole point of Iraq and Syria was to create conditions for a direct attack on Iran, and both failed to do this. Attacking Iran without subjugating Syria and Iraq is very risky and I think they will not do it. Not yet at least. Maybe in 5 or so years, but not any time soon.

Plus I feel like USA under Trump trying save money, that’s why they want everyone to pay up. War with iran, unless they win convincingly, will cost a shit ton. Don’t think it’ll happen.

Unless they’ve totally lost it… Which is a possibility…

S Melanson

Very good analysis

Brother Ma

Who says they do not own Iraq?


Lol, because they got their asses kicked during their occupation and had to withdraw most of their troops. Also because their ISIS plan AND their Seperatist Kurdistan plan both failed thus far.

They own the politicians, but there are groups inside Iraq that will not bend. The majority of the army is also not bought, although a lot are.

Brother Ma

Iagree with most of what you said yet i believe The Yankees succeeded in what they wanted:ruining Iraq and having a puppet gov ALL the time from now on ,always asking the US for permission to do anything . The US do not need to have troops in Iraq. The Iraq gov will never be sovereign and can not ally with Russia ,Iran or Syria without greenlight from USA

No oil pipelines from Russia or Iran thus no money for the people of Iraq. Just money for Usa collaborators.Also national humiliation having to give up the land Kurds live in.

Ariel Cohen

They have lost it decades ago. There are also powers within the deep state that desperately want Iran subjugated (meaning bombed back to the stone ages). Remember, the ZioNazis that control America have no regard or concern for any collateral deaths. They will use Trump to do their dirty work, then blame him publicly in their ZioNazi media when everything goes to hell. Either way, they destroy Iran’s infrastructure and economy, which benefits their little bastard brat state Israel . .


May I ask bro, when you say attack do you mean just airstrikes and missile strikes or do you mean an invasion?

I can imagine them doing air and missile strikes, with little to moderate effectiveness (though I still doubt it). But an actual invasion I highly highly highly doubt. Could be wrong, God knows best, but that’s what I think.

Ariel Cohen

Good point bro. I agree with you that an actual invasion would be completely unlikely. They would be up against the nation that trained Hezbollah and I don’t think they are capable of invading Iran at all. It will probably be air and missile strikes, which, as you said, would have little to moderate effectiveness. But the whole Mid-East would light up like a giant bonfire and missiles from Iran would hitting US bases, KSA terrorist infrastructure and Israel. . .my bet is they would be almost begging for a ceasefire after a prolonged missile retaliation by Iran. .


I agree with your analysis, that is definitely a possibility.

Promitheas Apollonious

Predictions no but I see the contradictions in the whole picture. Alliances been made for geopolitical reasons with many strange bed fellows from Russia in this game. turkey is 90% responsible for what is still happening against syria. Syrians can never forget whose responsible of turning their country into what it is today, at the cost of more than 500.000 of their own people. So now either Assad bend the knee and kiss turkish ass by allow Syria to split in 3. Turkish target is the oil fields the kurds have with the amercans, using as the kurds the excuse as in afrin..

The west they know, that allowing Iran to become a regional power and unite this way Iraq and Syria then is a very formidable power with armies that are veterans, of the worst war in resent history and one thing in common they hate nato and all it represents on the population level. This west and isarel can not afford it as their intentions is not to live peacefully but to expand and take the oil fields or they are dead economically and Russia is the final winner of the game whose global power.

On the other hand China seem to want to finish the game in ME and same does Russia, because if a war start in the balkan area the only one benefiting out of this it is west, not russia or china.

So if you know what the cost as well the price is, then you can figure out also what is following. They lost the game in Syria so all they can do is prolong it as long possible and costly in human lives.

But if they dont want the nato to attack in ME, that is certain will lose in an open confrontation, because the price is the oil, so going nuclear is out of the question. They will open another front, and my impression this will happen in the Balkans, where nato it feel the strongest, with local population as well european forces already on the gorund, against the russians. and more than likely a war will break also, between turkey and greece. So no predictions but possibilities.

Brother Ma

Greece has “surprisingly”become a very strategic area AGAIN. It has gas ,metals and will be potentially LNG and /or oil/gas pipeline potential. Turkey has always wanted Greece even if only for its own nationalistic Neo -Ottoman plans. Bulgaria,Skopjean Republic and Albania ,all the same but on a smaller scale. Germany wants Greece destroyed for nationalistic and economic reasons. Eg Salonika port.ZioNatoyankeestan similarly.

Irony of Ironies,a buttfucked Extreme Left and Extreme Right Coalition have of course bowed to the zios and upset Russia. Once The Balkan area is under lock and key as the Zioyankees are planning ,Greece is gone. Unwanted and unloved and will be sacrificed to the Turk Hordes. Merkelistan,will also happily give up Italy if she could.Maybe in ten years. Leave all the Takfiri trash in Southern Europe to keep herself “pure”. Ironically ,Greece and Italy were the highest percentage Christian nations in Europe until the Syria Fiasco!

The Greeks have grown fat,soft and luxury-loving. Instead of burning banks and buildings they should have torched the Zionato embassies !
Big mistake not joining up with the Serbs at the time and bigger mistake accepting those loans some years ago!

Promitheas Apollonious

Thank you for your inside come again when you know what you talking about.

Brother Ma

What makes you think you know any better, Smartguy? You are one of the rudest posters here. When will you actually tell us WHY you think something rather than just saying other people are wrong and you are right?

maxii priestt

it’s strange that i don’t hear anything about the coalition’s offensive in Al Hoddeida on the incredibly depraved mainstream media. at the initial assault when it seemed that their saudi vassals were poised to take the port city, the rotten CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera etc were running the script based on their expected outcome (easy sweeping victory) of the coalition over these ragtag fighters. Alas! the whole thing started unraveling thanks to good military and strategic planning, and sheer power of will, they kept routing the ammoral invaders. i can’t even imagine how the pentagon would swallow this humiliation. state-of-the-art weapons and logistics couldn’t breakdown these poor ill-equipped lowlifes! it would have been funny had it not been this shameful. now the mainstream media that was raving about an impending collapse of these people, suddenly have stopped parroting that line. the humiliation is complete. not only are the Houthis holding their own at home, but they are raining hell on the saudis and UAEs! missiles and drone attacks and naval attacks and land attacks! it’s almost disheartening how easy the houthis make it look. i wish them more victories ahead and this new resistance should be more strongly supported by the growing resistance all around the world from Syria to Iran to North Korea to Venezuela and everyone who’s sick and tired of this evil and malign entity of anglozionist wahhibism! And also the end of this sick twisted american imperialist monster. they would face retribution soon enough.

Brother Ma

The Arabian States against the Houthis is looking like a modern version of the Italian attack on Greece in 1940. They won of course in the end when the Germans came in but until then a ragtag army, tired of incessant war still defeated a much bigger and more well -accoutred aggressor. Finland did the same to Russia the year before.

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